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Note: FA Custard = FA Custard Premium

Took my Ultramilk base as it is a very versatile custard base and added FA Juicy Strawberry. Kinda reminds me of nesquick strawberry. This tastes very different from the strawberry custard vapes I've tried so far. A nice rich buttery custard with strawberries.


I used FA Custard Premium and not the regular custard.

This recipe in no means taste like the Ultramel custard we know in South Africa. Also this is still a work in progress unless you believe its good as is. Anyway what I can say is, is that this is by far the best custard vape I've ever had. I've tried Kreeds and 3rdWorld custard but they dont do it for me. I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Notes to come.

Super Sweet (Cap) @ 0.5% / EM @ 1% / Sweetener @ 1-2%


Dense buttery mouthfeel and smooth on the exhale.

User: Vino1718 Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Thanks, this is an awesome mix. Cant go wrong here. As smooth as my ballz.
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