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This is my attempt to recreate the Ocean Water beverage from Sonic, using only Liquid Barn flavors.

Dew Mountain is used as the base here, and Coconut Milk gives it the beverage's distinct coconut taste.
Blue Raspberry adds some extra body and enhances the sweet soda taste. It also adds a bit of tartness that's not quite true to the beverage, but overall I'd say the addition of Blue Raspberry brings this recipe closer to the source than dew mountain and coconut milk alone.

Menthol is optional, and adds a cooling sensation while also adding a slight minty taste. I have not yet had a chance to experiment with WS-23, but it could theoretically be used in the menthol's place if the minty flavor of menthol is not desired.

This began as an attempt to recreate and enhance a flavor called Brewski that was made by someone at the local vape shop where I live, back in the glory days before the new laws and regulations prevented such vape shops from mixing their juices in-house. It was a wonderfully decadent dessert flavor consisting of Banana, Graham Cracker, and Sugar Cookie.

My first draft of this recipe was fairly simple, Banana and Moon Sugar, both used at the starting percentages recommended by Liquid Barn (7 and 15% respectively). The Moon Sugar on its own contains the necessary notes of graham cracker and sugar cookie, while also adding a touch of butterscotch, making it a prime choice for recreating and enhancing the Brewski flavor I loved so much.

The addition of Kings Custard was actually just a happy accident. I had run out of Moon Sugar midway through a mix, and so I chose Kings Custard as a substitute to fill in the remaining space. I found that it actually improved the flavor, especially after giving it some time to steep, so from then on I continued to use an approximately 50/50 mix of Moon Sugar and King's Custard.

For quite a long while I considered the flavor to be finished. It was already a wonderful dessert flavor that was a favorite among me and my friends. But over time I began to desire something more. Delicious as this flavor was, it still felt somewhat bland, and so began my most recent venture to further enhance it.

And that's where the Gold Rum and the Bourbon Vanilla came in. I found the Gold Rum to be an extremely strong flavor, and for quite a while I feared that it would simply be too overpowering and unsuitable for this mix, but after many attempts and a couple instances of deciding on a whim to try mixing old and new drafts of this juice, I believe I have finally perfected this recipe! At this low concentration the rum adds a warm savoriness without being overpowering, and the bourbon vanilla helps to further highlight the sweetness and creaminess of the dessert flavors. The result is a wonderfully savory custard flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and a faint alcohol bite. Pure decadent bliss!

Just a nice simple and easy soft black licorice candy recipe, and also my first attempted mix with the FW Black Licorice flavor. It's a satisfyingly bold flavor with the cheesecake adding some smoothness and a touch of creaminess. Great as a Shake and Vape flavor!

The effect of steeping is as of yet unknown. I'll be updating this description later once I've had a chance to let a bottle or two steep for a while.

This is a "happy accident" flavor that was meant to simply be a raspberry yogurt with some added sourness, but it instead ended up with a taste reminiscent of Sweet Tarts or Pixie Sticks, with a fruity tartness and a slightly chalky mouth feel. It's quickly becoming one of my new favorites even despite not having the originally intended taste.

This recipe is best as a Shake and Vape flavor. Letting it steep will increase the yogurt taste, but will also greatly reduce the chalky mouth feel. For this reason, this is one of the few recipes that I would NOT recommend steeping. Instead I recommend making it in small batches, and using all that you have before making more. It's still enjoyable after a steep, just a different (and slightly inferior in my opinion) experience.

If nicotine is desired, then VG based nicotine is recommended, as the flavorings will already add a lot of PG and limit how high the VG percentage can get.

The Blue Raspberry flavor is VG dominant while the other two are PG dominant. So despite what this site's calculator says, mixing this flavor with no additional PG added should give you a solid 80% VG

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Fantastic! It tastes just like a smooth and refreshing sweet mead straight out of a horn. As the last reviewer said, It's a rich, yet gentle flavor that's good for any time. Only downside I've noticed so far is that it seems to be easily tainted, so take care when switching to this from a different flavor, and make sure your coils and cotton are clean.
User: Vinderex Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
The aroma alone was amazing, and made it extremely difficult to let it steep. I just couldn't wait to try it! So after just an overnight steep, I'm already loving it. It's floury and biscuit-like with just the right amount of sweetness, and the strawberry compliments it nicely without being overpowering. I'll definitely be making more of this in the future!
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