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This is a wonderful summer vape. A friend of mine wants me to clone "Naked, Sweet Sour". After looking at the bottle & listening to her description, I came up with this recipe. She tasted it & said it has a little more Lime flavor in it from the original but is very good. Tastes like a lemon drop candy to me. Although not a identical clone, Very delicious! Pairs well with any citric drink. Enjoy <3


This is a great ripe fruity summer vape with a lot of flavor! I have quickly turned it into one of my ADV. I made it for a girlfriend who is a big fan of pineapple. She wanted to be on a beach somewhere & this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy <3

So... this is a yellow mint cupcake with chocolate & cream cheese mint frosting. I was going to try t release it for St. Patricks Day but I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I came up w/ the idea from a Fred Meyers email I got around that time. Im not much into bakeries but I think this one is pretty good & I hope you enjoy. Best after 2 weeks steep. Positive Feed back & constructive criticism is always welcome, Thanks <3

This is a perfect vape for your coffee in the morning, would make a good vape for dark beer as well. Needs about 1-2 weeks to steep before all the flavors mesh together nicely & the Tiramisu to tame down. You could possibly use .5% Tiramisu if you're not a huge coffee fan, but I find this % perfect to give it that nice roasted flavor. Enjoy <3

This is simply a Mango/ Guava smoothie topped with Strawberry. I was pleasantly surprised with this recipe & had to make a bottle for myself so I thought you all might like to try it. If you like Mango/ Guava vapes, your going to love this one. Could easily add a little Banana or Pineapple into this recipe. Enjoy <3


This vape reminds me of sitting on a tropical island with a nice cool breeze. Nice fruit & coconut flavor on the inhale & cool exhale. You can up the Koolada if need be, this is where I personally like it. Its absolutely delicious!

I have been working on this flavor for about 6 months to get it perfect. Although not the original recipe from my local shop, it comes very close. I may even like this recipe better & I feel confident enough & with a much needed little push to publish. I know this recipe is high in flavor % but it is all (TPA) which requires higher %'s anyways & it works. Add 1 drops of 10% Citric Acid per 15ML. The Citric Acid is key to this recipe. These are popular flavors everybody should have in their arsenal. Sweeten to taste. IMO best as shake & vape. This has been my ADV for several months now & for any strawberry lover out there Im sure it will become yours too.
The Pineapple & Pomegranate are just additives to give the Strawberry something to hold onto. The Citric Acid pops the fruit flavors and is absolutely necessary. The marshmallow is self explanatory, giving a light fluffy feeling to this vape. None of these flavors can be substituted. I hope you all enjoy... Thanks

User: VaporVixen Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I am not into creams or chocolates to much. Im more of a fruit vapor, but i saw this recipe & had to try it because Ive been looking for a vape to pair with my coffee in the morning. Although Im not sure if its the vape Im looking for to pair with my coffee it is a really tasty vape. thumbs up
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