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A refreshing combination of vibrant tropical flavors sure to refresh.

This is a very simple combination of flavors. The strawberry is completed drowned out by the blue raspberry candy and the sour belt remains making a delicious blue raspberry sour belt. Add koolada to taste for a nice icy vape.

A delicious lemon lime with a tropical twist of strawberry and pineapple inspired by the lemon lime tropical soda.
Lemon lime-brings in the main lemon lime soda base.
Pink lemonade-gives it a little more of a sweeter lemon with a fruity touch adds a brightness to the lemon lime.
Sweet strawberry-adds a straight up linear strawberry just enough you can taste it.
Golden Pineapple- adds a clean and clear tropical pineapple.
Super sweet-just a touch gives a nice sweetness and overall helps to bring the fruits out.


A delicious cookie custard.
Tpa milk chocolate gives it a nice creamy chocolate.
Tpa Bavarian cream adds a nice creamy profile to the cookie.
Fa cookie and tpa ap make a nice cookie profile.
Cap vanilla custard makes up the custard profile.
Tpa sweetener adds in that nice sweetness.


A delicious straight up custard.
Cap vanilla custard well of course it's in there we all know why.
Cap NY Cheesecake and Cap Cake Batter come in to give it a rich cake like profile dessert like.
Cap French Vanilla just throws another layer of delicious vanilla to complete this mix.
This one takes patience long steep honestly 2 weeks to a month for the best flavor but if you can wait it's worth the wait.


A delicious blend of Straw berry and rich milky creams.
Tpa ripe strawberry and strawberry come together to make a nice strawberry slightly sweet and artificial but slightly ripe and fresh.
Tpa Bavarian cream,sweet cream,and cheesecake graham make that rich milky cream.
Tpa vanilla custard gives it a little more richness and thickness to the vape.
All together this is essentially a simple recipe and inexpensive using all tpa but is very delicious and easily an adv.


A delicious summer vape it's just refreshing on a hot summer day.


A delicious take on one of my favorite liquids a wonderful pairing of strawberry coconut and pineapple with some subtle additions to make the flavor pop.


A sweet glass of strawberry milk rich buttery milky cream with a nice sweet strawberry that will make some bunny love to your tongue.

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