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A delicious strawberry banana with sweet vanilla milk and cream undertones topped with a fresh whipped cream.

Strawberry & ripe strawberry these flavors combined give you that pink flavor a nice fresh strawberry slightly artificial but just right.

Banana cream gives you a nice fresh banana flavor not to ripe but just fits well into the creams.

Sweet cream, Bavarian cream, cheesecake graham crust, vanilla swirl, and the vanilla custard make up that rich vanilla milky cream. Sweet cream and the cheesecake graham gives it that dairy flavor while the Bavarian cream and vanilla swirl add in the vanilla along with the vanilla custard which also adds weight and holds everything together in this recipe.

Lastly the whipped cream is just used as a topping. Picture a strawberry banana milkshake glass with that whipped cream on top that's exactly what it is there for just to finish it off.

5 day steep
Tried to keep this recipe using only tfa but capella vanilla custard v1 works better in my opinion but tfa vanilla custard will do fine.

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