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I use this base for my Fruits...deliciously creamy and good with Strawberry, Boysenberry and Blackberry...I keep a big steeped bottle of it and just pour a bit into a bottle and add Fruit....yummm....I enjoy it with FLV Boysenberry, or TPA Blackberr or, CAP Sweet Strawberry and TPA Sweet Strawberry and even with TPA Banana Bread......Love to all...Kim

New York Cheesecake..... V1 or V2 is fine....sometimes I do half and half.
Vanilla Custard.....V1 or V2 is fine as well
Sweetener is not necessary...I just love it....sweeten to taste

When I found the TPA Blackberry I had to make an Ice Cream Cone and let the Blackberry be STAR of the show it is so good....Sooo Good, if I could find a good Cool that had no flavor I would add a bit to get the Ice in the ice cream....If I find a good one I will add it but this is sooo delicious...Love and Good Health to all...Kim

I LOVE Boysenberry...especially the SMUCKERS Boysenberry when I first bought Dinner Lady's Blackberry Crumble I was in heaven, it taste so much like that Smuckers Syrup to me I can't get enough. This is my first trial, it is definitely not exact BUT I can tell I am on to something. Got to get the Crumble down and the Buttery flavor but the fruit is very close with the one FLV Boysenberry. I will be trying to perfect it over these next few weeks of Quarantine...God Bless Everyone...Love to all...Kim Still a very good Boysenberry Cream right now but I can make it better.

Looking for the Creamiest and Freshest Strawberry Cream Recipe EVER...Work in Progress
Started with Sweet Strawberry at 2& and I feel it took over so going to lower it to 1%
Tried one drop of Apricot to brighten the strawberry....not good....turned into a Apricot vape.

I took my Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe and made it into a Blueberry is very good,, in fact, maybe better than the strawberry. The blueberry taste Jam-like and the cheesecake is creamy I think the Yogurt plays a big role in giving it the cheesecake flavor, that little tangy bite. Taste to me, like the picture. Love to all...Kitten

I wanted a Vanilla, a good vanilla, something creamy and sweet with a cookie base. This is good as a shake and vape I will let y ou know how it is when steeped.

I love Cookies and I love Coconut, I want something sweet and coconutty but not a macaroon. Buttery gewey delicious. Hoping this is is my first take on it lets see what happens. I have never worked with Coconut, Buttercream or Brown Sugar before, so this is an adventure for sure. I would love any advice or comments anyone has...thanks so much. Love to all...Kitten

I mixed a 30ml batch and tried it, it was good but the coconut tasted too much like tanning oil, then I let it sit for a week and tried again....HUGE difference, it tasted like a cookie with coconut. Tried again after ten days and it had been totally is what I was looking for, a buttery sweet coconutty cookie but not a macaroon...I will continue to mix and vape it.....SMILES : )


I have been searching...and searching...for a ADV that can be equivalent to my YouGotEJuice's Sugar Cookie. It has not been easy, I have mixed so many "Sugar
Cookie" recipes from others and recipes of my own and finally I think I may have started on to something that is similar if not better than. (well...maybe not better than....we will see after steeping) But I am vaping it 24 hours later and I'm going to mix some more so I can keep vaping and steep at the same time. It is good, I would love to get your opinion. I totally welcome constructive criticism, I am new to this and want to improve. I know it takes much time to become masterful and I am willing and wanting to put in my time but to get something vapeable is so exciting. I hate when people walk into something get a descent product and think they are all knowing......that is not me, I assure you, I am feeling hopeful though, that I have stumbled on something I can work with. Love to all...Kitten

This Recipe has come a long way from where it started. When I first started with it I wanted to taste the Blueberry Jam (CAP) so I mixed it up, that wasn't good so I added sweetener...that was good but lacking so I ordered Bilberry (FA) and that was very strong so I remixed it with wayyyy less Bilberry and added Creamy stuff. It was great. In the meantime I was testing the Creamy Yogurt (CAP) on its own. I vaped it along and I loved it and thought "this would go great in the Blueberry Cream stuff I made". And that is my brilliant conception of this Recipe...lolol I use the word Brilliant very Anyway, it's good, you can go more or less on the Yogurt depending on how you like it, I love it. You can use Greek if you like that flavor instead but the whole thing is yummy and great mouth feel.


8/12/2017 - I have grown to love this Recipe, it is one of my ADV's. It has changed a lot over the months. It is Very creamy and that is what I like. It is good right after mixing but gets better with age. I always mix a large 250 ml bottle and it lasts about 45 days and after a month it is PERFECTION but still good as a shake and vape. The flavor % is high, like 25%, I am going to experiment with cutting that back a bit, see if all the flavors are truly needed, but now it is really delicious to me....I hope you mix and enjoy. Please leave a Comment if you try it, it would be so appreciated....Love to all...Kitten

4/2017 - Original Idea for this Recipe came from , I made it with what I had on hand and it was good. Then I thought of ways it could be better...for me...and here it is. I hope you enjoy, I love it. I steeped it for 8 days and it became so creamy smooth it was wonderful and delicious. It did lose a little Strawberry flavor so the last three days I added a few drops of Strawberry Ripe (TFA), then let it set a few more days and it was great. If you like it sweeter three drops of Sucralose per 10 ML is really good too. .....Love to all...Kitten

User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
Really Delicious, I had to substitute a few things because I wanted to mix it right now. I only had sweet yogurt, and I had no lime only Lemon and I love it. Its going in a tank and this is the first day can't wait till it steeps a bit.
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
OMG YUMMMY, I couldn't help it I tried it two hours after mixing and it is good. Now I will let it steep and get back to you but as of now it is a 5 star, I can imagine it will only get better.
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
June 10, 2017 : Don't have Cream Cheese Icing so I used Cheesecake with Graham Cracker Crust at 2.5% and Vanilla Whipped Cream 2%k Delicious....Flavor is light and I gave it a hot bath to quick steep for a Shake and Vape.....going to steep though and try again. Flavor is really Excellent, going to order the correct ingredients to try it with everything exact.
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
This is an excellent recipe if you love Lemon Meringue Pie. I didn't have everything so I substituted FA Biscuit for JF Biscuit and instead of Lemon Sicily I added extra CAP Lemon Meringue Pie and for the Vanilla Pudding I used TFA Meringue all at the same percentages. Delicious, the flavor is strong enough to use in my Icare mini and I find that the coils are flavor poor but this taste great in it. Love to all...Kim
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Really delicious, I made this.....vaped it, it was good...I was happy then I forgot about it for six weeks and now it is incredible. I added about 1/2 a percent of Browne Sugar. The flavor is thick and rich and super good, I will always have this juice in my nebox.
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Five Stars, YUM, Delicious, Mixed it last night, put it in my Joyetech Cubis ( I know, Old School but it is all I had open), the flavor is exactly what it says it is Strawberry Cookie and it is Amazing. I added CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream instead of TPA (all I had) and Instead of TPA Bavarian Cream I used FW, but recipe is Dead on...I also added 1.5% Sweetner because I am dieting and I NEED the sweetness. Thanks so much to the creater, I will mix this over and over. (Copied what I wrote in the Discussion section)
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
I have made this recipe 6 I have made and vaped 600 ml of this juice and it is delicious. I don't have the SoHo so I use Maple instead. So good My ADV. Sweet but not too sweet and definitely taste like creamy butter pecan...delicious.....Love to all...Kitten
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I love this, I don't have Torrone (I have ordered it) I used extra Merangue in its place and put half the Inw Biscuit because I am sensitive to the flavor and a little extra Lemonade Cookie because I like strong lemon flavor.. Sooooo Good...outstanding, can't wait to try it exactly the way it is suppose to be but even with my changes it is amazing. If you like Lemon Cookies try this recipe it ROCKS. Love to all...Kitten
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I used FW Butter Ripple because it is what I had on hand but simple but so good. Good right off the mixing board but so much better when steeped. Love to you...Love to all...Kitten.....Yummy
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
This is so delicious, I just finished 120 ml in like five days now I am mixing another batch. I have had to make a few changes because of what I had on hand like using CAP Custard instead of INW Hazelnut instead of Hazel Grove, and I lowered the Butter Pecan from 5 to 3 due to personal taste but this mixture is so good. Love to all...Kim
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
These are the on.....I like a little extra Salted Caramel but that's me but I mixed it exact and I actually have a bottle of Milk Plus to compare and this is it. When I started mixing almost a year ago the two flavors I wanted to replicate if possible were Jam Monster Blueberry and Milk Plus....Milk Plus now DONE.. This doesn't just give you another Caramel and Cream this gives you the exact same Caramel and Cream Bravo to the Creator for this one, I will always have some on hand as of now. Love to all...Kim
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
This mix is insanely delicious. I just mixed it, not steeped yet, but the flavor is so true to form. I had to substitute Banana Cream for a mixture of 3 parts CAP Vanilla Custard and 1 part Banana nut bread TPA and that is in addition to the 3% TPA Banana Nut Bread. I didn't have CAP Caramel so I used FW Salted Caramel. Taste just like a cream filled banana nut cookie. I needed something different I could vape right away and this is it. I will always keep this on hand......thanks for the Recipe....Love to all...Kitten
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Excellent Mix, I have mixed two batches now and I love it. I have not had the original but the juice taste very good, it is always in my Penguin and I totally enjoy it. I will keep mixing it...thanks a lot for all the work you did. Love to you...Love to all...Kitten
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I just mixed 30 ml of this and it is DELICIOUS. I had to make a few substitutions for things I didn't have but I had most of it. I am vaping it unsteeped and it is great I can imagine it steeped. I am going to make 100 ml and get it steeping because I know I will be wanting this daily on my Apocolypse Dripper. Thanks for sharing this recipe...sooo goooood. Love to you....Love to all...Kitten
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I am excited, I just mixed this and I think it taste great after the Shake but I am putting it away to steep and going to mix another bottle to vape now. I did not have FA Custard Premium so I used Capella Vanilla Custard and I did not have JF Yellow Cake so I used FW Yellow Cake and didn't have JF DulceDeLeche so I used FW Tres I don't know if it will be exactly what you mixed but it is good for sure. I will get back after the steep but I am already loving it. Thanks for the Recipe OK Steeped for 2 WEEKS and came back to it and I would say the recipe is EXCELLENT...oh yum..wish i had mixed more than 30ml but this should give me enough time to mix more now and give it another 2 weeks. You really need the steep to smooth out the Butter Pecan, it can be harsh at first but it really becomes fully integrated and smooth over time. Thanks so much for sharing this I would recommend this to anyone who loves a rich silky CAKE
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Yummy, I just made this last night with 12mg nic and I am using it in the VooPoo Drag Nano and YUM.
User: VaperKitten Score: 3 Entered: over 1 year ago
I have to be honest, the Peanut Butter cookie is excellent but the FLV Strawberry will never be good in anything in my opinion. I mixed it exact, gave it a try...Cough Syrup to me...aweful...mixed again and replaced FLV with TPA Strawberry...much better...I'm going to use the PB cookie part and mix some caramel in it...Yum (!!! I just noticed I did not use FLV Strawberry it was FLV Strawberry Filling...don't know if there is a difference but to be fair I did not have the right concentrate !!!)
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This juice is simple but so good. I don't have TPA Bavarian Cream but I do have FW Bavarian Cream or FW Yogurt I used CAP Sweet Yogurt and I did the same percentages. Even if you don't usually like Sweet Strawberry it works here, this is now my ADV as well. I did use a bit more Super Sweet I like my juice SWEET, I used 1.5% It was delicious on the Shake but the next morning it was twice as good. I made 30 mils and it will be gone the day after I made it going to have to make a huge bottle tonight. Love to all and Thanks Wayne of Diy or Die UPDATE: Vaped what I made then mixed a 120 ml 6mg and a 60ml 0mg for my Husband vaped through all that and just went through a panic because I wrote the name down wrong so when I went to look for it...couldn't find panic like the panic of losing your current all day vape (pun intended). I am now going to write keep the recipe in my Evernote ...can't let this happen again.
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I just mixed 30ML's wish I had mixed more and will mix more. I am sorry, I don't like Strawberry Ripe so I left it out and in it's place I used 1$ Super Sweet by Capella and it is delicious, full of Butterscotch flavor and YES it is a Butterscotch Ice Cream as far as vape Ice Creams go....really excellent choice of Flavor in just the right percentages. Maybe someday i will try it with the strawberry but I needed something for tomorrow and wanted to play it safe....thanks so much for the recipe
User: VaperKitten Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
This is DELICIOUS...I had to sub out a different Maple Syrup and Vanilla Custard but I tell you I am picky, I have mixed over 100 recipes and I have only liked about 8 of them and this one is my favorite. I mixed it and forgot about it for two months put it in a UWellTank and it is so good and so much like the Original in fact I know lots of people say this but I mean it , I think this mix is better. Wish I had mixed a bigger batch then forgot about it for two months but it was only 20 ml...oh well going to make a big one this time....Thanks so much for this..Love to all...Kim OK made that big one and it's about gone and making a bigger one today probably around 300 ml...for real this is one of two ADV's for me it is so delicious. Bought the new Vaporesso Target 80MP and with those coils it really brings out the Maple sweetness with the yum 1/1/2021 Wanted to check in, I am mixing yet another 300 ml bottle...this is still my ADV...Love it so much and I have 4 bottles of the real Country Clouds Cornbread Pudding that has been sitting there since I found this one...I kid you not this mix is so much better. I bought the Store bottles once when we thought all flavors were gone and then three months ago another time we thought they may outlaw everything I bought about a three year supply of the flavors to mix this juice I'm set. Thanks so much for such a great recipe..sometimes I up the Maple just a little..mmmmmgood Love to all..Kim Iti is now 2/12/21 and I just made 300ml of the delicious stuff...itis my always good even after vaping it like a year...yum
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