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Flavor notes:
One on One: Orange (Popsicle) its in this mix cause i wanted a candy orange witch would both give flavor and sweetness to the mix.
One On One: Gummy Bear and 27 Bears Capella: I wanted the gummy flavor and these two united give the perfect gummy, its sweet, its candy, its perfect.

Its a simple recipe both it works very well and to me its almost spot on, this is shake and vape recipe.

I have mixed this in 50/50 VG/PG but if you plan to mix this in high VG I recommend you add twice as much concentrate soo the final result will be 20%
Instead of the 10% it is right now.

This is unbelievable to make such a flavor, and i just mixed them for the heck of it, and this is how it turned out.
If you don't believe me try it yourself.

a few drops of youjelly from chefs flavors. 1-3 drops per 10 ml.

The licorice is actually from One On One flavors, but could not find it on the list.

Flavor Notes:
The menthol gives a refreshing cooling effect.
All the fruits mixed with menthol gives a summer vape with plenty of fruity notes.
The gummy bear and zeppola gives texture and a touch of candy delight.
Energy drink gives fizz and a hint of sourness without overpowering the recipe.

An Apple pie containing mostly Silverline Capella.

(Capella) Whipped Marshmallow: Gives mouth feel and body to the recipe.

(One On One) Apple Granny Smith: It adds sweetness and its the key ingredient in this vape, its very juicy.

(Capella) Cinnamon Sugar: adds spicy notes.

(Capella) Biscuit: gives the apple pie its crust.

(Capella) Butter Pecan: this is in the recipe to give a little hint of nuts on top.

To me this is sweet as it is, but you can always add a sweetner if you like.

Tested 12 November 2017

Right of the bat it taste like a spicy apple with hints of nuts, cant taste the pie part yet, but i believe it will come thro with steeping, i'll keep u guys updated.

I might need to tune the cinnamon down 2 drop in 10 ml was to much, might need only 2 drops in 30 ml. keep in mind cinnamon is always strong and can easily overpower a recipe.

What I wanted to make was an apple pie, but it seems like I made a apple spice.

Great Shake and vape, the cream cheese icing comes thro in the beginning but settels down after steeping, and then the bread comes tho with a bite of cheese on exhale.

Cream Cheese Icing (LA): its light and adds sweetness to the recipe as a whole, it also adds depbt and a light cheese flavor, it gives it a custard feeling without adding vanilla to it.

Cream Cheese (RF): it gives a deeper cheese flavor with a heavyness soo used in small amount, as it can easily overpower a recipe.

zeppola (FA): Brings out the toast more and seperates the bread from the cheese.

Baked Bread (RF): The bread combined with pyrazine gives a toast flavor.

Acetyl Pyrazine 5%: Adds a nutty flavor that brings out the toasty notes from the bread.

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