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Hop on the bus with this dead simple banger, well suited to mtl and possibly even pods.

Grape loves citrus, and when it comes to fruity, zesty, and cool its hard to discount CAP lemon lime. Here it provides citric brightness while helping to tame the grape side of things a bit. Just a touch of gr.... I mean lemon Sicily helps emphasize the lemon lime, turning this jam into call and response territory.

Speaking of grape, the dark star here is a double whammy, with tfa grape juice and inw grape rounding out that purple profile perfectly.

Truckin right along the middle, flavor wise, is a ripple of the other one, vanilla swirl. Tying the rest together with rich vanilla sweetness it lends some flair and body.

Me and my uncle both agree that this mix is best with some cooling, so ws23 was happily added, though choose your own path for best results.

Thanks to the lemon Sicily, this is a shake and vape approved recipe, so ain't no time to wait. Thanks for putting up with my lame Grateful Dead references if you've made it this far!

User: Up2MyHead Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Do you hear that? In the distance? It's the ice cream man! Absolute banger of a recipe. Smooth cinnamon, rich buttery ice cream and a mellow, full apple. It truly ticks all the boxes. Even mtl this liquid is perfectly balanced and complex enough to keep staying interesting. Full disclosure, I didn't use rich cinnamon, though I can only imagine it improves with it. Speaking of improve, I vastly preferred this after a week steep. Seriously, go mix this. And order three times as much lb vic as you think you need. Trust me.
User: Up2MyHead Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
Too weird to live, to crazy to die. Grack's reputation is well known, and for good reason. The recipe is like a Picasso painting. It doesn't make sense, until it does. Personally, it just doesn't fit into my profile... But... That doesn't mean it isn't genius. The layering of the fruits is truly in balance. Grack is its own experience. If you haven't mixed this yet you owe it to yourself to at least try it. Otherwise you'll never know what could have been
User: Up2MyHead Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Eerily spot on to the intended profile. Floral, without being cloying, notes of mango complimented by ethereal honeysuckle paired with a pleasing combo of almond and sugar cookie that has just enough toothy grain to it. I did sub tfa whipped cream, as suggested, and waiting out the steep was an arduous two weeks. Absolutely worth the wait, and I'll be mixing this again, and in a larger format, soon. Simply very, very well done.
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