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The name sucks, but I didn't want to have just another "strawberry custard" title in the mix. Amazing as a shake and vape. The first time I made a 30ml bottle, I vaped the entire thing in 2 days. Since then it's only mixed in bulk.

The flavor is somewhat reminiscent of Dr. Crimmy's SOD which was a favorite of mine. It's a bright sweet strawberry with nice rich buttery vanilla custard, just the way i like it.

This is my first public recipe. Also one of the first shooting from the hip recipes I created. The original was made in November '16.

This is something I whipped up after searching google for candies with jasmine and tea in them. I can't find the actual food recipe I found but my ingredients were used to reflect what I have on hand and what I felt replicated them.

On the exhale it has a nice smooth milky green tea flavor, on the after taste its a milky caramel flavor.

I actually did vape about 10ml of this the few days after making it and it was good then but obviously after 2 months in the cabinet, I can say a steep brings it to life.

I've never done notes before be gentle.

User: Uncletattoowhat Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
This is my first review, because this is the first juice that I've mixed up and felt like I had to vote on. On shake & vape, this was amazing. I vaped through 10ml. Day 2 was even better, vaped through another 10ml. Today is day 3, and it's again even better and it is doubtful this will make it to day 7 like the recommended steep time states. This may actually be come the first ADV I've ever wanted to actually vape all day, as well as the first blueberry flavor that hasn't turned me off completely. I'll be making a big steep batch tonight to let it sit until day 7 and see what magic appears. Great job!
User: Uncletattoowhat Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Great summer vape. I’ve torn through 200+ ml already.
User: Uncletattoowhat Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
I’ve been adding Koolada to this and loving it.
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