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A Super Tasty Strawberry /Orange Vape Thats Hard To Put Down

A Tasty Tropcial Hawaiin Punch Vape That Wont Gunk Your Coil

An Addicting Unique Mango /Tamarindo Vape That You Surely Enjoy

A Delicious Cherry Vape That Will Leave You Wanting More

A Fresh & Banging Maple Milk Recipe That Rocks In a Rda

A Really Tasty Shake & Vape in Either Rta Or Rda That Wont Gunk You Coil

A Super Tasty Blonde Brownie. Its A Coil Gunker Though

Really Tasty and A Ton Of Flavor For Only 5.55% That Works In Rta or Rda and Wont Gunk Your Coil


A Killer Corn Ejuice That Rocks In A RDA. Not A Coil Gunker

Killer Strawberry Margarita In Rta Or Rda That Wont Gunk Your Coils

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