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Inw grapefruit is used as its all round Great flavour plus its the only grapefruit I don't get major harshness from.

Flv lemonade used to just boost up the whole flavour.

Mb funky pineapple is a realistic pineapple but I find it weak so pushed it up to 5%.
Cap golden pineapple to add some Extra top notes.

Inw Shisha lime to add another citrus note to the mix plus I find it helps to bring the flavour together.

Super sweet % can be changed based on your preferences.

Works well with some Ws23.

Fine as a shake n vape but if youre sensitive to citrus flavours let it sit for a few days.

Now before I start my notes I'll just say I've never tried the original eliquid but this is my take on the flavour profile.

Just a bright mix of fruits with a small amount of ice.

Cap double apple as 4.5% gives us our base for this flavour.

Fa kiwi I used as its the only kiwi flavouring I like but it is quite weak so I've pushed it up to 3%

Wf watermelon yellow at 1.5% allows you to just get a twist of it on the inhale without it overpowering everything.

0.5% Ws23 for the ice.

I haven't used any sweetener in this but feel free to use your preferred sweetener.

Just a quick peach slush.

Fa white peach gives us our base
Jf honey peach brings us our top notes
Inw peach gives out peach trio a bit more brightness.

Cap sweet candy to push that sweetness up.

Cap super sweet is optional. I just like my juices sweet.

Ws23 added as it is a slush, tastes fine without if cold isn't your thing.

Can be a shake n vape but does have a slight bite to it. if you find peach flavours harsh then leave it for a week for the bite to calm down.

Cap grapefruit, flv pink guava & vt honey pomelo give us a nice bright tangy grapefruit flavour.

La lemonade is used as our lemonade base with a small amount of fe lemon added to help it stop fading so quickly.

Enjoy 😁

Just a quick 321 recipe I through together.

Not really much to explain just a bunch of fruits that work well together.

The sweet guava & sweet mango give this a nice amount of sweetness but feel free to add sweetener if you wish.

Introducing passionately punch my peaches πŸ˜…

Peach layer:
Cap juicy peach was used as our base for this recipe it provides us with a nice round punchy flavour.
I originally used tpa juicy peach but it found it to give to much of a throat hit.
Flavorah peach added in just to provide a bit of a brightness.
Inw peach is used to help push the peach into a more realistic flavour.


I originally used a 1:1 vt yellow passion:vt passionfruit but found that just using yellow passion provided me with all I need for a light twist of passionfruit.


I've been on a bit of sweet kick lately hence why I have cap ss at 1%.
Feel free to lower the sweetener if you like.

Quick recipe I through together today.

Tastes pretty good of the shake but will update in a few days time.

Wf Island mango was used because it reminds me of nasty Juice mango (which is my favourite 'premium' eliquid)
Vt shisha Mango brings in a slightly muskyness, making wf taste more realistic.

Cap sweet guava was used Because I'm obsessed with it & every tropical mix should contain it πŸ˜….

Vt yellow passion has quickly become my favourite passionfruit flavouring. At 1.25% it adds just a hint of passionfruit to the end of the vape.

If you're not a fan off Ws23 then you can leave it out, I just prefer it with a hint of cold.

Straight foward pineapple & strawberry mix.

Vt sugarloaf & mb queen delicate work together beautifully.
At these percentages it gives off a strong realistic pineapple.

Osd succulent strawberry & jf strawberry sweet give us a nice slightly candied strawberry.

Works really well with a small amount of Ws23.

I did add any sweetener as I find it sweet enough without it but feel free to add your preferred amount.

Taste fine as a shake n vape but give it a few days and the strawberry will become a bit more noticeable.

With this hot weather we're having in the uk I wanted something simple n cold.

This tastes very similar to strawberry fanta.

Inw Shisha strawberry is the base to our strawberry flavour.

Cap strawberry taffy at 2.5% dosent bring too much of a flavour to the mix but it helps push shisha strawberry to become a very candy like flavour.

Fa cherry is here to just deepen the flavour slightly.

Ws23 to make it cold, adjust to your taste.

I don't use any sweetener but feel free to add if you want it.

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