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This is a flavor profile I chased quite a bit last year but could never get something I was happy with, but revisiting now with more experience I was finally able to get what I I was chasing, a bundt cake with cranberry cooked into it and a orange cream icing. With fall coming up this is one of those classic flavor combo's that I love come this time of year so I was really happy to get this ready for fall this year.

FW Yellow Cake/FLV pound cake
Straight up FW yellow cake is still the best around, and the texture just wouldn't come together perfectly with JF or CAP. You can use JF in the same % if you really want to, but it won't be as good. I love combining the Yellow cake with FLV pound cake for the texture it brings, and that slight off note I've heard some people describe as anise doesn't come off as anise to me, but more so the cooked, caramelized edges of a cake that really makes it stands out and sells the idea of a bundt cake with more cooked surface area.

FLV cranberry
This is the perfect cranberry to me if you want a cooked cranberry in my mind. It's sweet, mildly juices, and enough tart to still come off as cranberry. It's on odd flavor in that it can get lost easy with some flavors or it can over power others just depending on what it's paired with, but this % brings it to the balance in the cake I was looking for.

TFA orange cream/CAP sweet Tangerine/LA CCI/FLV Frosting
These all come together to make the orange sweet cream icing. The TFA orange cream and CCI is the main base for it, the CCI brings a super sweet icing flavor with just a slight tang, and when mixing with the TFA orange cream get's us almost all the way there, but the TFA alone lacks some of the sweet orange punch from the icing. CAP Sweet tangerine reminds me a lot of an orange juice type flavor, and just a small amount really boosts the orange sweetness like you get making a real icing with sugar and orange juice, then the FLV frosting just bumps up the density of the icing separating it from the cake so instead of getting a creamy cake you get an cake topped with icing and you catch it more on the exhale.

This one needs at least 10 days steeping for the bite of the oranges to calm down and the creams to mingle the way they should, but it really hits strides around 2 weeks.

After hearing about the competition the mix life crew did between Dave and Rick with a FLV only recipe, I got inspired to try to create my own recipe within the same parameters.

It would have been easy to do a simple tropical fruit or a tobacco, so I decided to go with a bakery instead.
Have you ever seen those Taste Kake sweet rolls in the stores? Well they have seasonal flavors too, and one of their summer flavors is Blueberry sweet rolls.
The are more or less a cinnamon roll, but instead of cinnamon they have some sort of blueberry filling in them. It's not just blueberries baked in and it's not a blueberry jam, it's weird actually, but in a good way.

FLV Blueberry muffin is really the main base of the flavor, it has some bakery notes to it and a great bakery blueberry, but alone it's nothing like the sweet roll

FLV Sweet dough is the real base to the dough, chewy, very slightly yeast risen dough with brown sugar/caramel notes to sweeten it and give it a hint of being baked. 1.25% sounds like a lot especially if you've used any of FLV other dough flavors, but this one is much lighter and more forgiving than the others.

FLV Blueberry is a weird fuckin' blueberry, but it's good. It's very 'purple' tasting, but it's a good way to bend other flavors. It really fills in some blueberry notes other blueberry flavor miss, so while it's poor solo it's great in a mix. In this case if you ever try the sweet rolls you instantly taste the 'purple' blueberry flavor in them, to the point with the first bite I had of one I thought of FLV blueberry instantly. With the two FLV blueberry flavors the blueberry is dead on to the sweet roll.
FLV Frosting is the icing the covers the sweet roll, it's a heavy vanilla glaze the covers them, and this fit right in on the profile. Not super intrusive in the mix, but adds sweetness and vanilla notes here and there

FLV cupcake batter works to thicken the entire vape up, give it some grease and cheap doughy cake vibe vs some fancy, high end fresh baked roll. It also up's the sweetness of the entire thing without the need to add sweetener.

It's end being super addictive and for a FLV only recipe it came together incredibly well.

This one was made for my girlfriend but it turned out amazing and super addicting. Based off Special K Cinnamon pecan cereal.

CAP Cereal 27/FLV Cinnamon crunch/FLV Crunch cereal
These 3 create the cereal base. A lot of people dislike FLV crunch cereal, and I understand why. If you use it high it taste funky as hell, but at .75% WITH the cereal 27 it bends the flavor away from the standard corn cereal taking it more into a wheat grain cereal, and the cinnamon crunch brings some cinnamon sugar coated grain flavor to it to bring the base.

FW Butter pecan/FA Nut mix
Being a pecan flavored cereal FW butter pecan was a pretty obvious choice, but I didn't want it to go to far into a candied nut flavor, so using FA nut mix in a small % adds a vague nut flavor without being to obviously any single nut in order to bolster the pecan flavor.

FA cream fresh/TFA Van swirl/FA meringue/TPA toasted Marshmallow/FW Hazelnut
A very basic creamy milk base. Adding the TPA toasted marshmallow to it brings some brown sugar type sweetness to the mix emulating the sugar mixing with the milk in the bottom of the bowl.

If you want a slightly drier texture to it .25-.5% of AP will help with that. It's good without and depending on how you prefer the cereal would decided if and how much you'd use.

This is a bit of a weird one for sure.
For me 9 times out of 10 I get off to chase a profile based on things I crave to eat but can't eat at least on a regular basis, so this one came about do to the fact my family is ALWAYS cooking buttered biscuits and serving them with honey butter. One day I walked into the house after getting off work and right as I opened the door the smell just knocked me over, the entire house smelled like homestyle buttery biscuits fresh out of the oven and that's when I decided I wanted to try in recreate that as a vape.
This tows the line of savory and sweet, and it's not an ADV for sure, at least not for me. But something about it makes it nice when you want something different that your normal fruits and creams or such.

JF Biscuit/TFA Pie crust/FLV Sweet dough/FLV fried dough/CAP cereal 27
Unsurpringly these make up the biscuit. JF Biscuit is a great flavor, very buttery but seems more like a cracker style "biscuit" than a homestyle biscuit, but the combo of the TFA Pie crust and FLV sweet dough add body and layers to it, turning it more to a soft, raised, doughy biscuit, the FLV Fried dough and CAP cereal 27 add the crisped, browned top and bottom of the biscuit taking it to a fully baked biscuit instead raw/semi cooked dough. Keep in mind the FLV Fried dough is stupid strong and you're looking at around 1 drop per 10 ml's.

FLV Milk & honey/FA honey/TFA butter
These three make the honey butter, TFA butter and FA honey is pretty obvious, but they don't work without the Milk & Honey. M&H works as a emulsifier of the to, toning down some of the floral notes of FA honey and softing the in you face buttery taste of TFA butter, melding them together into a compound honey butter that's melted over top of the biscuits.

This one is a steeper for sure. Don't even try it till for at least 7 days please, the FA honey still stands out way to much and get's weird, plus the yeast flavor from FLV fried dough won't fully sit down and those two together aren't pleasant. But at the 2 week mark it really starts to simmer down and come together. 3 weeks is it's best, but 2 weeks is doable if you really want.

I know the the FLV dough's aren't going to be super popular flavors, so if anyone is curious to try them out I would suggest www.diyvaporsupply.com for them, they sell 10ml bottles for a bit less than the typical 15ml FLV bottle price. Sweet dough can be used higher so 10ml won't last as long but Fried dough is super potent and I'd suggest making a 10% dilution of it to make it easier to work with so that one will last forever.


A maple bar has been a vape I've mess around with off and on for about a year now, and now I finally found it.
For background, as a weight class athlete and bodybuilder I generally keep a very strict diet, but I'm also a former fat kid so I LOVE food and Maple donuts have always been one of my favorite foods to eat, so since I partially use vaping to curb my sweet tooth, this was not just a flavor I wanted, but somewhat needed for my own sanity. Now I can have a little cheat day ever day. :)

FLV Maple bar:
So this is obvious, it's a maple donut. But it's not quite a maple donut. Check out ConcreteRiver's review on the DIY subreddit, I'd agree with him. But the short of it is it's dry, somewhat stale donut base, but the Maple frosting is very good, and it's just that, a maple/vanilla frosting, not maple syrup.
FA Zeppola:
The perfect donut body, light and fluffy, somewhat fried and sugar covered. This simply fills the body of the donut base out. The only issue with it is it's a little TO light of a donut in my opinion so next we add
TFA Cinnamon danish:
Okay, so this is SUPER low %, but to me all the Cinnamon danish's are very strong. I prefer TFA over CAPS, the cinnamon is more baked into a dense dough and less "bright" so to speak. .25% is low enough it doesn't provide any cinnamon flavor to the finished recipe, but it adds just a bit of dense dough to the donut.
FLV Frosting:
I actually really love this flavor, it's kinda waxy but in a good way. Not like a buttercream frosting, but like canned vanilla frosting from the store, which works great to separate the maple frosting from the dough flavors making it seem more like it's on top of the donut and not just maple baked dough
FA Maple Syrup:
The frosting kinda lightens the maple frosting and brings a touch to much vanilla, so this just brings the vanilla back into balance.
FLV Milk & Honey:
This is a weird flavor. But it's also an amazing flavor that I only just recently finally picked up. It's not honey, but it's not maple either. It's a weird somewhat dark sweetness, but when combined with other maple flavors it really takes on a darker, more maple type flavor. Without this the whole thing was just a little, so this smooths it out, sweeten's things up, and enhances the maple frosting. I would say this isn't 100% needed, but it's much better with than without.
Super sweet:
This is always optional, but it's a donut and donuts have all the sugar in them, so just put it in.

Right after I mixed this it smelled dead on like a maple donut and tasted great after a shake, so you can SnV this, but it really comes together better after a week, letting some of the dough flavors settle in, and the frosting/cream type flavors fill out.


I wanted to contribute to REMIX MONTH but I wanted something outside my normal bakery type flavors to use.
I LOVED Ruby Roo's Nola Flavor as a great summer vape, but it's been over 6 months since I last had it so this was going by memory and flavor description as best I could.

Flavors Description
"Nola is a traditional Australian pavlova meringue topped with whipped cream, strawberries, kiwi, and passionfruit."

Passion fruit
I knew right away the passion fruit was FA passion fruit so that was easy. The taste really stands out to me, though it's fairly sutble in the vape itself, I would recoginize it anywhere. I knew it would have to be low to just barely peak through with that slight tropical/floral note it carries. .5% brings the perfect hint of flavor without the throat it that it brings used higher.

I'm a strawberry non-taster so I always struggle with strawberry juices, but I could taste a small amount of a ripe, slightly sweet strawberry in Nola. I can't taste TFA Straw ripe at all so I doubted it was in there, but I can taste FA Red touch (Strawberry) so it was my first though, it carries a real strawberry flavor with a slight dryness to it. I've heard it described as freeze dried strawberry and I think that's pretty accurate. Looking for something to bring a little life back into FA Strawberry I went with FLV strawberry over the others. I'm not a huge fan of TFA Strawberry, and originally I tried INW Shisha strawberry, but it made it a little to candy feeling for me. going with a 2:1 ratio of FA and FLV strawberry with 4%/2% helped bring to life the strawberry and sweeten it just a touch.

Up front I don't have a ton of experience with Kiwi so I wasn't sure on this one. I only have FW and TFA DBL.
Comparing the two, I found TFA Kiwi double to be a little more candied kiwi, whereas FW seemed a little juicy, almost like would you'd get in a yoplay Strawberry Kiwi yogurt. It's a bit of a weak flavor it self but I knew it needed to stand up to provide some juicyness to the overall vape so I took the % up slowly to stand contrast to the strawberry.

The Meringue
FA Meringue was an easy choice here, it's a very sweet, real meringue flavor when used higher to be more of a main note vs. and accent so 2% worked really well. When vaping Nola though I swore up and down I tasted a slight sweet bakery note, like you'd get from a baked meringue. Wanting to really keep that sweet bakery flavor sutble I went right to CAP sugar cookie, 1.5% doesn't taste like cookie, but it provides some baked sugar sweetness to the merignue to fill out that base perfectly.

Whipped cream
So this one is doubtfully what they use in Nola, but I only have FA whipped cream and CAP van whipped cream. More than likely I would guess they use TFA whipped cream as FA is disconnected in the states, but I didn't want the weight it brings to the table so I went with CAP van whipped cream. It's fluffy and light and I only get a slight vanilla taste to it. 1.5% was enough to provide a light fluffy mouth feel at the end of the vape with a hint of vanilla accenting the fruits.

Let it steep for a few days so that passion fruit settles in to the recipe and have at it!

All in all from memory this isn't a 1:1 clone, but it's incredibly similar and really hits the spot for the craving of NOLA as well as being a great sweet and bring summer vape.

Quick and easy summer vape. Perfect as a SnV when you need something quick.
Cool Mint and Sweetener are optional but particularly the cool mint really adds a unique sweetness to the mix.

Carrot cake is Nature's Flavors (NF) Carrot cake, it's just not in the datebase

Need's at least 1 day's to steep, better after 7-10 days.
Full recipe breakdown and notes on Reddit.

The NF Carrot cake can be found here


Started off as trying to clone Foo's gold from Gaslight vapor POH line, while it follows the same profile it's not a clone, but it's damn good and perfect for the cooler months.
Rich, smooth tobacco, creamy peanut butter, and oaty cookie notes to round it all out. Either with a cup of coffee in the morning or with some dessert after dinner it's a fantastic vape.

RF oatmeal cookie is the raw extract, not the VG concentrate

Notes in the November 2016 recipe thread

If you're as basic as me, this is up your ally.
Straight up pumpkin pie just as God intended, no crazy whipped cream or ice cream or any other toppings to get in the way of the worlds most perfect dessert.

Real Flavors pumpkin pie is the Raw extract, not the VG concentrate.

Full flavor notes

User: Trevorxgage Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
Fantastic recipe. By far the best orange cream I've had. Great as a S&V but a steep really does meld everything together.
User: Trevorxgage Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
First of all, massive thanks for Chris on hitting up the SC cappuccino! If you're looking for a creamy coffee flavor, look no futher, this one is amazing and it doesn't have any skunky notes to it. I can say for sure it's the flavor I've looked for since I started DIY. So I mixed this up using TFA VBIC because I don't have FW's verison, but regardless of that this was still a great vape. The coffee isn't super heavy, it makes for a very creamy flavor when mixed with all of these creamy. It's a bit heavy for the summer so not an ADV at least during this time of the year, but extremly enjoyable. It somewhat reminds me of a jamocha shake from Arby's, granted it's been years since I had one. but you could probably get something almost dead on with this base adding some kind of chocolate flavor.
User: Trevorxgage Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
When you dropped this recipe I was already on the fence about buying FLV milk & honey so this pushed me over the edge, grabbing FA honey on my way and man I'm glad I did. Right away I mixed up 120ml's because if I was gonna steep it for 3 weeks I didn't want to blow through a 30ml right away then have to steep more so I was counting on you for a banger, and you didn't let me down. This is a perfect summer time vape. It's creamy and milky with just enough sweetness. It doesn't get cloying or sickeningly sweet if you toss it in a tank and spend your day in the summer heat like a lot of heavy cream recipes can get. The honey is just enough to sweeten everything without taking away from the smooth dairy and vanilla. Totally worth the steep time and ordering flavors just to mix this up, way to go man!
User: Trevorxgage Score: 4 Entered: about 3 years ago
Man, this is fantastic. I have the TS Graham so I was able to mix it as is, and I made it for my girlfriend originally but ended up making a bottle for myself as well. The only thing I may change in a touch more lime or some FA custard to add some extra cream and keep that citrus note in there.
User: Trevorxgage Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
This isn't really my thing, but when I saw it I knew my girlfriend would like it so I mixed it up and she loves it. The coconut/rum combo really nails malibu rum perfectly, and I wasn't sure how the orange would work with it but it accents the other flavors perfectly without the dryness I get from FA orange, all in all it's a fantastic summer vape.
User: Trevorxgage Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Damn man, you knocked it out of the park with this one. I mixed it up on a whim and vaped the whole 30ml in 2 days which is super rare for me. Gotta mix up a 120ml for this one.
User: Trevorxgage Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Right away when I saw this I mixed up 100ml's, since I've had a bit of mixer block and didn't want to make any of my stuff I judge this purely based on the flavors in it and assumed it would be good. Boy was I not let down. This is super sweet and smooth which just some hints of nuttiness, perfect for the time of year and for what I was craving. FLV milk chocolate is still more than enough to make this plenty chocolaty without it killing everything else in the recipe. Killer work man, chocolate vapes aren't easy and you nailed this.
User: Trevorxgage Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Bit late on reviewing this one, but I've gone through a couple hundred ml's of this. Absolutely fantastic. I know some people get some off notes from FLV PB but I personally love it so this has been a perfect ADV for me.
User: Trevorxgage Score: 4 Entered: over 2 years ago
Woah, very impressive man. This is really good. I've actually been working on this profile myself and picked up CAP Gingerbread just a couple weeks back, so I gave it a mix. The cream filling is on point for sure. The gingerbread does a great job at bringing that soft cookie and ginger taste that the actually lil debbie's carry. The only thing it lacks is a bit of the oat flavor and texture, but that has been very difficult to come by in vape form. I've already mixed a couple bottles of this as is, I'll probably be trying out with a little RF oatmeal cookie and maybe a touch of FA almond to bring some texture out.
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