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The idea originally was to create a simple cucumber/watermelon profile. But as I played with the flavors I concluded that, although it was tasty, it was a bit boring. Adding some cantaloupe and a 2nd watermelon was good for perking the whole thing up. Fresh cream and a touch of lemon made it a little more interesting.


TFA's peppermint is very strong-hence the low percentage. This needs to age at LEAST a week and It will blend in nicely with the VBIC. The Dbl Choc was added as an afterthought...... just because it seemed like it would work. And it works well!

Another custatd iteration. This one makes use of CAPs Funnel cake to add the perception of thickness. As a complimentary note I added Choc Coconut Almond which has a nice twist to thr custard. No shake & vape here. Give the custard it's due and let it age...1 week minimum.


One of my custard recipes from the early days of DIY. Smooth and buttery.

Decadent pound cake topped with strawberries and vanilla whipped cream


A simple cream base I use for most fruits, desserts, etc. Add your primary flavor profiles to this.

A bit of an offshoot of the popular Flamingo recipe. Black Flamingoes are allegedly very rare.

A light cinnamon custard topped off with a bit of whipped cream.
Note: Average steep time for this is about 7-10 days. Any longer and the cinnamon notes will noticeably begin to fade.


One of my first recipes I deemed worthy of sharing on ELR some time ago. I've lowered the % on the FA Cream since it was first posted .
The raspberry adds a subtle bump to the strawberry and helps it stay in front of the dairy flavors. Alternatively, FA Pomegranate at 0.3% to 0.5% will be more than happy to act as a substitute kicker. Recommend aging for 5-7 days.

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