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From @Queuetue : I find boston rounds to be the very best bottles for mixing and temporary storage. I use them for my VG and PG as well as on the scale while I'm making a mix. With a top that's easy to fill, easy to cap and with minimal access to air, I keep a bunch on hand for unflavored base, or whatever project I may be up to for handy, quick access.

The tip is small enough to use with most top-fill RTAs or RDAs as well.

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A juicy fusion of mouth watering watermelon and sweet strawberries.This is a recipe that I just whipped up to try out some new flavors no agenda in mind. When I went to taste it I was pleasantly surprised it tasted almost exactly like Watermelon Rush by Mega e liquids a Sister company of Verdict Vapors. My good friend happens to be sponscered by Verdict vapors so I was pretty sure he would have a bottle laying around somewhere and he did so I did a side by side taste test and the only difference was there version had a bad throat hit and mine doesn't but other than that it tastes exactly like Watermelon Rush from Mega e liquids. I made this completely by accident so I will leave the reasoning to the imagination. Oh and this is made with all Flavorah flavoring I used one drop of Sweetness per 10ml. This is good as a shake and vape but even better after the flavors have more time to mesh.

This is my peach cobbler recipe. I was inspired by steam room vaping's not your grandma's peach recipe. I am trying to make my flavor notes easier and better and more to the point. This is just the peach cobbler you will have to add your favorite whipped cream base or ice cream base if you want that aspect. I just found this recipe tasted so damn good without adding any whipped cream or ice cream that I didn't add it into this recipe but it does taste amazing with a ice cream or whipped cream base added on top.

The peachy filling:
Juicy Peach by TFA = 2.5% White Peach by FA =1.5%
Cactus by INW =.25% Added to make the peach juicier and I strongly believe this flavor is necessary. it enhances this recipe so much and also makes it unlike an peach cobbler on the market.

The Cinnamon crumbly Goodness:
Cinnamon Crunch by FLV =2.5% Yellow Cake CAP =2%
Brown Sugar TFA =.50% Biscuit =.50%

I just felt this recipe needed to be posted just the way it is because me and my wife absolutely love this recipe I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. This recipe changes with a longer steep I am told whenever I make it for my house we end up killing a 120ml bottle by day 7 LOL. I AM LUCKY TO EVEN GET TO DAY 5. ENJOY!!!!!!!

Well this is a well rounded banana split I got sick of not tasting chocolate, strawberry, and banana so I made this. I too have had problems with Real FLavors by concentrates but there banana split is a great flavor it is good all by itself but it's even better with a little help. More flavor notes to come.... I had to lower the strawberry milk chocolate down to .30% from .50 after it steeped for a week the chocolate needed to be turned down a little.

This my take on Strawberry Shortcake. For my strawberries and strawberry drizzle I used a combination of purilum/nicotine river strawberry biscuit at 5% this is more of a buttery strawberry flavor almost more of a strawberry syrup but mixed with strawberry ripe by tfa at 3% it turns it into a more authentic strawberry with a strawberry syrup drizzle. Well the next part to my strawberry short cake is the base now there are many ways to achieve a strawberry short cake base so why limit myself to just one being how they are all delicious. So I chose to utilize a biscuit base and a sponge cake base both versions are good and both mix well into a Vape juice I did this with: Labyrinth by Flavor Art at 3.5% is my sponge cake and then I use Biscuit by Inawera at 1% for my biscuit blow its not really a biscuit but we can dream right and out really works in this mix.
Last but not liest is the whipped cream: I achieved this by using a combination of Meringue by flavor art at 1.5% and cream fresh by flavor art at 1% and shisha vanilla by inawera at .5% Well all that's left is giving this recipe 3 to 4 days to fully blend although it is delicious almost immediately.😁 Enjoy!!!!


I love candy but not often in vape form. I have fallen in love with thes sour Hi Chew candies they are so good and I really love the grapefruit flavored one, and like so many of my favorite sweet treats I can't help but think about how and or if I could turn it into a vape juice. This particular grapefruit flavor really makes me want to make it because of flavorah's pink gauva and not because its a particularly good concentrate but because it is a perfect grapefruit. So I used flavorah pink gauva for the main aspect of my profile I did this at a whopping 1.5 % and at that 1.5% it totally takes over the mix with a grapefruit flavor. I then adde strawberry taffy not for the strawberry flavor at all because the pink gauva completely whipes that out the only part of this flavor that survives the pink gauva's extremely strong grapefruit flavor is the candy or taffy part of the strawberry taffy and it may help calm down the grapefruit a little because it can taste a bit alcoholic otherwise. I use strawberry taffy at 4% to get this effect out of the strawberry taffy concentrate. The other aspect to thes absolutely great candies is the creamy center almost a slight vanilla cream taste to it and mixed with the spurt grapefruit flavor Iit is perfect. I achieve this creamy vanilla center by using flavor art meringue and flavor art cream fresh both at 1.5%. I also added 1% shisha vanilla for the slight vanilla flavor to the creamy center. I also added 1 % of TFA Sour for the sour taste and feel.. I let this air out for a couple hours and then give it a couple days just to calm down a little.


This was inspired by cloud states simple e juice recipes that she is doing now. I too get caught up in making my recipes a little to complex I mean layers are great but sometimes we probably add a few flavors that don't add anything to the mix. So my response to this simple e juice craze is my new flavors that I am going to call easy as pie. I plan on putting out a few more easy as pie recipes in the months to come. My definition of an easy as pie recipe is a flavor that doesn't over use flavorings as in only using the necessary ingredients to make the profile work. So I hope you all enjoy my slightly simpler and definitely easy to make recipes. They should taste delicious as well as being easy as pie to make and or acquire the ingredients in the mix. I used lime tahity cold press by flavor art for my main lime flavor of my flavor profile I then made the pie filling by a combination of cream fresh and meringue both by flavor art and the secret ingredient in my key lime pie filling is the cream cheese icing by lorannes it is not used for its icing properties I used it more for a sweetened cream cheese flavor it really helps bind the cream fresh and meringue i.to a more authentic key lime pie filling Last but not liest is my pie crust I achieve the pie crust by using 2% of tfa's cheesecake (Graham cracker crust) this adds a great graham cracker crust taste And feel. So that completes my easy as pie Key Lime Pie. This recipe is also good directly after a shake so great for those people that need instant gratification. I hope you enjoy it.

This is one of those classic carnival or fair foods. I always look forward to the whole in the wall food stand at the local fair that makes these delicious caramel rice crispy corn ball. I used kettle corn by tfa because it adds a great sweetness and texture it is perfect for this mix and is a great flavor overal.l I then added caramel rice crispies another good flavor both this and kettle corn have a sweetness to them which when you add caramel original by tfa you definitely shouldn't need sweetener. Caramel original and kettle corn both by tfa have plenty of sweetness to go around. I added rice crunchies by tfa to add a little more of the rice cripies grainy properties. I add caramel by flavor art to help push the caramel original into having a more authentic taste. I added toasted marshmallow to pull it all together and help bLend all the flavors while also adding almost a creamy caramel feel to this Vape. I feel that this recipe is at its best after a 7 day steep its definetly a quality Vape after a day or two but it really comes together after 7 days the kettle corn and caramel rice crispies start to melt together into there own magically balanced sweet treat.

This is my lemon meringue cannoli!!! It has a lot of ingredients but trust me it works. Give it a try and let me know what you think you won't be disappointed. This recipe is good after a shake but really comes alive after a 5 day steep and to be honest it gets better and better every day it steeps.

Lemon Sicily and lime tahity cold press both made flavor art make up my lemon flavor of the lemon meringue filling of the cannoli. Of coarse i need some MERINGUE by FLavor Art this adds a creamy sugary sweetness to the mix. Well then I have the flavorss that make up the creamy cannoli center. I used a combination of New York cheesecake and vanilla custard by capella i add a small amount of vienna cream by flavor art it helps pull the new York cheesecake and vanilla custard together. I also add in custard by flavor art I added this to the mix to help with the lemon flavor and the cream part because it has notes of both in it. It is a different custard that doesn't work in many situations but it works great in lemon flavors. To be honest I added the Nonna cake at a very small .25% more for mouth feel than to help the outer cannoli wrap. So i guess that brings me to the outer wrap of the cannoli i do this by using Inawera Biscuit and Flavor art Cookie both at .5 % . Well that's it$$$$$$ LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY! !!! LOTS OF FLAVORS THAT WORK

I am very proud of this recipe I think it turned out great. This is an Apple cinnamon Danish with a gooey Apple center and icing on top. This recipe is good immediately but gets better and better every day after I would say it is at its best after around 6 days but it is definitely vapable after a good shake. Let me know what you think.

This is a butter pecan and vanilla bean milk shake. I get this by using flavor west butter pecan as my butter pecan ice cream part of my mix I do this at 4% at this amount I feel it doesn't overpower the creams and works well. I use Capella vanilla bean ice cream for none other than my vanilla bean ice cream part of my ingredients and also I find it to work better in shake and vape situations than its counter part. I use vanilla bean ice cream at 2.5% because it works good at tgis percentage. I then use Vienna cream to basically pull all my ingredients together not only does it really help the vanilla bean ice cream become a full bodied ice cream but it does the same thing to the butter pecan flavor it also helps fill out the malted milk flavor. The last of my four flavor's is malted milk by tfa tgis gives the recipe it's milky part of the milk shake I accomplish this with only 1% of malted milk because first of all I don't use muck milk in my milk shakes and further more this flavor puts off a harsh after taste I feel at a higher percentage. I then used ethyl maltol to sweeten up my creams and help calm down the Butter pecan without drying it out.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 3

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The profile sounds oh so close to my gorilla wafers you should give it a try its damn close to your flavor profile.
User: Tootall Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
Great tasting mix.
User: Tootall Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
I give this five stars after only a ten minute shake it's amazing. My wife even loves it too!! $$$I am making it again for my wife now we love it.
User: Tootall Score: 5 Entered: 9 days ago
my favorite recipe using only 3 flavors this is a great recipe.
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