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From @Queuetue : Because I have atomizers all over the place, I need something to put them on. These stands are colorful, awesome, and pretty inexpensive.

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Description: I have been mixing e juice for over a year now and have just resently started posting recipes online. I love vaping and all that its about.
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This is a perfect caramel bread pudding in my opinion. Its an all Flavorah recipe so in my opinion the steep time is much less because of it being all Flavorah flavors. I think its good to vape after it settles overnight and is at its best after 3 days. If you like bread pudding then I dare to say you will love this. Not to mention all of these flavors are good highly concentrated flavors that are all worth having in your arsenal.

This is as close as I could come to an exact clone of Blue Bird e juice. I picked up a bottle for remix month and was pleasantly surprised it wasn't that bad actually pretty decent. The flavor profile was hard to find in writing but what I could find basically say a blueberry cheesecake with a crunch berry crust. In my opinion I was able to make this flavor in my opinion 95% of the way there. I started to vear away from the flavor attempting to match the dark yellowish tint to the original e liquid so I had to forget about the color and go back to the flavor and in my opinion I am very close to the authentic e juice they are doing something different because of the color of the e liquid but as far as the flavor I think you would be hard pressed to pick which one was the authentic in a side by side in my opinion my version is a little more flavorful. If you have tried the original e juice Blue Bird and enjoyed it give this a try and let me know how close you think I got. ENJOY!!!!

This isn't a clone but purely a remix of adore e liquids blueberry something's profile. Here is adore's description
"Picture a bowl of fresh picked blueberries mixed with a base of fresh baked vanilla cookie crumble and drizzled with a rich vanilla pudding. Now that would be something."

Well I thought it would be something so I made my rendition.

Blueberries: flavor west blueberry is what I chose go figure. I personally think flavor west blueberry tastes like when you mix blueberries and sugar and mash. Well I think it tastes like the syrupy blueberry flavored liquid left behind if that makes any sense to you.

Vanilla cookie: I used a combination of Capella sugar cookie and inawera biscuit. With a little help from vanilla swirl by the flavor apprentice.

Rich vanilla pudding: I used a combination of Flavorah vanilla pudding and Flavorah vanilla custard keeping the vanilla custard low so the custard and egg notes don't invade the pudding flavor.

Well that's it my take on adore e liquids blueberry something. Again this is Not a clone just a remix.

Steep time: well this one is a strange one its a good tasting almost blueberry and cream at 5 days but if you want the cookies to come out and play you will have to let it steep for 10 days or more. This is a good one to make a big bottle of so you can taste it at all the different steep times this is a flavor that gets better and better with a long steep I personally like it best at around 14 days but it is perfectly good at 5 days. I am putting a 10 day steep because that is when I feel you can taste the cookies but it gets better and better every day you can let it steep after day 10.

Sweeten to taste with your favorite sweetener. I personally like Flavorah sweetness in my recipes but feel free to use whatever you have on hand.

This tastes like the Monster energy juice flavor Pipeline Punch. The description of pipeline punch is a perfect blend of the best flavors Hawaii has to offer passion fruit, guava, and oranges. Now whether these are Hawaii's best flavors or not is not for me to decide but I do enjoy this energy drink made by monster.

I used Flavorah passion fruit because it's a great passion fruit flavor in my opinion and at the end of the day it achieved the flavor I was trying to emulate. Next was guava and if I am normally going for guava I don't use Flavorah pink gauva because it tastes more like a grapefruit to me but the last day I had a pipeline punch I also had one of my favorite candies a sour grapefruit hi chew and wouldn't you know it I could taste that sour grapefruit note in the pipeline punch now maybe I am missing something or just don't remember what a guava tastes like but I didn't think they tasted like grapefruit. But because I can taste the grapefruit notes I added pink guava by Flavorah it's a great flavor a lot strong so I used Flavorah pink guava at .50℅ so it wouldn't completely take over the mix. Even at such a low percentage it's flavor carries through the whole mix. Then I had the orange flavor to come up with and for this I ended up using a combination of sweet tangerine by Capella and mandarin by flavor art both at 1.5% this blends with the other flavors to pull off the orange notes. Last but not least this recipe needed some ethyl maltol to round out the fruits it really helps mellow and blend the pink guava as well as help blend all the fruits together into this pipeline punch. So for the ethyl maltol I used none other than cotton candy by the flavor apprentice. The cotton candy is absolutely vital to making this recipe taste even remotely close to the real pipeline punch monster. This is good on a shake but has quite a strong throat hit but if you give it 3 days to steep the throat hit mellows conciderably. In my opinion this is pretty spot on pipeline punch by monster. Well there it is pipeline punch give it a try a and let me know what you think in the review section let me know if this tastes like pipeline punch to you???????

I was sick and tired of strawberries and cream recipes. So my answer for this is blueberries and cream!!! This is also made with ingredients from the first 25 from ejuicemakers.com . If you mix it up leave a review please!!!!

Blueberries: well of coarse I had to pick flavor west blueberry. Its the best in my opinion and in this situation it seems to work the best. There are a few I am yet to try so let's just say it's the best I have tried to date.

Cream: Now creams aren't as cut and dry in my book I can't really say what I think is the best because there are so many good ones and they all have there own place. I can say the one I use the most is definitely cream fresh by flavor art and in this recipe I had to use it. The next choice was Bavarian cream by the flavor apprentice this adds weight to the cream fresh and adds mouth feel. So now I wanted too sweeten the cream a bit so I added meringue by flavor art. Lastly I wanted a little vanilla swirl by the flavor apprentice to make my cream more of a vanilla cream. Well that's it Blueberries and cream simple and to the point. Add sweetener to your taste I personally like it without any.

Creamy creme brulee in a hollowed out pineapple. Now that sounds good. So I made it in vape form or at liest what I think it should taste like because I haven't ever eaten this delectable dessert. Enjoy!! This is a recipe that needs to steep. Without it it won't taste right. I suggest a 7 day steep but I do think the ends justify the means this is worth vaping... I used real flavors creme brulee super concentrate it wasn't an option though. If you don't have Jack fruit just boost the pineapple a half a percent.

Just a flavor that I like. No rhyme no reason just flavors I like and think compliment each other. I called it Irish rice because the two most prominent flavors are Irish cream and sweet rice. The other flavors are there to help blend those two flavors together. I suggest letting this steep at liest 5 days but its better after a week.

Just a nice play on some not so commonly used berries. It is a good blend of flavors leaving a green accent behind to keep you guessing. It's a little weird a bit strange and a lot berry but that's what I wanted something different for my palate. It is Berrylicious!!!!!! What do you think???? I realize this is a rather pricey $$$$$ mix. It is nothing like my normal recipes and I wouldn't rush out to buy the ingredients but it is a good use of these somewhat weird flavors. I hadn't been able to use alpine strawberry up to this point. I was more or less trying to utilize alpine strawberry in a mix.

Who doesn't like a deep fried twinkie??? Well I sure do!!!! Here is how I made it into a vape juice.

THE DEEP FRIED SPONGE CAKE: I used a combination of deep fried sponge cake super concentrate by real flavors and metaphor by flavor art these two together make the perfect sponge cake consistency for a deep fried twinkie all its missing is that greasy deep fried feeling and for this I used none other except for funnel cake by Capella. I find funnel cake by Capella to be the perfect ingredient to add the greasy just fried taste and feel I use it with anything I make that is deep fried and I think it works perfect. But if for some reason you hate funnel cake and think it tastes like a greasy mess than don't use funnel cake it will still taste great with or without it.

For the creamy vanilla filling I used a combination of whipped cream and frosting both by flavorah then I needed to boost the vanilla and help bridge the gap and for this I used vanilla swirl by tfa and shisha vanilla by inawera. Shisha vanilla helps mesh the bakery notes and the creamy filling it also helps bring out the vanilla notes in the sponge cake.

I used sweetness by flavorah which is my personal favorite sweetener. The closest thing to it would be Capella super sweet. I do think that the sweetener is necessary. It is rather dry without any sweeteners.
IF YOU MIX IT REVIEW IT!!!! Good or bad its better than nothing.

Well this is a recipe that kind of built itself. I got lemon cookie super concentrate from real flavors and wanted to make a recipe that is built around the lemon cookie. Well after a little research I came up with the perfect recipe to help make lemon cookie sc shine. It blends very nicely it is good after one day but its at it's best after 4 days. It has a lot of flavors in this recipe but the ends justify the means. In other words this recipe tastes so good it is worth using all the flavors as listed in the recipe trust and believe you won't be disappointed.

Unlike other concentrated flavors that were formulated for candy, beverages and baking, Flavorah's high potency and unique flavor profiles makes it the real choice for vapor.

By making the same undiluted flavors available that are used by many commercial ejuice manufactures, Flavorah puts the power into your hands to blend and customize your vaping experience.

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The profile sounds oh so close to my gorilla wafers you should give it a try its damn close to your flavor profile.
User: Tootall Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Great tasting mix.
User: Tootall Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
I give this five stars after only a ten minute shake it's amazing. My wife even loves it too!! $$$I am making it again for my wife now we love it.
User: Tootall Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
my favorite recipe using only 3 flavors this is a great recipe.
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This was a good break from the standard strawberry and cream. I like the way that flavorah cream and cream cheese icing is what sets this recipe apart in my mind. Thank you for this offering.
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