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From @Queuetue : The Derringer is my choice for testing, in a mix or with a single flavor. Please support creative people by buying authentic atomizers, but I also keep a number of these clones from Fasttech on hand so I always have a an atomizer ready to go while I'm mixing.

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Description: I have been mixing e juice for over a year now and have just resently started posting recipes online. I love vaping and all that its about.
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I am very proud of this recipe I think it turned out great. This is an Apple cinnamon Danish with a gooey Apple center and icing on top. This recipe is good immediately but gets better and better every day after I would say it is at its best after around 6 days but it is definitely vapable after a good shake. Let me know what you think.

This is a butter pecan and vanilla bean milk shake. I get this by using flavor west butter pecan as my butter pecan ice cream part of my mix I do this at 4% at this amount I feel it doesn't overpower the creams and works well. I use Capella vanilla bean ice cream for none other than my vanilla bean ice cream part of my ingredients and also I find it to work better in shake and vape situations than its counter part. I use vanilla bean ice cream at 2.5% because it works good at tgis percentage. I then use Vienna cream to basically pull all my ingredients together not only does it really help the vanilla bean ice cream become a full bodied ice cream but it does the same thing to the butter pecan flavor it also helps fill out the malted milk flavor. The last of my four flavor's is malted milk by tfa tgis gives the recipe it's milky part of the milk shake I accomplish this with only 1% of malted milk because first of all I don't use muck milk in my milk shakes and further more this flavor puts off a harsh after taste I feel at a higher percentage. I then used ethyl maltol to sweeten up my creams and help calm down the Butter pecan without drying it out.

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Expect to see this combo again. I was playing around with inawera pear and came up with this delicious recipe. Rich cinnamon is one drop per 10ml and my picture was the closest I could come. This tastes so good I had to share it lol.

This is my peanut butter cookie recipe. It's a fairly straight forward recipe but yet a very well layered cookie. Sorry for no flavor notes I had a whole page wrote and I erased it before i saved it by accident. It tastes just like the peanut butter cookies my mother would make when I was a child. Give it a try you won't regret it.

This is my attempt at the profile for the e juice strawberry drizzle it's a popcorn with a strawberry yogurt drizzle. I have never tried the original but I have been vaping this flavor of mine for 4 months and Iit never gets old I usually make a 120ml bottle and never make a flavor again but with tgis one I have probably made over 1000ml granted my wife and all my friends love it too but that's jusr what I made for me and my wifeI have made three times that amountfor my friends lol. I would say the flavors are self exsplanitory. It is good as a shake and vape and is probably 100% after 2 days. This is a very tasty mix don't be scared give it a try!!!! $$$$$

This is a strawberry watermelon kazoozle candy. It is a strawberry rope with a watermelon filling in the center. I made the strawberry rope with strawberry taffy by Capella and Swedish gummy by tfa I made the watermelon center with watermelon candy and watermelon by tfa and I sweetened it all up with sweetener by tfa.

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This is my banana cream pie I made this flavor by request from my wife it turned out great. I used banana cream pie and quince for my main profile of my banana flavor. I made the pie crust with fa apple pie and fa cookie. I made my creaminess with a combination I use quite a lot it's 1% of fa meringue and fa Vienna cream and cream freshh or just works. Then I added shisha vanilla because it helps out all the aspects of this recipe. Give it a try we enjoy this in my household.

Besides the obvious trade infringement the name is self exsplanitory . The ingredients are fairly self exsplanitory also. The strawberry taffy I realized on a failed recipe that it tastes just like strawberry fluff flavor to me anyway or at liest it did in my failed mix. The marshmallow flavors are for none other than the marshmallow taste . The butter cream was my way of adding the creaminess of strawberry fluff.

Waffles covered with banana's and strawberries and buttery maple syrup

I made this last night and I put it in my tank this morning I dripped a little last night but this morning it was amazing. Or at liest I think it's amazing. Give it a try and let me know what you think I am just taking a guess on the best tasting steep time but honestly after 10 hours it's amazing. You could probably lose the meringue but it's good with it but I doubt it would taste much different with out it.

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The profile sounds oh so close to my gorilla wafers you should give it a try its damn close to your flavor profile.
User: Tootall Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
Great tasting mix.
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I give this five stars after only a ten minute shake it's amazing. My wife even loves it too!! $$$I am making it again for my wife now we love it.
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