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This is a remix of Karma by Mello Buddah
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So one of the chicks at my local b&m absolutely loves Normandy by Harlequinn. Their website describes their eliquid as "That down home southern style banana pudding with vanilla wafers." She liked it so much I had to buy a bottle to give it a go and really liked it. Decided to attempt a remix of it.

I got inspiration for this, especially the banana portion from Vurve's recipe

When I started with this I didn't have any banana flavors at all so I started with tfa banana ripe, tfa banana cream, and la banana cream. After flavor testing I couldn't stand the ripe and knew it wasn't in there. The percentages I used blend to a good combo but definitely needed some more cream to subdue the runty flavor.

Obviously stole the cream from the banana creams. Added the tfa vanilla custard to thicken up the cream and add a bit of spices. Also stole the cream from the vanilla swirl here.

Vanilla Wafer
I knew from the beginning CAP Sugar Cookie had to be in here. Had to beef up the sugar cookie to keep it from hiding behind the bananas thus the 5.5%. Also used the vanilla from both the VC and vanilla swirl to round out wafer.

I know it's not spot on but I wasn't going for a 1:1 and I actually like this version a lot more. This works after 5 days but really comes together at the 2 week mark.

This a vanilla ice cream base with a hint of strawberry with a forward cinnamon apple pie filling mixed in. The strawberry is used both for the flavor and to lend it's sweetness to the apple.

The base
Imo if you are making an ice cream you need TFA vbic. The FLV cream accentuates the vbic nicely.

The TFA and JF at those percentages make a nicely rounded strawberry combo.

Apple pie filling
I tried several iterations and the main problem I had was nailing down the cinnamon to apple ratio. At these percentages we get a nice filling were you get just enough of each aspect with out getting the cinnamon to be super forward.

I give you Strapped
I was originally going to have Straple in the name but my auto correct kept wanting to change it to Strapped so I went with it.
I know the total flavor percentage is high but I tried cutting it in half and the flavor just wasn't there.

Not your typical apple pie. I'm going for the one that has a almost crunchy crumbly crust. Almost an apple crisp but not quite.

After trying to create this recipe with all components at the same time and coming up with a unsuccessful semi mess, I decided to work on the pie filling first, then add the crust later.

The filling
The two apples combine to make a nice sweet and tart apple flavor. Combined with 1 drop the FLV Rich Cinnamon per 15ml, liquid amber and brown sugar you have what I have found to be a really nice pie filling with just the right amount of cinnamon.

I know alot of people get a green apple flavor from Anton Apple but I get a nice sweet fleshy red apple flavor from it. That paired with the FA Fuji form a very nice apple base from which I worked from.

The crust
Now I wasn't going for your typical buttery flaky crust you find in most apple pies. Growing up my mom made a Dutch Apple pie where you make a crumble crust using butter, flour, cinnamon, and sugar to make a crumble. You pat part of the crumble into the pie pan to form a crust, add the pie filling, the top with the rest of the crumble.

I used FA Cookie and CAP Sugar Cookie to form the main crust profile and the CDS to give it the obvious cinnamon notes and also stole the bakery flavor I get from CDS to round out the crust.

The FA Cookie brought the drier cookie aspect that this crust needed. The CAP Sugar Cookie brought the softer buttery aspect to it. In this ratio I think it works well.

The overall cinnamon note is what gave me the most issues when creating this recipe. Both cinnamons are in my opinion very strong and originally overtook the entire flavor profile. After several renditions in which I gradually brought them down I think I have come up with a well rounded apple pie flavor.

I think this tastes like a cheesecake drizzled with honey wrapped into a mild dessert tobacco.

TFA Mild Black and TFA Black Honey were my first tobacco flavors besides ry4 double. When I first mixed those 2 up I thought they tasted like the Backwoods Sweet and Aromatic cigars that I used to really like. I immediately thought they would go together really well for a dessert cigar.

I wanted the 2 tobacco flavors to shine though with out being overwhelming. Honey black brings a very honey forward light tobacco and the mild black brings a darker deeper tobacco flavor. The INW gold ducat rounds out the other two tobaccos nicely. None of these flavors are in the realm of cigars you'd find in a humidor, more like ones you'd find in a gas stations but lend themselves well in this recipe. At these percentages each is able to come through while allowing the other flavors to come through.

Now I have always liked vanilla cigars but I knew the vanilla would need something to bind it to the tobacco flavors so I went with cheesecake.

I don't think the cheesecake, graham cracker clear, vanilla swirl would make a good base for most recipes but in this it works without getting overly complicated as its still primarily a tobacco flavor.

This is the first recipe I used holy vanilla in and it really works well in here, especially paired with the vanilla swirl. The vanilla is there but plays in the background.

I started off going for a more tobacco forward eliquid. This ended up having a more subtle tobacco flavor and more of honey cheesecake with tobacco notes. I'm really happy with the way this turned out even thought it's not exactly what I started out for. But in the words of Bilbo who also liked a good toke "You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to"

Creamy caramel vanilla custard with a orange forward top note

User: TogiraIkonoka0618 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Very nice and creamy peaches and cream here. Well blended and not harsh at all. Great for a change from all the heavier recipes I normally do
User: TogiraIkonoka0618 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Excellent vape here. Great right out the gate but even better after a few days. Tastes like a really good strawberry limeade. Nice and refreshing!
User: TogiraIkonoka0618 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Really nice fruity combo you have going on. I'm not getting alot of distinction between the flavors but it's a really good combo. Gets a little harsh after about a week so this is one I'll mix in smaller quantities but really good straight away
User: TogiraIkonoka0618 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Excellent recipe!! The lemon and the berry blend really well. Just the right mix of tart and sweet. I have been doing so many creams, desserts, and bakeries, this fruity vape really hits the spot.
User: TogiraIkonoka0618 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
I was actually debating on trying to create a pistachio fluff salad recipe myself and but now I don't need to. I get a very pistachio forward flavor out of this with hints of the pineapple and a very nice creamy background. I might try tweaking this to get a bit more separation of the flavors or get the pineapple to come out a bit more. Great recipe and a very enjoyable vape!
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