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I've actually been working on this for a bit. Hope you all can dig it. I loved the original juice. I just couldn't nail it one for one. So I tried to take it's characteristics and make one I could settle with. And honestly it taste pretty close to the original. It's good after 4-5 days but I let it sit for about a week or two.

I've been vaping this stuff for about 2 months now. And well it being remix month I'd figure I'd share it

I also use cap super sweet. 1 drop per 15 mls. But you can use whatever you prefer

DA TRU MP . ( The true mint peppermint) candy. Or a play off of President Trumps name. Like him or not it fitted the recipie for a good name. I've been working on this for about a month now. After a few variations I've finally found the right one. It taste just like a sweet peppermint candy. Let sit one to two days for the throat hit to smooth out. It's not bad as a shake and vape but is better after the steep.


Spring is upon us and it's about time for the guilty mixes to come in again. This mix blends perfectly with the fruit and light cream ratio. I wanted to make it very simple.

TPA STRAWBERRY RIPE gives it that true fruit feel. Almost that natural ripeness.

TPA APRICOT & PINEAPPLE is what you really taste here. Together they almost give it a tart sweetness.

TPA RASPBERRY SWEET gives it sweetness that's add to the other flavors without destroying coils.

TFA VBIC blends it all together. It really doesn't serve as a cream just helps glue the fruit together.

Add koolada if you'd like for some coolness.


Don't mess with Carol's sweet homemade cookies.

I know cheesy but I was watching the walking dead when trying to think of a name for this recipie.

Anyways, this is yet another sugar cookies recipie, but with icing and a different approach on the whole objective.

CAP CAKE BATTER plays two roles here. The first role is for the cookie. It plays along nicely with CAP SUGAR COOKIE to give the juice that nice cookie texture with the smooth buttery homemade sugar cookie flavor.

Now for the icing. This is where the CAP CAKE BATTER along with CAP VANILLA CUSTARD, CAP VANILLA CUPCAKE AND LA CREAM CHEESE ICING play together. I was basing this recipie of sugar cookies my grandmother used to make for the holidays every year and growing up in would always help her. So I put my heart into this one. The flavors for the icing blend together so well it just comes off so smooth.

Sweetener isn't necessarily needed. I just really enjoy it in this recipie. Although you get a good flavor, right after mixing it's not how it's meant to taste. It hits the nail on the head about 7 days after. Hope you all enjoy.


Rule Breaker because I don't know how to read directions and follow rules.

Anyway my version of a Tigers Blood.
Add koolada to taste for the snow cone coldness

I know dairy milk seems wierd but it's so low it works.. this has kinda been my white whale. And I am happy with this. It's not like the others, it's the way I like it

Dig it.


So, this is my recipie for the first round. I was going for an sweet apricot vape. This came out a bit different, but I really enjoy it. After trying over and over as soon as I made this variation I knew it was the one to enter..

Anyway, like I said I was going for a sweet apricot. Instead raspberry became the star of the show. Up front that's what you taste. On the exhale it gets backed by the apricot. And that strawberry ripe is in it to blend it and give it that almost real fresh fruit taste. Which is a first for me using strawberry ripe as just a blender and not a real up front flavor. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

Mixed at 70 vg 30 pg 2% nic

Still working on this but I feel like I'm very close. I got the idea from Propagandas Illuminati. I love that juice but I wanted to put my own spin on it. To me the original illuminati juice is so punch in the mouth sweet and I'm not all about that. So my version is a cookie, with a custard like icing topped with orange, pineapple, and a very small hint of strawberry garnish


This is it, I have enough pondering on this for a long time. Finally got everything I needed and gave it a shot. In the beginning I had no idea where to start with this recipie. Then Exclusivegirl came out with her Green Tea Recipie. So I used the idea of the to begin my blueprinting. So without her or that recipie I would have been completely stuck. Major props to her.

FW White Chocolate - I used this above all the others because to me this one is more stronger on the white chocolate flavor and the one I prefer

TPA Sweet Cream/Whipped Cream and CAP Vanilla Custard - these are all here to blend that crunchinless and keep that white chocolate creamy. With out them the white chocolate would be there on the inhale but loose flavor very quickly. They really help that WC keep flavor and maintain throughout the recipie.

CAP Sugar Cookie and TPA Rice Cruniches - These are obviously the Wafer. To me they complement each other very well.

CAP Super Sweet is there to give it sweetness.

I really enjoy this recipie and I hope you do to!


This was made the other day on the fly and turned out pretty damn good IMO. I was leaving for work and had no juice to vape. So made this up. When I got off work I spent some time to perfect it.

CAP. Sweet tangerine and TFA orange cream is obviously the orange in the tic tac. These two together are not quite the exact flavor you get from a tic tac but I didn't want that wierd sour after taste that the candy can leave.

CAP. super sweet is obviously the sweetener here so sting less than a percent is just right.

CAP lemon lime. Now when I left for work this wasn't in the recipie I made. After vaping it for 10 hours and it was good, it was still missing something. As soon as I picked this off my self I knew this was it. It gives it that citrus flavor and at 1.75% it still doesn't give that wierd after taste.

So a mix and a good steady shake this is great. But 2 days is perfect

Feel free to give any ideas to see if you think it could be better.

I've been working on this for quite some time now, the melon Starburst is my favorite flavor of they candy that they have out. Now I used cantaloupe instead of mango because mango just hits me hard. This can work as a shake and vape if your in a hurry bit it hits maximum potential at 1 week. The capella and TFA cantaloupe work really well together so that it's not to bitter or overpowering. The Bavarian Cream and VBIC really give it that creamy chewy flavor and mouth feel like a Starburst has, and the marshmallow helps so that you don't have to use too much sweetener and if preferred you can even cut down on the sweetener.

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What's the best steep time for this?
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Just mixed this up, it is good as hell. Very nice. I was thinking of giving this a try and you beat me to the punch. It's so good I ain't even mad haha.
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