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This will please most caramel fans. If you don't have Candy Caramel, just leave it out. Give this juice at least a week to take proper form.

Made this on /r/ as part of the flavor of the week thread. Came out surprisingly really tasty. Notes can be found at this link


Any 'version 2' mix I make are not intended to replace the originals,they're just for those that want to change things up.


1 drop Capella Golden Butter per 10ml. If you use Butter and don't let this age for 2-3 weeks, you will have a very buttery custard (which may be okay for some people). Just a heads up, Capella renamed "Butter" to "Golden Butter" so everything is pretty much the same as before.

Feel free to sub marshmallow with whatever brand you have. I've made this with cap and tfa before and didn't notice too much of a difference in the overall flavor.

If you prefer your custards to be a little less sweet or plan to age this for an extended period of time, just change the Vanilla Custard and French Vanilla Percentages at a 4:1 ratio. (ex. 8% VC & 2% FV or 6% VC & 1.5 FV)

Another tropical vape for you all. This one is similar to a Lava Flow which is coconut, strawberry, banana, and pineapple.

This is a mix that will be full of in-your-face-flavor so keep that in mind before ordering/mixing.

Hangsen Pineapple I find to be the best pineapple for this mix. INW Pineapple may work here but other pineapples I've tried just don't cut it for a tropical mix.

Feel free to sub FLV Coconut with 1% TFA Coconut Extra or use whatever coconut you like.

As usual, don't add heat or 'air out' these mixes for best taste. This one is certified shake 'n' vape, better with time.

This is somewhat of a departure from what a normally mix up, but don't pass up on it! In Hawaii they make these awesome snowcones that make you want to come back more than the beaches and waves.

This is a mix that will be full of in-your-face-flavor so keep that in mind before ordering/mixing.

Subbing the watermelon or strawberry with a different brand will unfortunately not work here. LA Watermelon and INW Strawberry are sorta niche ingredients that are quite different than other brands that share the same name. Feel free to sub CAP Coconut with 1% Coconut Extra (TFA) or whatever coconut you like. I also like to add 1% MF Vanilla to this, so try it out if you get the chance (or any vanilla really)

I recommend that you get the 'colorless' version of LA Watermelon, available at Wizards Labs and other vendors, so your coils won't gunk up as fast.

Certified Shake 'n' Vape, better with time.


Enjoy this cocoa and cream mix after at least 6 days. This is not heavy on chocolate flavoring.. it's mixed in softly with the cream/custard base.

I do not recommend breathing, heating, frothing, etc. for any of my recipes. Just shake it up and put it away for a few days.

This recipe is best enjoyed at lower wattages with restricted airflow. Lastly, make sure you vape this on a fresh atty or new cotton for optimal taste.


I felt the "Cuttwood leak" base would be better suited for a Graham/cinnamon flavor profile. This one goes great with a cup of coffee in the morning!

Some people like this one with a bit more CDS, let your tastebuds guide you.

Misc Notes:
This is not a Sugar Bear clone and probably doesn't taste anything like it. I apologize for picking a similar name.

Requires at least a week of aging. Any vaping beforehand will not taste very cakey (sp?), which sucks. I like it best after day 10 for optimal taste.
If you would like a blueberry varient, use Blueberry (FW) and omit the strawberry. I would probably lower the percentage from 6 to 4%, although tastes vary.

I enjoy this one most with a wider airflow.


This is a butterscotch mix with elements of custard and creme brûlée

I wasn't really happy with a lot of the Butterscotch recipes I had been mixing so I went ahead and made one from scratch. There's no chemical/weird taste in this one which a lot of other recipes have. Butterscotch is not really the prominent flavor per se, so adjust your percentages accordingly if you want it to be more "there".

Aging time is about a week+. Obviously the longer you can wait, the smoother and tastier it gets. Feel free to try it out before a week and it'll still be pretty damn good.


Misc Notes:
All these flavors are available at Bull City Vapor.
FW Butterscotch (natural) is not the same as FW Butterscotch!
Leave out CAP Graham Cracker if you want.
FW Sweet Cream and VBIC are quite different from their TFA counterparts. Please keep that in mind if you decide to sub with those (I haven't tried it personally)

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