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As basic as this profile is it has turned into one of my ADVs.

Originally I vaped this without the Vienna Cream. After posting in the “Suggest a recipe for my flavors” thread on Reddit Idiot suggested hazelnut and swirl. After playing with the percentages I vaped it that way for a few months. While working on another recipe I discovered that Vienna Cream and Vanilla Swirl pair very well with each other and have been mixing it that way ever since.

FW Hazelnut is the star here that has been dipped in the TFA Vanilla Swirl + FA Vienna Cream base.

TFA Vanilla Swirl doesn’t really reveal its true self right away and Vienna Cream takes a while to settle in- hence the 7 day steep. It’s worth the wait.

This profile is another first for me. Even though I haven’t finished taking it in the original direction that I intended this is SnV ready.

My 30ml tester didn’t survive very long so I will publish my original idea under another recipe.

OSDIY Slushie is the star here with SSA Raspberry Syrup playing backup to the raspberry profile. It adds a nice touch of depth that I felt was needed to fill out the Slushie.

FLV Ice can be omitted or swapped for your preferred cooling.


This is my first try at an RY4 recipe.

JF RY4 Double wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be on the Vanilla side so the TFA Vanilla Swirl and WF Vanilla Cream Extra bolstered that up a bit.

I love SoHo Time and what FA Meringue brought with it so I paired the Meringue with the Swirl for added depth and Flavor.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl will turn this into something comparable to a French toast at around a week and a half. My original notes had FLV Rich Cinnamon as the cinnamon layer, but CDS definitely fits better here.

This can also be made with TFA’s RY4 Double at a 1:1 ratio.

User: TheFloridaMan Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
I’ve really tried to like custards. It’s been a rough ride though. They mostly give off a weird sour note that ruins mixes for me. The idea always sounds good until I sample the tester that I make. I have tried most of the single flavor concentrates on the market with the same results. Then I mixed Custard Now and it was a game changer for me. Even though the INW Custard in this mix has a lemon top note the other ingredients do an excellent job burying it which is exactly what I needed to enjoy custard recipes. You can throw anything at this mix and it will stick. Fruits, tobaccos, bakeries etc. If you are tired of the run of the mill custards seeming to be cookie cutter flavorings do yourself a favor...leave them all behind with this recipe.
User: TheFloridaMan Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Such a simple profile that has FA SoHo as the most frequent reorder out of all of the flavors that I own. This recipe is awesome.
User: TheFloridaMan Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Do you remember that neighbor that borrowed your 50’ extension cord last year and never brought it back? Yeah well, me either...but I will remember this mix this summer when that Florida sun is beating down on me one Sunday afternoon while barbecuing. Ok so straight out of the gate I am not much of a cooling type of guy. It gets kind of funky and usually detracts from a mix for me. 2% WS-23?! Holy cow. But hey, right there in the description of the recipe it reassures me that the creams will take the cooling by the horns and tame it. Uh huh. Right. So I am all in at this point to stay true to the recipe which has some super stars in it. TFA Vanilla Swirl and INW Shisha Vanilla are two of the best vanillas in the business hands down. Pairing them with TFA Bavarian Cream was an excellent choice which created a super creamy top of the line vanilla cream base to blend with the polar opposite TFA Wintergreen. On the inhale I’m vibing with that WS-23 cooled wintergreen which is followed by an exhale of creamy vanilla goodness. I can’t express enough how extremely well this mix blends together. The sweet creaminess does indeed reign in that crazy WS-23 percentage to the point where I have to question if I actually used the full 2%. I now believe that using less of it would have derailed the entire flavor profile into something that is actually less enjoyable. If you enjoy wintergreen and sweet creamy vanillas - and even if you don’t enjoy cooling like myself - mix yourself up a sample and give it a test drive. You’ll be back at the dealership in no time for another ride. I promise.
User: TheFloridaMan Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
This mix absolutely nails down the Andes Mint. Even though it has been a while since I have enjoyed one as soon as the cotton was broken in it was unmistakably what it brought me back to. The chocolate notes are light and fluffy and blend really nicely with Creme de Menthe which in itself turns out to be the most enjoyable of the mints that I have tried yet. It’s subtle, but bold and doesn’t bully the recipe. It has a clean, refreshing taste with no weird off notes that might need to be covered up. The slight vanilla cream texture from the Vanilla Swirl really brings it all home completing the creamy aspect of the profile. You often read about how chocolates are super difficult to translate into an e-juice, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that in this recipe. If you’ve been wanting to take a shot at chocolates, mints or just happen to enjoy those Andes Mints then be sure to give this one a shot.
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