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This is my entry for the challenge. First, this is my 9th recipe (attempt) for this ejuice, i just vaped it after 2 weeks steep and to be honest i really like it, and proud of it! At first, i tried to make the Fuji apple my main note, but had a hard time making it shine, so i went for the Strawberry for main note, i think its well balanced. Then tried many cream bases, and settled with a simple vanilla bean ice cream + Vanilla Custard, a classic.

When the main notes and cream base was balanced, i looked for something different, out of the known paths for the accent. After looking at many real danish swirl recipes, i noticed that some recipes where Green Tea based. I tried to implement the green tea without success. Finally, the Black Tea worked! It gives a nice thick taste on the exhale and stays on the tongue long after exhale, i find it pleasant, anyways for tea lovers;).

The name of the recipe came to me after using the black tea, reference to the British sub culture of the 60'.

This is my 2nd recipe i created since i started to DIY 2 months ago. Trying real hard to understand the matches between flavors by reading alot, and of course the videos on DIY or DIE.

Please note that English is not my first language, so be understanding if my explications are a little weird;)

So......Cheers for the Beatnik Swirl!!

Luc Corbeil Montreal, Canada

Should be mixed at 65VG, and a minimum of 1 week steeping.

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User: TheApprentice Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Great recipe! Not too sweet with well-balanced chocolate taste. Great work man...;)
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