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Peanut butter sugar cookie with oatey notes.

The peanut butters play well with the cookie butter which darkens and deepens that note into the cookie base made of the oatmeal cookie and sugar cookie. the A.P. adds some more texture and the whipped marshmallow lends sweetness and pillow to the overall mix.


The RF Coffee is the one I have been looking for. Not too authentic and not too fake. Flv pumps it up a bit and the Fresh Cream, Whipped Marshmallow, VCV! and VBIC round out the drink with cream vanilla goodness. The Sugar Cookie adds some body and depth and binds the coffee, cream and RY4 together. I have been trying to make a decent coffee vape for a few friends for awhile now and I think its pretty on point! Sweeten to taste.

A holiday custard similar to egg nog but not a strong one. Thick and rich in vanilla more than spice. It takes a bit of time to let the spices settle in but worth the wait. Thinking of adding raisin rum to a small portion of my final batch to see how it plays out. Happy FESTIVUS!

A sweet berry jelly filled fried donut. You can sub out the OOO POWDERED SUGAR and use an extra .25-.5% of the FA MERINGUE if you don't have it. I know my notes suck, still I like to share my better mixes. Peace!


So it's Cuprian with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate... yay!!!! I'm awesome and soooo creative! Shit is good though.

I will probably update notes*** Time crunch

Fraise Blanc- a white chocolate truffle with graham crumbs and strawberry filling. I am feeling this one and can't put it down!!!

White chocolate, VBIC, meringue and marshmallow make up the candy shell. Juicy strawberry, strawberry ripe and creamy yogurt pair well as the filling. Graham cracker topping to accent.

EDIT- I totally revamped this recipe after trying an initial tester after forgetting about it... It hits more of the sweet boozy cream notes and less of the nutty ones yet still has the bite from the RY4.

Creamy, thick, eggy, with a subtle boozy and nutty back note. I mixed this up as kind of a play off of PRY4U and Castle Long Reserve but it is really it's own animal entirely.

Let me say this... I feel this is my best work to date. I really hope some of you mix it up!!!!
ENJOY... I have missed being an active part of the community. Much Love

VCV1- Obviously the backbone of this operation offering thickness and vanilla to the body.

RY4D- This blends in with the VCV1 adding caramel and earthiness.

Kentucky Bourbon- This one spices up the joint and adds complexity to the cream.

Creamy Hazelnut- This adds the nuttiness which lends itself well to the RY4D.

Graham Cracker Clear- I scrapped the CAP Graham Cracker V2 because there was too much cinnamon still. 2% graham clear to me, adds the perfect amount of bakery to balance within this recipe.

Super sweet- I feel it needed a touch of sweetness to pull out the caramel but, by all means, adjust according to taste. i dont like many sweet liquids but i like this one very sweet.

For me this is vapable after a day because i like the taste of the Bourbon and I always have a VCV1 bas premixed and steeped but everything seems to settle at the week point. The custard pops, the RY4 caramel shines, the bourbon settles, and the bakery note climbs in. You can try it after a few days but give it at least 7-10 before really giving it a go. Thanks Guys!

I have been working on a version with a tiny coconut note as well but haven't gotten it sorted yet. I may ned to order a few new flavorings as my FLV Coconut/FA Coconut combo didn't impress me.

I was watching a live mixing recently where wayne mixed a sugar cookie he obviously didn't like much... I took what he learned and adapted that recipe to make a version of my own. Good artists copy; Great artists steal!!! Anyway, I added some cream and butter awnnn in there and shit man!!! BOOM! Oh yeah, that cinnamon note from the cap graham settles a week in as the sugar cookie does its dance.

I love light fruits in a cream. I have been playing around with several combinations so I thought I would share. Check out your boy!!!!

This one has high percentages I know... it's the OSDIY stuff....they need higher percentages. The baked cinnamon roll and lucky shot combo are amazing. the rest are support notes. Sweeten to taste. It's banging!

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