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When I first started vaping, Betty by Pinup Vapor was the hot flavor everyone in my area was vaping. I got a free bottle of it and it was enjoyable, but at almost $30 for a 30ml, I was not going to buy it again. I've seen some good clone recipes for it, bur they all had the same off note the orignal got when it was too hot. This is my attempt to remix it without that off note.

FA Forest Fruit: The core flavor of what makes Betty.
TPA Blueberry Extra: To round out the fruit notes.
Cap Super Sweet: It's got to have the sticky syrupy sweetness.
INW Lemon Mix: A little bit of tart to make the berries pop.

The Camellia Grill in New Orleans makes an amazing dessert called a "Freeze".

It's like a sweeter milkshake. It's made with milk, ice cream, ice, simple syrup, and a flavored syrup(chocolate, strawberry, etc).
So the ice and simple syrup provide a distinct flavor that a milkshake doesn't have.
So I give you my approximation of their Double Scoop Chocolate Freeze.

User: Thanrak Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Mixed this up last week and let it steep a few days. It's almost a spot on Cinnamon Apple dessert. I feel like the real thing has more cinnamon, but maybe that's too harsh to vape. Already mixing another 30ml, this is almost gone.
User: Thanrak Score: 3 Entered: 10 months ago
Interesting, I'm not really getting a lot of the tang flavoring no matter how short or long I steep it, but it could be useful as a good shake base.
User: Thanrak Score: 5 Entered: 6 days ago
Every so often I get a craving for chocolate milk and I'll buy a pint while grocery shopping. I know I shouldn't because of all the fat and sugars, but I buy it anyway. This is that chocolate milk. It comes out just like store bought. I'm on my second batch of it now
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