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It's a Twinkie! Not sure what else to say.

Twinkie Cake Base: Fluffy White Cake, Philadelphia Buttercake... Crumble topping for the outer layer of darker yellow cake.
Filling: Vanilla Cream, Vanilla Pudding for the creamy center with Frosting to give more of that sweet taste twinkies are known for!

If you love hazelnut and custard, this recipe was meant for you. Based off my 3 day steep custard (which can actually be vaped before three days) the vanilla pudding, cookie, vanilla custard 2 and super sweet make a delicious custard base that you don't have to wait weeks for! Creamy Hazelnut and Dx Hazelnut work like a dream together here and it's already became one of my ADV vapes!

It really doesn't get easier or tastier than this. I've used these two flavors to build tons of easy recipes, and by itself, it's just as great!

**** NOTICE: Raspberry Malina I couldn't find in the flavor stash here and that's the INW I used ****

Raspberry syrup, nuts, and cream? You asked for it, you got it. It's a blend of sweet delicious ice cream/custard with the right amount of nut sprinkles, and sweety syrupy raspberry, what's not to like? The hazelnut really gives this a different dimension and honestly, I was shocked that it worked out so well. Enjoy!

Mixed this the same day as I mixed the Strawberry Hazed, trying to see if this would work with other fruit flavors, and OH MY Raspberry it did!


Challenge accepted! Daniel Coombes, thank you for trying to break my brain (grins). So here's where my thought process went. Using French Vanilla and Vanilla Custard II to push the vanilla in the vanilla custard part of this recipe. The meringue to give the bottom of the bowl concept in cereal with the vanilla custard. Cereal 27 with FA cookie (boosting the AP with cookie) and layering with the hazelnut to push a little more 'nuttiness' to the mix. Because I wanted a sweet cereal, added the sweetener.

Banana and nut mixed in with cookie! How can that be anything but awesome!! So I wanted to go back and use some old school flavors and see what I could come up with and I'm pretty dang happy with the results! Using the two hazelnuts together really worked here, mixed with the butter and vanilla bean ice cream, it's just delicious! I used some Sugar cookie for the cookie note in this recipe and it all just blended together the way I wanted it!

We mix Angel and Fluffy White cake together for an incredible cake base, then take Sweet Cream and Frosting, for a delicious buttercream frosting, toss in some sweetener, and congratulations on your new wedding cake recipe! I work with a beginner's DIY group so I try to make a lot of simple recipes that work well together. This is simple but really sweet and tasty. I hope you enjoy it.


To all the wonderful mothers who have given so much for your beautiful children, this one is for you. Because life is never simple when you're a mom, I thought this recipe should be. A sweet creamy treat to pair with your morning coffee or tea. Hopefully, these flavors are already in your stash since they are pretty common. I really enjoyed this one, and hope you do as well. You can put your favorite fruit combination with this, but I prefer it plain. Happy Mother's Day from my home to yours.


DON'T VAPE THIS... unless you're ready to have your mind blown by a recipe so simple that the deliciousness of it will shock you to your core! If you have a sweet tooth and a LOVE for thick, creamy vanilla ecstasy, this might easily become your all-day-vape. Three days, that's all the steep time you'll need, but if you can wait for three days, I'll be amazed. It's like someone poured love straight into a bottle and decided to make your dreams come true. Seriously, it's that good! Feel free to prove me wrong (you won't) and mix it up. There are few times in my life I've been this cocky over a recipe, but this one ticks all my boxes. If it doesn't tick yours, you're probably broken LOL

Riding off into the sunset as a non-smoker is any woman's fantasy. When you just need tobacco that isn't sweet but fulfills that craving, this one is going to give you all the encouragement you need. Made for my beautiful sister Angela on her journey into quitting. Save your lungs ride a cowboy! (Created for a Pod System)

User: TOCMichelleHughes Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Holy blooming daffodils this is an INCREDIBLE recipe. It's just like eating fresh baked sugar cookies straight from the oven! HUGE winner.
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I freaking love you!
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This looks sooooooooo delicious
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I love this simple, but delicious recipe! Great job!
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