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Imagine a sponge lemon cake glaced with meringue, that's it. Nothing more.
IMO it's damn accurate, and very balanced..

Notes :

Lemon : FA and CAP make the perfect combo, FA for the tart, CAP for the juiciness.

Meringue : FA's, as we all know, is the best on the market, Accurate as F###

Cake : For lemon recipes, Nona's was an obvious choice.

Sugar : You can sub FLV by Cap SS at 0.1 , be careful if you add to much sugar (CAP or FLV) you will loose the balance.

IMPORTANT : This mix absolutly needs 3 weeks of steeping, less than that and you'll have chemical lemon notes and non-existent cake..

Very simple recipe, but it works very well !

Delicious cookies with chocolate chips served with ice cream :) Daap free !

no need for sugar.

Mango lovers, you gonna love this !

IMPORTANT ; for this mix you absolutly need the french flavor « mangue » from the brand « revolute » this is the star of the mix (imo the Best ever mango nectar flavor , and i ve got them all!) and this flavor is not in the ATF repertory so ADD 3% OF « MANGUE REVOLUTE » to the mix !!! This mix is useless without this flavor.

Simple very good mango nectar !!!
I’m in love with mango , i tried tons of possibilitys to capture my white whale and this is it ! I finally found the perfect association/mix/balance to archive the mango nectar im fall in love with.

This mix is sweet, fluffy, lightly creamy, with strong ripe mango notes on the top and light creamy/chantilly ground notes on the end.

Mango revolute : the star on the mix, like i said, the most realistic mango nectar IMO.
But this flavor isnt perfect, it lacks sugar, and it is a bit dry.

CAP sweet mango : it’s here to bring sweet and ripe notes.

Flv mango : add the creamy/fluffy stuff the revolute mango needs

TPA meringue : add light creamy / milk notes

TPA vanilla swirl : brings light chantilly notes on the top

CAN be SAV but better after 2 days.

This mix doesnt need sugar IMO but feel free to add you favorite sweetner

First of all , apologies for grammar mistake , english is Not my native language.

With this recipe i wanted to creat a black tea with a rich milk and a touch of chocolate.

I choosed Fw black tea because it s a light, sweet, black tea pretty suitable for this recipe.

Cap bavarian and tpa sweet cream dx are the milk base , very rich milk ! ;)

And finally i choosed tpa chocolate for the chocolate layer , strait, simple, discreet chocolat.

This is the v2, i've made 5 versions but no one was better than this one, so i just stopped there.

Let me know what you guys think !

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