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A Mocha Frappuccino like recipe, very flavorful.

PS1: This is not my recipe I'm just reposting it here to keep track of my batches
PS2: Credit to DIY ELIQUID RECIPES at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8oOIkw7AEg
PS3: The tiramisu can be overpowering, if you find it way too strong or don't like it very much you can mix it at 0.5%

Bolinho Ana Maria is a Brazillian dessert that is just like a twinkie but less sweet and less butterry, basically a Vanilla Cake.

Inspiration taken from Wayne at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFoe3PEb1_7sAY1ZgehNP3A

Hope you guys enjoy, really take into account the temperature of the vape do not exceed 420F synce it may change the flavours a bit.
There is nothing much to talk about this recipe, it is pretty straight foward and simple, nothing is used in an unsual way and for me overall it is a solid recipe that works well together, if you have any sugestions or questions please leave a question or review.

Sweet and sour sugar peach, just like peach gummies, great summer juice.

PS1: Peach with Stevia can be changed for following Super Sweet = 0.75% and Yellow Peach = 4.5%
PS2: This percentages were made only for a 70/30 recipe, you may need to adjust if vaping in other percentages.
PS3: Tweaked some percentages, recipe inspired by "diyvapor" in the link "https://www.99juices.com/recipes/3929/"
PS4: Tastes great as shake n' vape but after a few days it gets better.
PS5: Do not mix a giant batch because after a month or two the peach starts to fade away.
PS6: If you want more peach and less critus you can down the Yellow Peach to 3% and up the Peach with Stevia to 2.3%.
PS7: The recipe is not super sweet, if you want more sweet you may up the Peach With Stevia a little and the Super Sweet by 0.5%
PS8: The Marshmallow is used to give some body to the juice.

Delicious papaya dessert, very fruity with a touch of cream to it and the sweet juicyness of the black currant makes it perfect.
You can use The Perfurmer/Flavor Apprentice in all the ingredients if you have them.

PS1: If you like more papaya you may go up 1% if you like it more sweet increase 1% of the black currant and 1% of the bavarian cream.
PS2: Inspiration taken from Victor de Campos Couto
PS3: If you choose to use TPA's papaya please go down to 5% since it is a strong flavor, but the FW papaya (natural) really needs to be at a higher % like 9% or even 10%
PS4: It is a floral recipe since all papayas taste like that, if you don't like floral notes you may decrease the papaya and increase the black currant.

User: StormyParadise Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
It worked perfectly as a shake n' vape, but I believe a day or two of steep will provide something extra... Did have Wild Watermelon, so I used Sweet Watermelon, and for my tast it was awesome, surely my new adv, I miss a little more sweetness, so I'll try just increasing the super sweet a little and the sweet watermelon
User: StormyParadise Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Just mixed, it tastes awesome right away, but in a few days I reckon it will taste even better, was looking for a fig flavor and found the best, I did not use the honey since I couldn't find it anywhere. But Overall a very balanced recipe and a delicious one for sure.
User: StormyParadise Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Does not shake n' vape very well, but after a few days it comes to life, tastes awesome, thanks a lot Wayne for this delicious recipe!
User: StormyParadise Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Just mixed, the shake n' vape really has some off notes and it makes it tastes very weird, but I can really see where this is going, after a month if I remeber I'll comeback and give this review an update. Thanks for sharing it with us Wayne!
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