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When I first saw the flavors, I thought oh crap, what am I supposed to do with that??? I thought about some of the crazy flavors that I could put together, but in the end I wanted something that would hopefully be delicious. Then I started thinking flavor combinations… What can I put together to make this tasty? Given the constraints of the contest, I know I'm going to do cinnamon strawberry apple something. I started out with the idea of a crisp, but given my limited mixing abilities, I knew there was no way that I could make this work with 3 other flavors. So I started a Google search with strawberry and apple and I came across this Polish pie recipe with meringue. I know, I know we're supposed to think outside the box… and I went Bakery!!! The pie itself looked DELICIOUS! I ordered in every combination that might work in this recipe, some meringues, pie crusts, butterscotches, caramels, etc… and then I came across Cocoon…hmmm. Plenty of options to start with at any rate. Hey, this will help build my flavor base…right? After multiple a few trials, I think I finally found something that others would also enjoy. Hopefully you'll enjoy this as much as I do!!!

TLDR - Polish Pie cause I’m a Pollock.

It needs a minimum of 4 day steep to really bring out all the flavors, I prefer a week. I don’t use any of those newfangled steeping methods, but if you do…have at it!

Flavor Notes:

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl – I used the 1st ingredient to give the apple cinnamon base I wanted the pie to have. I used it at this % so it gives a nice addition of cinnamon without overpowering the rest.

JF Fuji – This apple gives a nice tart taste and really works well with the other ingredients. I used it at this % and I think it melds nicely at this ratio. Due to the Cocoon, I used a lower percentage so that the apple didn’t overpower the rest

TFA Strawberry Ripe –This is a weaker strawberry so a higher percentage is needed. I just wanted a hint of strawberry instead of an in your face strawberry for the contest.

FA Apple Pie – I preferred this as the crust. You can’t have a pie without some kind of crust. I used it at this % and I think it gives you enough of the pie crust flavor without overshadowing the fruits.

TFA Meringue – This was a harder one. I had to figure out the right amount to add without muting the other flavors but still adding that meringue flavor that makes this pie so special. I used TFA over FA as the TFA was less sweet and gave me more of an eggy taste like a real meringue pie.

FA Cocoon – This was the kicker! This added a touch of the brown sugary caramely flavor that I wanted and a little apple flavor.

Sucralose – I only used .75% here. I think it helps with the sugary feeling you want with a bakery like this, without turning it into a candy.

This is a Ghostberry by Steamjunk Clone. It may not be exact, but I think it is pretty darn close!!! If you like the original, I hope you enjoy my variation.

Feel free to lower the sweetener, I only added so much because I was trying to clone the original.


I added a bit of strawberry and blueberry to kick up the fruit flavor a little. Feel free to sub any sweet strawberry flavor if you do not have this one. It is just there to add a little oomph. I used 2 different crunch berry cereals as one has more berry and the other has more crunch.

It needs a minimum of 2 week steep. 3 weeks would be better.

User: Storm0075 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Day 3 Steep - Creamy chocolate with a hint of mint. Day 7 Steep - Nice ice cream on the inhale with a heavy mouth feel. On the exhale you get a strong chocolate mint. Fantastic recipe!!!
User: Storm0075 Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
I love cinnamon toast crunch vapes and it was one of the main juices I used to buy. Most don't have a great balance and are usually all cinnamon. This is fantastic after a few days steep, but after a few weeks it is PERFECTION!!! This really should have been named Radlad instead. The taste is cinnamon toast crunch cereal with the milk left at the bottom of the bowl. It is the best cinnamon toast crunch recipe I have tasted....hands down.
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