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This is a nice melon glazed donut. The kind you like even in summertime since the melon juice in the glazing plays well together with the vanilla custard.

Cookie and Zeppola form the backbone of the recipe. This is the type of donut Grandma made. She carefully enhanced it with some homemade custard. CAP‘s vanilla custard plays it’s strength in providing a nice non dominant moisture to the donut while being nicely present in the background.

Cantaloupe plays generally well with Meringue and provides here the glazing for the donut. CAP Cantaloupe has a nice sweetness in the flavor profile which supports that function very well. If you only want a slight hint of cantaloupe in the glazing you can reduce the percentage to 4%. At 5% the cantaloupe is more dominant while still letting you taste the donut.


Like all good flavor stories also this starts with a hunt for something. In my case this was the hunt for a clone of Chewberry from Cosmic Fog. I am still on that hunt but I got an unforeseen turning here. Stuck in an initial phase of passionfruit and strawberry it stopped after version 3 or 4 and waited to be rediscovered.

Some months later and thanks to the fact of English not being my mother tongue I accidentally ordered instead of woodruff wintergreen.

This story could have ended badly with an unused flavor dying the death of losing flavor over the years unused in a sealed bottle. But this time I was trying to get some use out of it just not to pile up unused flavors. The first hint I found was using wintergreen instead of menthol or mint for some freshness in a mix. Not a bad use for the flavor, but I don't vape enough menthol to really use wintergreen to a sufficient amount.

The rescue came in the form of a reddit post, which I can unfortunately not find anymore – otherwise I would mention the honorable user here for bringing me ahead. This was one of these hidden gems in a two lines answer, it mentioned that before orange and wintergreen came up passionfruit and wintergreen were the base for a good chewing gum. Eureka, the missing link was found. I continued the hunt for a clone of Chewberry from Cosmic Fog. The strawberry, passionfruit and wintergreen didn’t blend well together, so I used a little help from dragon fruit, loved and feared flavor - or shall I say additive - for its capability to bend flavors in a connection. A few improvements have been made, but the dragon fruit was not the solution for the chewberry clone. I was stuck again after a few versions, the chewberry could be seen as the first form what it shall be, but immature, only a shade of the original e-juice.

This story could have ended badly again, luckily I remixed a clone of Noms X2 and the jackfruit, another rescue candidate ordered to reach the free shipping amount, was kissed to be a prince alongside the cactus. Jackfruit, what a delicious juicy tropical flavor it is. Why did I oversee this treasure for so long? How does the jackfruit looks like, what is it used for, maybe I have eaten it not knowing the English name. And then just public knowledge - not of a hidden vaping community but just general easy accessible knowledge- telling me that jackfruit is supposed to be with the isoamyl acetate the flavor of the famous Juicy Fruit chewing gum.

Wrigley’s Field is just around the corner; my home in Chicago called my inner me to make the Juicy Fruit recipe. Not that this was my initial target but became my destiny when I recalled that I already had a chewing gum base in a mature state from the Chewberry variation.

TFA Passion fruit and TFA Wintergreen form the base of the chewing gum. It’s personal taste that I stayed with passion fruit and didn’t use an orange flavor, but feel free to substitute the passion fruit if you like with any useful orange flavor in your stash.

TFA Jackfruit is the full body, the juiciness and the fruitiness of the recipe. If you can’t wait for me to finish my remix of the Chewberry take strawberry and enjoy a total different chewing gum.

The flavor notes could normally end here, but since you already did read until this point and I promise not to annoy you with many percentage variations. We come to the last part of making this recipe taste great: the blending and bending of the ingredients. Wintergreen, passionfruit and jackfruit already make the chewing gum a juicy fruit chewing gum. But the dragon fruit just gets them together and adds a little bit extra juiciness to it.

Every journey has a first step. Every saga has a beginning. Every recipe has a first flavor.

I hope you enjoy mixing the recipe!
Please leave a comment and rating when you do so.

User: SteveTC Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
This is just a great recipe. Don't miss to mix it!
User: SteveTC Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
This is a wonderful crepe, you brought it to the point with the Butter Tart! I used it with my own raspberry combination. But I liked the idea to cream it up with a little bit. I used Bavarian cream and it turned out nice. Thank you for sharing!
User: SteveTC Score: 5 Entered: 29 days ago
Nice and straightforward recipe. Already enjoyed it directly after mixing. Great recipe to learn about the flavors. Thank you for sharing.
User: SteveTC Score: 5 Entered: 19 days ago
It's now 6 or 7 years since I last had a Nashi Pear, but this recipe has much if not all what I recall of it. It's a pleasant not full in your face recipe. I see the potential for an ADV. It goes for sure into my regular rotation. I am vaping already my second batch of it and that doesn't happen to too many recipes I try. And to fewer that I after the first days on the tester already mix a second batch. In general I am not a fan of floral notes, but here I see it really complementary and elementary to the mix. I maybe will try another batch with a lower amount of Honeysuckle, but it's not stopping me from enjoying it. The WF Ripe Pear is an excellent choice in the combination with the FA Pear, just wonderfull complementing each other, a nice duo. To bring all together, if you like pears don't miss to try this recipe, it's a joy to vape.
User: SteveTC Score: 5 Entered: 15 days ago
I am normally not a fan of minty things, but this is surprisingly good. The percentages on paper may look a little bit high on the SSA Garden Mint, but it works very well with The MB American Bubble Gum, which is supported by the FA Forest Fruit MIx. As a result a very well balanced recipe and a joy to vape. I tried it initially without Koolada, but it provides just the little extra cooling touch allowing the Garden mint to be more part of the mix than cooling and adding more complexity to the recipe. I recommend to mix it unchanged with the above percentages. Thank you for sharing!
User: SteveTC Score: 5 Entered: 2 days ago
This recipe is a nice representation of the purple Balisto bar filling. It is crunchy and the horned toffee reflects very nice the thick bright caramel cream I recall even it’s for sure more than 25 years I had eaten this bar. I waited 60 days, since the horned toffee really needs that time. But a solid representation of the filling. I look forward to a matching chocolate cover to it. Solid work, thank you for sharing!
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