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Some mornings move too fast for my morning cup, So instead I have my morning bottle. This recipe is recommended for a dripper. Make no mistake, this is for you if you're the type of chick (erm I mean dude) that frequents coffee shops.

Add sweetener if you like your java really sweet. WF & FA Caramel provide the level I'm satisfied with.

Additionally you can add .15% of FLV Irish Cream for a more bold coffee flavor, but it's not absolutely necessary.


I was asked by a coworker to formulate a grape lollipop, I brought this to him yesterday and he immediately asked for more. I thought I'd share with those of you looking for a solid grape lollipop.

No thorough notes on this one really as this was done in just a few short revisions but....

FLV grape is an awesome candy grape if you're looking to formulate your own. Also, It's very sweet so it carries the heft of sweetness in the mix.

TFA Grape Juice pumps in the little lacking grape POP so to speak.

CAP Blueberry Jam was a concentrate I hadn't found a use for yet but it serves well in this mix to provide a deeper candy "effect". Think of it as a "texturizer".

FA Meringue isn't used as a sweetener here or even intended for a sugar effect, Instead it's meant to shave off any sharp notes you may perceive from the candy components.

FA Marshmallow is used as an enhancer to serve to thicken up the mix. (Mouthfeel)


Calling all Nut Lovers!

This is the first recipe I've taken cost into full consideration, limiting myself to two of the most common flavor manufacturers around. With the cold fronts we've been having here in the US, I wanted a nice dark Pistachio blend, And I feel this one turned out really well.

FW Salted Caramel
Used low to accentuate the dark tone and assist w/ authenticating the Butterscotch notes.

TFA Brown Sugar
Assists the overall profile by providing a slight burnt sugar taste. (In a good way)

TFA Bavarian Cream
Attributes a light vanilla note while contributing some slight creaminess to the mouthfeel.

FW Butterscotch Ripple
Next to FW Butterscotch, This is my favorite butterscotch. Adds a nice dark richness to accompany the nuttier tones.

TFA Acetyl Pyrazine
Tried with and without during trial revisions and found I enjoyed it much more with it's inclusion. Used here as a traditional flavor enhancer to add a slight "grain" texture and to help push forward the nut profile.

FW Butter Pecan
Used low to supply richness and depth without altering the Pistachio note too much.

TFA Pistachio
Obviously the star of the show here. If you would like to add a little more authenticity, Try adding in a little FA Pistachio.

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Overdone profile? Maybe.
Improvable profile? Duh.

Upon returning from the treatment center I found this bottle that had been steeping for two weeks. Couldn't think of anything to improve upon it, Decided to share it. It's sweet, creamy and enjoyable.

LB Vanilla Ice Cream:
A wonderful ice cream offering. No pepper notes present. May appear high but it's worth mentioning I've found that the ice cream flavor lacks presence at lower percentages.

INW Shisha Strawberry, TFA Strawberry Ripe:
These two shoulder the bulk of the strawberry note.

FA Strawberry Red Touch:
"Jams up" the strawberries into a velvety jelly perfect for ice cream.

TFA Dragonfruit:
Really pushes that strawberry in there.

INW Shisha Vanilla:
A lovely vanilla offering that keeps the vanilla note from LB VIC from being too rudimentary.

FLV Cream:
Provides a little lift in terms of density to LB's VIC, but also emulsifies the vanilla's and rounds out the cream. Can substitute with FA Vienna Cream or FA Cream Fresh, although of course, it won't be the same effect.

TFA Sweetener
Well, obv's.


It's nearly springtime! Been working on this one for a while now, and I feel like it's ready to share. Enjoy the rich, sweet, and tart combinations of cherry and lime in all it's Sonic loveliness.

Recommended for: High Wattage Drippers / RTA's

What I vaped it on during development:

Dually RDA
80 Watts
Rambo's Wire Art Coil:
3mm .16
28g Stainless Steel Frames, .3 Ribbon 3ply 316L Nichrome80 Fralien Single Coil

Elfy RTA
35 Watts
Mini Staple Single Coil
3mm 6 wrap
.3 N80 / 40g N80 .25 Single Coil


See video:

Steeping recommendations:
I would recommend letting this formulation sit for at least 3 days to allow the notes to properly meld together and the inherent alcohol and throat hit to dissipate. Don't expect a super smooth draw from this one as authentic citrus recipes should inherently carry a slight throat hit.

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The marriage to our flavors can now be official! Each puff of this liquid will cause you to impulsively utter the words of forever. Unlike your real life wife, You'll never grow tired of this succulent dessert.

Upon receiving Wonder Flavours, I noticed the bulk of the concentrates were bakery based. No complaints here, It's no secret I love bakeries! Needless to say it didn't take long for me to conclude I really wanted to create a cake. Not just any cake, THE cake. In my humble opinion, the balance of these flavors provide that fulfilling satisfaction of a delicious wedding cake baked with love.

Recommended for: High Wattage Drippers.

What I vaped it on during development:
Dually RDA
80 Watts
Rambo's Wire Art Coil:
3mm .16
28g Stainless Steel Frames, .3 Ribbon 3ply 316L Nichrome80 Fraliens

WF Buttercream Frosting
Adds a nice rich icing to the cake.

WF Fluffy White Cake / WF Angel Cake / FLV Cupcake Batter
These three ingredients make up the role of cake for this recipe.

FLV Sweet Coconut
Provides a smooth sweet milky coconut to the profile.

Video for notes:


While it wont taste the exact same, I've tested it and it's similiar with these substitutes:

WF Angel Cake -> FW Yellow Cake @ 0.5%
FLV Sweet Coconut -> TFA Coconut Extra @ same %
FLV Cupcake Batter -> CAP Cake Batter @ same %
CAP Super Sweet -> TFA Sweetener @ 0.5%

Steeping recommendations
I would recommend letting this formulation sit for at least 3 days to allow the notes to properly meld together and the inherent alcohol to dissipate.

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The "I Can Make it Better Challenge" mixed live with Fresh03!

A Remix on Bust a Nut from Alissa on ELR:

FLV Sweet Coconut adds a nice moistness to the profile per Dawn's suggestion.


I wanted something different in my ice cream for the winter months. Something dark and warm. In initial mixes I chose to go with FLV Milk & Honey but since Folkarts incredible Boss Reserve clone has gained such hype (it really is good), I chose to steer a different direction. I landed on Toffee. Having not worked with Toffee it was completely alien to me. However, Now that I've experimented, I very much love this flavor.

It's a dark, sweet and rich butterscotch-y ingredient. I chose to add WF Honey Roasted Peanuts in it to layer in some intrigue to the recipe, But could totally see hazelnut or almond playing good as well. The mix ultimately accomplishes a thick mouthfeel with sweet (but not too sweet) complexity. CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream plays it's role in adding a thicker creamy texture along with the vanilla attributes from TFA VBIC. INW Biscuit obviously plays the part of the cone.

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A simple and inexpensive mix. Basic but delectable. Pistachio pudding with caramel, vanilla, and cookie crumble notes. Enjoyable as a shake and vape but suggested 10 day steep, gets better with more time.


This turned out to be quite enjoyable. It was an earlier rendition of Blue Doh that got super steeped. After stumbling upon the steeped test mix I was amazed and immediately began to share online. Check it out if you have all the flavors. No notes for this one as they kind of got erased after developing Blue Doh, But I do certainly suggest you mix this up.

User: SteamOn Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I was looking for a reason to say "you need cereal 27" lol but low and behold this was quite nice. The milk note I think is a little light, but I definitely get a solid corn flake goodyness. Would recommend others to try this out.
User: SteamOn Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Very smooth and flavorful for such a simple formula. Love it man, Great job! 7 days on the spot it's delicious.
User: SteamOn Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Good off the rip, Having never had a real guanabana I can only say this is great. Going to wait a few days to let the ice cream pop out a bit but it is good right away, Judging by the other reviews I will have this sitting close by for the next few days. Good job MiLLs.
User: SteamOn Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Very well balanced. Going in I thought it odd as I've never had a blackberry coffee before, Nor have I ever seen one. It's different, But in a really good way. Good job Em. It's oddly, very tasty. I don't get a lot of coffee from it but I think that's part of it's charm.
User: SteamOn Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
I followed Goldfish's suggestion and mixed up your actual recipe. Left them to steep and honestly forgot about them. After what I'm assuming is three weeks I tried it. Very smooth and a great strawberry combo here. I did slightly prefer the CAP implementation better but pandoro was also a very enjoyable version. Great recipe dent.
User: SteamOn Score: None Entered: over 4 years ago
Haven't mixed it, But this gave me the oddest form of feelies
User: SteamOn Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Very good balance , being that I'm recovering the alcohol taste here is quite comforting. Very enjoyable and authentic.
User: SteamOn Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
Definitely had shaky hands using the brie cheese, But this stuff is good!
User: SteamOn Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Yo Folk, This stuff is actually damned good! I don't mix many other mixers stuff due to lack of time, But this one was too simple and quick to mix up to pass up on it. Damn am I glad I mixed it up. Five stars hands down bro. Great recipe.
User: SteamOn Score: 4 Entered: over 3 years ago
Going into this mix I had the preconceived notion that being your third release, with the rate you've been releasing, it wouldn't be amazing. In all fairness, That being said, It is a very enjoyable vape. You're well on your way Mamba, And I'm proud of you. Hang in there kid, We're gonna get you all the way right! haha Cloud salute!
User: SteamOn Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
You've got a winner bro! Loving that chocolate cherry note. The enjoyable nature of tatanka shines through holding hands with the cured, Absolutely one of my favorite tobacco mixes to date. I'm mad I didn't make a bigger bottle. Excellent mix dude!
User: SteamOn Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
When I seen crepe in the recipe, I knew I had to mix this. I'm glad I did. This is a soft and light flavor that's enjoyable through the day and especially following a heavy dinner.
User: SteamOn Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Simplicity and exceptional flavor. What more could you ask for in a recipe?
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