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Been wanting to make apple pie for a while. The marzipan gives a really nice touch to the pie crust and Bahraini with pink lady adds all the right spice. Hope you like it!

A friend asked me to make a fruity drink vape and since I was three sheets in the wind I turned a cocktail into a vape. I hope you like it, it’s pretty close. The drink is melon liquor, vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice and a splash of sprite. It can be shake and vape, but it does get better after a day or two. I made it max vg with vg nicotine since he has a pg allergy. Tested on Titan RDTA 4 core Clapton (4*26KA 32KA) 6mm ID 7 wraps .22 ohm 120 Watts

A light and flavorful vape. Just enough plum to please, light on the wine and all tied up in the vines of the honeysuckle. Add a little FA flash .25% or less to add a little more kick to the wine. Let me know if you like

Original recipe by cyberwolf.

I didn’t have Black Walnut LA so I subbed Walnut WF and added Blended Tobacco FE which gives it some richness and darker notes. I also added .2 super sweet, yeah I know, blasphemy.

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