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A minty green tea with a hint of lemon. This is an updated recipe of Morocco Mole that was originally from /u/HeadlessMami on reddit and dot1ml.
It's been rebalanced for more modern gear and a flavor swapped out for safety.

TPA Green Tea - this is more of a "roasted" green tea than FLV, with much less of a floral note. Despite being the older choice, those darker notes are required here.
CAP Lemon Lime - gives a citrus twist
LA Lemonade - supports the lemon and gives what sweetness is present here.
TPA Spearmint - is our mint flavor. It's a harsher more green mint than a sweet mint like peppermint and that choice is very intentional.
FA Lemon Sicily - is simply more lemon. This is a SNV recipe, not meant to steep, and this one is a fader.

While this recipe is a good SNV, other than the lemon fading it's never been around long enough to steep and see what happens, so judge your bottle size appropriately.

The amount listed for spearmint can be hard to achieve for small bottles, so I used a 10% dilution. The amount listed is for the non diluted flavor, but I absolutely encourage using a dilution here if you are making a 10ml or 15ml. It's very easy to overshoot the mint here and it does NOT work if you do that.

Cucumber and Rosemary play together for a summery refreshing combo, with Cactus to add some depth.
Perfect for a Midsummer day.

Based on a recipe from HeadlessMami on Reddit, adjusted for more modern flavors and gear.
Like cosmopolitans? Then you'll like this cocktail vape for the summer! Cranberry, Citrus, and a little bit of bubbly.

Mixed for the Blood Orange episode of Noted

An old recipe I created back when I was first doing DIY in 2016. Rebalanced a bit for Noted, bit not quite finished.
It's a peach bellini inspired vape. Champagne with peach, and a twist of citrus to give it some depth.

I plan to tweak it by swapping out the lemon to a better one in the future, with maybe some other tweaks for v2 (better peach, maybe coolant?)


Inspired oddly enough by a party recipe from a bougie MLM of cookware for strawberry pineapple salsa, to be eaten with cinnamon pita chips.
Crunchy cinnamon and fruit.

Originally had 2% TFA stawberry and no cap strawberry. Adjust strawberries for your preferred profile if you want.

A simple floral berry shake n vape, not quite 123
Lychee adds a delicate ethereal quality to this, which pairs well with the Rose.
The Rasbperry brings some tartness and depth and makes it all work.

User: StardustCoyote Score: 2 Entered: 5 months ago
I am apparently well in the minority here. I love the idea, however this recipe doesn't do it for me. It's balanced, and I do not get any of the usual weird off-notes that come out with creams or milk flavors. But it's also seemingly under flavored (to me) for the percentage and I get a bubble gum off-note. I do think this might be a launching point for a remix of the idea that works for me, so I want to applaud the idea of honeysuckle icecream even if it didn't pan out.
User: StardustCoyote Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
It's a great base it's just vanilla ice cream. totally worth making on it's own, but definitely will be using elsewhere.
User: StardustCoyote Score: 4 Entered: 3 months ago
It's a slightly cinnamon, not dry, funnel cake. Oddly enough, i almost never use sweetener and found that this recipe took the not-sweet part too far for me. After deciding it was a 2/5 as is, I added just a couple drops of FW sweetener to my 15ml tester. Voila, much better imo. I think this could pair up with some jammy sweet fruits as well and possibly drop the sweetener itself all together (depending on what you used). 2/5 as is taste wise, but 4/5 rating because the tiniest tweak does it for me (and that's definitely YMMV) - so certainly some decent balance and work going on here.
User: StardustCoyote Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Do not fear what you get if you try it as a shake and vape and don't care for it. Despite the description I think it's particularly "meh" in that moment and steeping is *required* in my book. 8 days later this stuff is *great* and I now get the hype. Totally worth the wait.
User: StardustCoyote Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Exactly what it says on the tin. Pineapple and strawberry dominate here, but the kiwi gives it a little bit of a tropical flair. Cream on top, a hint of fried dough that isn't very strong at the bottom (Which I assume is the zeppola). Honestly it gives me the impression of a dessert you might get at a beach stand - without being overly sweet (which I personally prefer).
User: StardustCoyote Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
I made this one and really enjoyed it. off the shake I thought the butterscotch was a little much, but oh my goodness, once it steeps even just a few days it becomes this amazingly balanced custard where every note in here shines without standing out. White chocolate custard with whipped cream, and orange and butterscotch. Unusual, and fantastic.
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