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I added .25% fa breakfast cereal switched up the milk, dropped the fa butterscotch, and added some cookie. This is much more accurate to Golden grahams. I thought about using fa honey but I haven't had much luck with it in the past. I'm surprised how good this is off the shake. Cereals usually take a while to steep. This is a banger 💥👨‍🎤.

I've really been enjoying mixing Capella's sweet cream with other creams lately. It adds a sugary frosting experience to your mix. I think FA cookie adds some good depth and slight texture. For the top note I was trying to cover up the lime and FA lemon Sicily Did that quite well. Lemon/ice cream/cone

User: Spinthefastest Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
I used INW custard (less steep)at 3.5% and PUR super sweet (no water; capella, flavor west, and TFA all have water in them 🤦‍♂️) This was good off the shake. It's only been two days and it's really coming together. Everything I try from developed knocks it out of the park. Much appreciated. Update: 4 day steep. The INW biscuit and FA cookie work marvelously together. You can really pick out the separation of the lemon, the custard, and the cookie crust. I'm glad I mixed up 100ml of this. I'm definitely going to mix up a 500ml of this and let it steep. Update: 8 days and the cookie is really shining threw. 11/10 everything has melded together and it reminds me of ice cream with cookies on the outside. I have about 20ml left of the 100
User: Spinthefastest Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
I subbed VT sweet cream with Cap sweet cream and cap super sweet with pur super sweet. This is exactly the kind or profil I'm into. Too many cookie recipes sounds oxymoronic. 2 day steep: everything in this recipe is perfect. I can't believe how much the sugar cookie stands out. I can usually never taste it. If I could only vape one recipe it would be this. Cream/lemon/butter/cookie Smooth luscious lemon cream on the inhale and a rich cookie drenched with sugary butter on the exhale. I also like to add .5% LA cream cheese icing.
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I subbed tfa lemon lime with capella and threw my tfa away because it has vitamin E in it (not acetate) and I added .5% LB ice cream because the cactus was a bit sharp for me. I added the LB ice cream 7 days after I mixed it and now it's been steeping for 14 days. Tastes like fruit loops with milk 🥣🥛
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I've been having a hard time liking LB strawberry but this is pretty good. I added 1% tfa strawberry and 1% tfa meringue to sweeten and brighten it up.
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