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I never expected to spend my first two years of mixing trying to nail down a strawberry kiwi recipe. After an absurd number of iterations, I finally got it to where I want it to be. This recipe is a sweet and candy-like strawberry kiwi born out of an infinite cycle of trial and error.

An aggressively sweet, slightly creamy strawberry with a touch of yogurt.

This is a simple mint recipe that I like to mix up when I start to get tired of my usual flavor profiles or when I just want something straightforward and satisfying. It's a perfectly good shake and vape recipe, but it does benefit from a one day steep.

The past few months I've been coming back to this strawberry kiwi profile over and over and never getting it quite how I wanted it. One of my only other public recipes right now- my Blue Dot Vapors Strawkiji Freeze remix- was my starting point, and this is where I've ended up. The resolution to a lengthy process of trial and error, waiting on new flavors to come in, and some more trial and error. Resolver is a bright, juicy, sweet strawberry kiwi with a nice punch of cooling.

UPDATE: If you're thinking of mixing this, you might be more interested in my newer recipe "resolver". I'm only leaving this one up because it was the starting point for what became a much better, more fleshed out recipe. Resolver is the culmination of my efforts to improve on this profile. However, if you're the curious type, go on ahead and mix both for comparison's sake. Personally I find this version gets a bit green or "vegetal"- presumably from all of that strawberry ripe mixing with those notes in fa kiwi.

Before I got into DiY, BlueDot Vapors was my go-to juice vendor. They had solid prices and some really good mixes, and most importantly, they never used added sweetener so I could actually get some lifespan out of my coils. The juice I couldn't stop coming back to was Strawkiji Freeze- a simple strawberry kiwi flavor with a bit of menthol. Now that I'm mixing for myself, I want to recapture the magic of my obsession with this juice, and possibly even improve upon it in the process.

While working on a refreshing melon blend for the summer, I ended up with not only a bold melon, but also a substantial bubblegum note- to my palate at least. This was an accident, and clearly a mistake born of experimenting with flavors I hadn't ever used before. That being said, I'm very much enjoying it as is.

Worth noting- this is using TFA Honeydew 1. I have no idea how Honeydew 2 differs, and I strongly suspect that the honeydew in this recipe is what pushes it over the edge into bubblegum territory along with the cantaloupe and fuji apple. For this reason I recommend sticking to Honeydew 1. I also personally enjoy the high percentage of WS-23 30%, but it should be great at any percentage you like.

User: SpederParker Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
This is one of my top favorite flavor profiles, so I was very excited to try this out from the moment I first heard about it. I have to say, I definitely wasn't disappointed, and I will be mixing this very often and in large quantities. Everything here is balanced pretty much perfectly, and you get a pleasant chocolate bakery without any of the weird off notes commonly associated with chocolates in vaping. If this profile interests you at all, just go for it- you'll almost certainly enjoy it.
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