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Jesus Spacolie, you made another candy recipe. Well too bad. This was a throw in experiment I did testing the new CAP Silverline flavorings. And these 2 stuck out at me in particular in something I wanted to use. My thought was just stupid simple. And it worked.

CAP Silverline Black Currant - There isn't a ton of Black Currants on the market, so I was curious about this one in particular. It had a artificial smell and taste as a standalone, so I thought this could be used in a candy recipe. And it does. At 3%, it's rather flavorful, and I think was a perfect amount used for a simple recipe like this.

CAP Silverline 27 Bears - I would like to figure out what the hell these 27's keep coming from. But I heard rather good news about this one prior to receiving it. And I was not disappointed. It tastes like a gummy bear, plain and simple. And going off past experiences with other Gummies (FW Gummy Bear, NW Sour Gummy), I knew that these have to be at a certain percentage, otherwise these just fall flat. But once again, the Gummy Bear came through. 3.5% does plenty in terms of giving that gummy substance, and is one of a couple flavors that helps brighten up this Black Currant.

FW Razzleberry - This flavoring was purely used to help with the Gummy Bear sweetness, definitely don't need alot of this, because it will start muting your flavorings pretty easily. And this also managed to help brighten up the Black Currant as well. So 1% is enough.

TPA Marshmallow - Like in most recipes that are of this nature, I used Marshmallow purely for mouth feel. And it never fails

CAP Super Sweet - Here we go with my sweetener.... Well this one you definitely could go without sweetener if that's not your style. But one drop of this, or a drop or 2 of less potent sweetener, will really razzle your berries in this recipe.

Just a fun simple recipe if you're looking for something juicy like you've been chewing on a gummy for a minute, and wanna retain that sweetness from the initial bite. Solid right out the gate, but fully flourishes after an overnight steep. Just another one from the sweet tooth.



So this was one of those "lightening in a bottle" moments that I stumbled upon, in that I was testing out alot of these flavors from my Hurricane Harvey Donation from Bull City, and decided to randomly whipped this up first shot. In my eyes, it tastes exactly like Funfetti Cake Dip, as if you were to dip a graham cracker into it and take a bite.

FW Cake Batter Dip - So this was one of the flavorings from that donation, and when I smelt it, it reminded me just like the funfetti dip. It gives that frosting like consistency, and sweetness that is desired alone.

TFA Vanilla Swirl - So this I just wanted to add a little bit more of consistency with the cream, and the hint of this flavoring really did the trick in giving it just a smidge of volume and breakup, that makes everything within this recipe shine on its own.

TPA Cheesecake Graham Crust - I'm sure you could substitute any graham cracker flavoring and get the same or similar results with this percentage base. 1% does just enough that it stands out on both the inhales and exhales. You may be able to get away with using a smidge bit more to liking, but this percentage seemed to make sense in my eyes.

JF Biscuit - This one I would consider to be an optional flavoring. I put this in just to attempt to give the cracker a little bit more of a crunch and just "cracker-like" feel to it. But again, optional and very interchangeable.

TPA Strawberry Ripe - This flavor was additive 1 of 3 basically, in that I used this to give some life to the funfetti, and to just give it overall more flavor. Going any higher would just make this more of a strawberry cream recipe, which would probably be pretty good also with this mix set up.... (mental note)

FW Sprinkles - This was another flavoring I purchased from that fund, and this really surprised me on how effective this really was. I think this is probably the most important flavoring for this recipe, in that this gives the ultimate "funfetti" feel, and really sugars things up, but not overwhelmingly.

CAP Super Sweet - This is another optional additive to use, I personally like my flavorings on the sweeter end, so I typically put between 2 to 3 drops per 15ml. But with everything going on in this recipe, you could remove sweetener from this, and still get the fun times.

So as mentioned in the headliner, I would consider this Shake and Vape quality, in that it only requires 3-5 days for it to fully shine, but is rather complete right out the gate.



If I am struck with blindness later in life, and had to describe what blue tasted like? This is what it tastes like to me. This is just your simple Blue Jelly Candy recipe, that is not so flavor excessive percentage wise, and is a quick and ready shake and vape for someone on the go.

FLV Boysenberry - This is one of my personal favorites out of my repertoire to use in mixing. It can be used in simple recipes, it can be used in complex recipes. In this one, it's the main squeeze, and this is mainly what you'll be tasting.

FW Blue Raspberry - Including myself, a lot of DIY mixers aren't too fond of this flavor, and I have struggled using this as main profiles, and in other mixes in general. But I used this one as more of an enhancer with the Boysenberry, and it works rather well in my opinion at the 1% that it's set at.

CAP Jelly Candy - Another one of my personal favorites to use in my collection, CAP's Jelly Candy provides a gummy flavor, that brightens alot of fruits in recipes, and doesn't take away from your main fruit profiles. I wouldn't go any higher than 2.5%

RF Sour Gummy - Well, I don't have RF Sour Gummy in particular, I have the repackaged RF, North West Sour Gummy, that is VG based. I've used this flavor mainly like how others use TFA's Marshmallow as more of a mouth feel, and to give the flavor more girth. If you have RF Sour Gummy, I would probably do half the percentage of my North West percentage since RF's PG liquid should be more potent.

FA Kiwi - I used Kiwi in this, just to add more brightness, and to give it more of a summer feel to the profile. Probably wouldn't use this any higher than 1%, unless you have a different profile you want to achieve

CAP Super Sweet - I used 3 drops per 15ml of Super Sweet because well, this is a candy recipe. So it only makes sense. But could get away without using Sweetener if that isn't up your alley


So I see alot of different kinds of Strawberry dessert recipes out there, and I thought I'd give it a shot with this creation. And since alot of them tend to be some of your typical Strawberry Cream/Yogurt/Donut/Milk recipes, I thought of combining a couple different ones, and went along with it. So my thought on this one, was to have a Strawberry/Dragonfruit/Coconut frosted donut, that was dipped into milk. Now why would you dip your donut into milk? Cause the Tin-Man has a sheet metal cock, that's why.

TPA Dairy Milk - I used Dairy Milk in this to provide that milky flavor, without taking away from the rest of the recipe. And at 2%, I think it did it's justice.

INW Coconut - I wanted to use Coconut because it's something a little out of the ordinary, and thought it could blend in with the recipe to add some accents/diversity to the overall taste. I wouldn't go anymore than 0.5% on this, otherwise it just tastes like coconut.

TPA Dragonfruit / INW Shisha Strawberry - I went with this combo, and it provided me with the type of artificial sweetness that I wanted, without it being too overpowering. That was why I went with more Dragonfruit than Strawberry on this concept. I wanted to try a different combination than what's currently out there, and I think that at these percentages, you get what you're looking for, without being all you get.

TPA Frosted Donut / TFA Vanilla Swirl / FA Apple Pie - Now I went a little different with this combination as well for the same reasons as mentioned before. I wanted a different combination than usual, and it seems to do it's job quite well. The Vanilla Swirl acted well as the frosting on this recipe, without getting that eggy feeling with what CAP's Vanilla Custard would provide. Frosted Donut was the obvious choice for me in this recipe, as I wanted that donut feel. The Apple Pie acts as an accent to the Frosted Donut, giving it a little bit of deep fried/crusted affect to the Donut, without taking away from the Donut taste.

CAP Super Sweet - For a sweet dessert, of course it needed a little bit of Sweetener in it as well. You should put in no more than 2-3 Drops per 15ml, and that helps with the frosted feeling that you'd get when biting into a frosted donut. Anymore, and it'll be sweetness overload.

This recipe is about 95% done, in that I feel like there can still be some tweaks I can do to provide the overall experience. But this is a very solid shake and vape recipe for if you want a dessert, but don't want to wait the 1 to 2 + weeks of steeping. Although this is a flavor that will get better overtime.


This is a Black Axis product that I discovered when I first started vaping. It was a juice to me, that I wanted to keep vaping over and over, and was the first juice I wanted to try to clone when my brother and I first started making juices. And this recipe is my very first recipe I am putting out for display, so here we go!

This is my 13th version that I have made of this recipe, and I am open to any suggestions on what could be done different if you have experienced this flavor as well. This recipe is what I would consider about 90% accurate to the real thing, however I think so far it's very enjoyable if you need something to quick mix up that's sweet and flavorful.

INW Shisha Strawberry - This was a flavor I recently added to the mix out of pure curiousity. I was previously using TFA's Strawberry Ripe from 3-4%, but was finding out that the strawberry was too authentic to what the real version calls for. I tried TFA's Strawberry, and CAP's Strawberry sweet in combinations, and by themselves. And just wasn't digging it. So I dropped the concepts about 10 mixes in. To me, the mix required more of a mixture of both authentic and artificial flavor at the same time, and Shisha Strawberry did a great job at standing out on all levels, even being at 3%. If your curious, this would be one of the first things to mess with if you have any free time.

FW Blackberry and FW Blue Raspberry combo - So the 2nd main ingredient in the Berry Voodoo recipe is FW's Blackberry. Now I used Blackberry because this was a flavoring to me, that was able to blend in very well with not only the Shisha Strawberry, (adding enough authenticity to make it like a fruity smoothie), but with the Blue Raspberry that I'm going to mention in a moment. I used to have this a little higher than 2.75%, but doing side by side comparisons was showing that 3.5% was too much blackberry, and needed to be toned down.
Now here's where the Blue Raspberry comes in. I used the blue raspberry to act as an enhancer with mainly the Blackberry, and at 1.5%, it doesn't take away from the Blackberry and Shisha Strawberry main profile. I felt like blue raspberry was involved because of doing some smelling tests with the flavorings and the product. And with vaping the authentic version, I felt like there was another fruit involved in there more like an accent, and played a minor role in the mix. And to me, this flavoring worked just the way I intended it to.

TFA Marshmallow - TFA Marshmallow is the body to this recipe. The marshmallow fills a lot of the void that the fruits are missing out on in this recipe. I started out using more marshmallow previously, and was finding out that it was muting the overall profile, and was hiding the Blackberry/Blue Raspberry combo. But I still needed it at a decent percentage, and figured out that 4% was a solid contender for what I was looking for. I even tried using other marshmallows like FA's, and CAP's Marshmallow, but was not happy with the results. FA's wasn't quite filling the void like I was expecting, and CAP's was just too sugary feeling, and was muting the whole mix. So by default, TFA's Marshmallow was the way to go.

DX Banana Cream and Meringue combo - Now with this being a smoothie, my first intention was to start with TFA's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, and CAP's Vanilla Custard, a typical smoothie combo from what I've seen around. But the thing that I noticed with the real product, was that it was more of a shake and vape, and was rather tasty right out the gate. The Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Vanilla Custard combo is a combo that usually requires a decent steep, so I started thinking elsewhere. Granted, this may be a plausible combo still. TPA's DX Banana Cream came into play when I messed around with previous ideas on other recipes, and realized that it's a rather good shake and vape flavor when added. I had LA's Banana Cream at my disposal, but figured out that it was too "banana-y", and just threw everything off. The Banana Cream acted as, what I would like to call, "the smoothie effect" in that it gave the dimension of cream that I was aiming for with this clone. I wouldn't go any higher than 2%, or you may start getting more banana flavor than what you need.
Now FA's Meringue is pretty much a required flavoring to acquire a creamy, yet sweetening, flavor that doesn't need time to steep much. It's pretty self-explanatory on what this flavoring does in the mix since it's in just about half of every recipe that's out there. Blends in well with the Banana Cream and the Marshmallow, and helps die down the Banana Cream in the mix from what I experience.

-CAP Super Sweet - I fought, and I fought, and I fought, and I fought some more on using sweetener in this mix. Tried many variations, just weren't cutting it. But if you want the real thing, you HAVE to have sweetener in this. I would not add anymore than a couple drops depending on the sweetener you have.

As mentioned in my initial description, I'm open to all suggestions and ideas surrounding this clone. I just want to be able to achieve creating a 1:1 clone, and not have to spend the extra money. And to overall, gain more knowledge and views from other people since I would still consider myself, a novice, in this field.


User: Spacolie16 Score: 1 Entered: over 2 years ago
If you created your own original recipes, used punctuation, and not sound like a generic Youtuber, you might not be a laughing stock of DIY
User: Spacolie16 Score: 4 Entered: almost 2 years ago
I'm personally not the biggest fan of FW Hard Candy, but I was curious anyways. Not too shabby off a shake. Pretty accurate representation though already. Nice one.
User: Spacolie16 Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
I didn't have FLV Pineapple, but used INW Pineapple instead, and it still tastes fantastic for anyone who may have my same predicament. Really nice and sweet, but not super overpowering that I would get sick of it quickly. I would give it a 4 stars with INW Pineapple just cause it got a smidge syrupy to me, but it's making me want to get FLV Pineapple. So I'll give it 5 stars. Nice take on a simplistic concept!
User: Spacolie16 Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
So I didn't have FA Cherry, and subbed CAP Tart Cherry at 1.5%, and I must say, this is pretty dang good. I'm not 100% if my variation tastes like how it should in comparison to yours, but this is a mighty fine vape, and I like what you did with the Cucumber, making the vape rather vibrant and not so dry like other taffies I've had in the past. I'll definitely have to order FA cherry to get the full experience of what you created, and I think is deserving of a 5 star rating :) nice job!
User: Spacolie16 Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
Well this gets an automatic 5 stars because my girlfriend loves Andes Mints, and this vape :D
User: Spacolie16 Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
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