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This was surprising. I started out just vaping the BMIC and VBIC but when I added the fruits it got so much brighter and more vibrant. I have to say that I haven't fully tested this and made sure that everything is actually needed or doing anything. All I know right now is that it tastes good and that there aren't many recipes or uses out there for Blue Moon Ice Cream so I wanted to get a little more out there. I know RF aren't usually very good but this is one of their gems IMO. Steep for at least 6 days. If anyone actually mixes this or has any input or constructive criticism please leave a review.
FURTHER TESTING: After a 3 week steep the "blue" flavor kind of faded and the vbic and cap v1 are pretty strong. Thinking about taking away vbic and adding 1% to the blue moon. RF flavors can usually go pretty high so that should be fine. As always if anyone has suggestions or experience here I'm open to criticism here, just want to make bmic as good as possible.

Inspired by waynes sweedish fish recipe, trying to highlight CAP 27 fish. This is just me trying to take a recipe and turn it to something I can enjoy since I tend to have a hard time tasting things. Tried to give it a bit more gummy body and push forward the top notes. if youre like me and can taste 1/18th of a drop of blackcurrant then youll want to give this a day or two for that top note of it to fade away a bit and let the main things take over. let me know what you think.

PS...this seems to work better at lower wattages. When I used it in a series setup it was pretty muddled and just like sweet heat. But when I use it in my entheon around 42.5 watts its so much better and you can actually get more body and not just a muddled flavor. I assume its because of the EM content in some of the flavors. Once the power is high enough to volatilize it then it just doesn't work well. Rookie mistake yes but I still love this recipe.

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After 3 days its good but you can tell everything hasn't came together yet. After 13 days its a lot better. Actually does taste like a cookie with butterscotch chunks in it, just like the picture. That is because the butterscotch is sort of blended into the back end. The key here to me is the amount of meringue, it makes it feel fluffy and really pushes the cookie aspect. As far as butterscotch goes this is the best mix I've tried so far, my only addition would be just a tiny bit of richness, maybe some golden butter or a custard, either around 0.5-1% but this is way old so probably not still in progress.
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Got the Apollo for free in a BCF order when VT first came to america. It smells like absolute death I really considered throwing it away it smells so bad, like almost made me barf. So I wondered what in the world would anyone use this for. I mixed this when I saw that was used and was surprised.Its very..... different, but still not sure exactly what it is or why it smells so bad but sweet and bitter mix well so here we are. Thanks for using that flavor and showing me what exactly it could be used for.
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What is your final conclusions? I also tested this out. Its really weird. Im from the south so my tea is 3% tea 97% sugar. This tasted to me like a lightly sweetened tea with a bit of dryness. Its very weak though because 4% felt like 1% of anything else. With as weak as it is im not sure what to do with it besides turn it up to 10-12% and add 1% super sweet though.
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