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Mixers Club June 2021 White Whale - Pineapple Float

Thanks to Snapbackhatthat for inspiration.

So the base is pineapple Ice Cream. It contains
River Pineapple Sherbert - obvious reasons and somehow I picked it up on river sale so yeah.
Flv Vanilla Pudding - overall creaminess and nice vanilla touch plus good texture
Wf Marshmallow Gooey - make it thick. I said THICK
Lb Vanilla Ice Cream - more phat to ice cream base. Makes it a bit heavier and ice creamy.
The base turned out very well but unfortunately the pineapple juice made me struggle. Here is why
VT Sugarloaf Pineapple is the only pineapple I have left apart from some wf candy flavor. It was hard to make a bright pineapple juice part so I made my best. The base of juice it is.
Inw Cactus to make it a bit tangy and spiky and refreshing
Fa Kiwi - this one here is for the body of the juice. It is making everything in the juice part come together and slightly separate from the base. Adds extra juiciness and along with the creamy ice cream it plays very well.

But overall I am pretty sure the juice base will benefit from another pineapple flavor but I am yet to discover it

Very mild, restrained taste in which flavors work together to create a palette of profiles. Something one would vape after a long day. Lightly creamy base created with help of FA Cream Fresh. Layered on top of it a juicy WF Galia Ripe Melon with FLV Wild Melon to add more body to melon and cap juicy peach to round it. Some WF Marshmallow Gooey added for more thickness to this combo. But then a lightness needed indeed, so WF Champagne Soda gives a slight ringing to mix followed by FLV Citrus Soda to up the effervescence and bind it all together in pleasant thick melon cream drink.

Thank to @foment_life for inspiration from his summer yum

Submitted as a mix for MC May 2021 - Florals

It started as an attempt to try cap licorice and come up with a recipe. At first I had from previous experiments flv boysenberry and inw shisha raspberry combo which I liked so I smashed some licorice in there. It needed some wetness hence fa pear, though after that I wanted dome cactus hints but decided to leave pear too as it is a nice combo. It was already somewhat vapable and I didn’t hate it but I wanted more. So I added vt bilberry ripe and it was a success. It started to taste good. After some time while finishing the samples I realized that it needs tea back note in there so the fa black tea came the last and added fullness to this recipe. It turned out very well.

Note: adding ws-23 works in this recipe but personally I like it without coolant

Mixer’s club April - ATeam

It started as “I want to use FE lychee”. The theme was ATeam. I know the show but never watched it. Didn’t have time to watch it now so pure improvisation. I thought that I will make to the theme of Murdock - insanity but the more I mixed the more it looked like a restriction. Told myself: “why not to combine characters?” Here it goes, when hannibal contacted murdock, it smelled of cigars and a note of insanity. Ah? How do you like that? Hehehe
So I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and mix with flavors I am not comfortable with, so there goes fe lychee and tobaccos. Tobacco left low on purpose as I want a hint from it, the overall bottom darkness (you can quote me on that lol). Apart from that, there is an flv lychee which on it is own almost not perceptible in the mix cause damn fe lychee whoops his ass. There is also inw grapes, because for some reason it transforms fe lychee into something different and pairs so well. Wild melon to give you this light creaminess of melon with some pleasant aroma and finally tfa bavarian cream. For the dark body that was a bit packing there.

I called it Aether. Because I can

I’ve been working on this recipe for a few months and finished it accurately for the Mixers Club March 2021 submission: “Sunshine”

It is started as simple mix of PUR Banana (because it is taaastyeeee) and FA Cucumber (well I just tried banana and cucumber together as a food. It wasn’t great but I liked the concept). So simple two flavors mix, but it was lacking pretty much any meaningful body and back notes. It was right there on top, not too sweet, ghostly bitter due to cucumber.

I decided to add FW sweetener. To get rid of bitterness as it had no place. I liked the resulted flavor but that exactly what it was - a flavor. Later on I thought about the way to bring sweetness without sweetener and cape up with a combo of FLV Alpine Strawberry and JF Sweet Strawberry. First for syrupy sweetness and second just because I like this tart note. It started to fill up with meaning. The base was already great. But I wanted something more in there.

I was making quite a few combinations, in case you wondering - yes, I tried Lychee flavors too. Some were ok, some - terrible. One day I saw my 2oz bottle of INW Pitaya and welp, I just tried it too. I can’t say that I taste this floral note of pitaya but it brought something light to the profile and I let it be there. Pure luck I should say though maybe a logical one, given that base has a strawberry.

I was already enjoying the recipe but it was not there yet. I wasn’t able to imagine how it should taste because it is abstract and experimental taste, not like you have a real deal stuff on your plate to aim at. I tried adding forest fruit, blueberries, pineapple, mango, but nothing really belonged. Until one day my wife tried it and said I should add sour apple there... that is how FLV Sour Apple appeared in there. And it was a success, it was so good I vaped it a lot.

But my perfectionism was taking it is toll. Tic toc mazaphuka. So what happened is after I posted it as a submission to MC I mixed three more variations. More jf strawberry, more dragonfruit, added inw rhubarb. They are all turned ok I should say, still tasty but all of them pushed the mix too far, back-notes started to fade, complexity of the profile was so overwhelming that my brain was screaming for help. So I decided to return to the previous version, where everything was in place for me.

It was quite a road for me, I liked and hated the process and I’ve bern close to wipe it clear and return to the banana/cucumber stage but it all turned out well.

Oh yes, it us called red giant because I wanted to call it like this. But if I will try to pull my poetic side I would say that because this recipe bright but not shiny, it is dark but not cold and it is just something usually unusual.



Rethink of the original neutron star recipe. In the fight for a smoother mouthfeel I had to remove fa forest fruits and replace Inw cactus with ssa cactus as it is more mellow. Without forest fruits the recipe was lacking body and freshness so I decided to add fpv guanabana to give it a fresh mulberry taste. To additionally smooth out sharpness of tfa grape juice I diluted it with inw grapes, even though it is more warm flavor it still contributed well.

Overall profile is a bit tough as at the first puff it is clearly a sweet grape with a hing of cactus, on a second grape can be easily jumped by mulberry with cactus background and vice versa. Somehow flavors can jump each other and that makes me feel that the mix can use some tfa dragonfruit to mash it up together.

Note: ssa cactus can be replaced with inw cactus at around .5-.75%

The clone, remix or call it whatever you want of The Finest - Lychee Dragon.

Imagine sitting on the pirate station hidden somewhere in the asteroid belts around a Red Dwarf star. You holding a drink in your hand and looking at the red glow of the star barely coming through the millions of asteroids and space dust. View to remember.

Cap sweet lychee is the main flavor. Gives this distinct lychee note dissolved in the fresh white grape flesh.

JF sweet strawberry to accent it and give a more deep aftertaste.

TFA dragonfruit to mix it up and round the flavors so nothing pops too much

Feedback appreciated,

Note: Originally recipe calls for HC Dragon Fruit but it goes well with TFA Dragonfruit too

User: SneakyBabushka Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
I received the bottle from Spider to try out, big thanks to him for this. Vaping on mtl setup When I opened a mix it was very tropical cocktail like, something fizzy, definitely tropical fruits in it. With the first few pulls it was hard to put up a picture of what is this beauty is. I personally had a hard time with tropical recipes, they tasted ok but nothing special. This one - it taste amazing. The first thing I taste is a pink guava, but it is far from being alone here. A very little tequila note, even though not too boozy but adds a depth, the grapefruit combo serves it nice though I never tried these flavors so not sure if that is them adding this juiciness or is it just cactus doing it is thing. I don’t taste citrus soda but it gives this effervescence which is very very good here and there is also a hint of lime which works magic in this combo. Overall I think this is an amazing tasty recipe and damn you Spider, now I need to order flavors for it. Oh, totally forgot, if I wouldn’t know flv heat is in here I would never gave guessed but I assume it gives this little boozy lite tingling. Very nice mix. Thank you. Didn’t noticed how I vaped the whole tank
User: SneakyBabushka Score: 5 Entered: 29 days ago
I will start by saying that I am not a fan of coconut in vapes. But mangocean changed it. It is not too pronounced here and it serves a purpose to make it a very tropical paradise drink. It plays very well with fizzy sherbet and lime to create this tingly fresh base. Of course mango there plays a key role one might think but even though there are a few they are blending very well to turn into a great mango fresh. All this components together create an absolute magic. 10 out of 10. Even sweetener, which I usually don’t use serves well to make it just sweet enough. The whole combo very well blended. Very good, thank you
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