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Do to the flu I cant taste shit but I didn't want to vape straight menthol, so I developed this little recipe.
I can't really tell if its absolute garbage but I'm fairly confident on my mixing skills
IF YOU ARE NOT SICK LOWER THE MENTHOL DOWN TO 0.75 - 1 (adjust to taste)

The koolada might be overkill but as I said, I cant taste anything and it helps with my congestion so you could drop that as well.


This is one of the most mixed profiles. This is my simple take on this staple.

All these quick and easy recipes are my kind of jam.
I've discovered over these last couple of years I've been mixing that simple recipes help me by avoiding vapers tongue.


Usually you leave sugar or gingerbread cookies for santa, but I wanted to switch it up a bit.
Lime sugar paste on top of a nice fluffy cookie
For my foundation I used the AP FA Cookie and de TFA Lemonade cookie which helps boost up the citrus from the lime.
FA meringue+sweetener create the sugar paste
adding a bit of AP helps with the grittiness grom the cookie.


Quick and simple Banana Nut bread Covered in peanut butter.

Banana Nut Bread Is the main profile and using a little bit of vanilla cupcake helps to fluff it up
Banana cream accentuates the banana flavor and adding creaminess to the peanut butter
GCC helps to sweeten up the recipe a bit without providing the cookie feeling.
CDS gives it a nice twist from regular banana nut bread

I've been vaping tobaccos on and off for a while now.
this profile has got to be one of the oldest profiles on the history of vaping.
My take on a tobacco heavy RY4 made from scratch.

Cubano type is one of the darkest tobaccos I own and my taste on this type of profile is tobacco heavy (It does need a steep though)
Vanilla custard and marshmallow give it a nice creamy vanilla flavor without being overpowering
TFA Hazelnut is kind of a dry nut to help give the recipe some grit
Caramel brings the recipe together adding sweetness and the flavor from traditional RY4s we all love.

LET IT STEEP: TFA cubano type is a horrible flavoring right off the bat, but it matures with time.
At least 15 days, better after a month.

My Grandpa used to smoke these god awful non filters called Raleigh cigarettes, they were some sort or very dark and nutty ciggies.
So I started my search:

I used Cubano Type because thats the darkest tobacco I own and it works well
The toasted almond and the Hazelnut give me the the nutty accents
INW DNB is there to give me that ashy taste

you can add a little AP to give it some grit and body

you can add some spearmint/menthol to make it a little fresher

I developed this recipe as a "modern" version of Wayne's Fried ice-cream
Cereal 27 + Berry Crunch give me a nice cereal that covers the Ice-cream
Vanilla custard + marshmallow and merenge to create our Ice-Cream base
Bavarian Cream and Joy for the "Fried" flavor and feeling
Strawberry Ripe just for the sweetness of it.

No Description.

Simple yellow vanilla wafer cookie.

TFA marshmallow and meringue creates a sweet creamy middle filling
TFA vanilla custard and FW yellow cake create the vanilla front
TFA GCC is gonna help with sweetness and will create the cookie base

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Absolutely amazing recipe, sweet Creamy strawberry vanilla inhale and a very Ripe and rich banana exhale with a lot of body. Congratulations!
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