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A classic combination - apples, cinnamon in fried pastry form.

FA zeppola/FA wOw/FA joy- this is your fried doughnut base, some people get a red filling taste from wow but the cinnamon does a good job hiding it, it adds more volume to zeppola. FA joy adds just a bit of a yeast component found in donuts.
FA Fuji/TFA dragon fruit/FA liquid amber- Fuji was an easy choice since I needed a bolder apple to stand up to the cinnamon. I got the idea of adding dragon fruit from returnity on Reddit, it brings out the juicy tartness of the apple and also helps blend the apple and cinnamon. Liquid amber "softens" the apples to cooked perfection.
CAP cinnamon danish swirl/FW cinnamon roll- both have a nice cinnamon punch but also have some pastry notes to add overall.
LA cream cheese icing/FA meringue- these combined give the thick icing on top of the fritter.

Give this a week to come together.


Smooth earthy whiskey followed by warm vanilla cream.

TFA kentucky bourbon/FA whisky/FA oak wood - The two liquiors mix together well though both tend to fade, the oak wood is here to get them to hold their flavor longer while adding a subtle smokey note.
FLV cream/HS French vanilla ice cream/TFA toasted marshmallow/FW butterscotch ripple - the cream and French vanilla ice cream combine for a nice heavy cream for the whiskey to sit on. The toasted marshmallow and butterscotch ripple add to the body and mouthfeel, keeping it thick through the exhale.
FA maple syrup/FA torrone/INW shisha vanilla - the maple syrup flavor is barely detectable, which surprised me at 1% but it adds not only sweetness but richness as well. The torrone lends a hand to the texture and shisha vanilla is strong enough to fall in line behind the whiskey but not be overtaken by the creams.

This doesn't need long to sit, tastes fine right after mixing though the whiskey will mellow after a few days as the creams develop.

A simple yet delicious vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing.

Strawberry icing initially with a cake-y finish- leaves a lingering sweetness in your mouth wanting more.

A favorite treat in the state of Ohio - creamy, fluffy peanut butter encased in milky smooth chocolate.

INW milk chocolate and HS Australian chocolate- INW milk chocolate is good but needs some help, Australian chocolate is more of a dark chocolate that gives it a presence throughout the vape.
TFA peanut butter/TFA cheesecake graham crust/FW cookie butter- TFA peanut butter combined with the cheesecake make it a more creamy, realistic peanut butter, just a touch of cookie butter for the saline that is found within the concentrate.
FA cream fresh/HS vanilla ice cream/FA meringue - these pull it all together, smoothing it, giving it an extra creamy boost and an extra boost of sweetner.
Give this a few days for the peanut butter to settle and for it all to meld.

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