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This is a delicious Cookies and Cream vape.
This needs the 2 weeks for all the flavours to blend together and for the creams to settle into the mix
You should be able to use Pur Condensed Milk in place of the SA one, VT Sweet Cream should also work in place of the FLV no other subs.

As always I have ommited sweetener out as I find this sweet enough for me, however feel free to add your own sweetener to preference

Tested on a Profile 1.5 at 85w and a Titan V2 (RDA) at 202w

Sugar Cookie used at 5% to ensure this is the main cookie taste, although an older flavour this is still one of the best sugar cookies out, WF Cookie Dough used at 2.25% to fill out the sugar cookie more and provide some texture to the cookie, MB Belgian Waffle at 1% then provides a dark baked taste at this low of a %.

The cream base is then made up of FA Milk for the excellent dairy milk taste this provides, FA Meringue then sweetens this up and makes it a little fuller, SA Condensed milk thickens this up slightly whilst adding that sweet condensed milk taste pushing this more towards dairy, FLV sweet cream then adds the finishing touches with thickening and sweetening the cream base

Tested on a profile 1.5 @ 90w.

A sweet fudge infused with maple syrup.

The fudge is made up of CCW Vanilla Fudge, a decent fudge that lacks a little on mouthfeel used at 4% here to give a beutiful low spice Vanilla with a little mouthfeel, layered with CCW Clotted Cream Fudge to add a little creaminess and help the mouthfeel out a little at 2% this also helps thicken the mouthfeel slightly, WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean @1.25% helps add the gooey sugary mouthfeel that is missing from the 2 CCW Fudges, adding a wonderful authenticity to the profile.

Finally WF Maple Syrup Candy at 2.25 adds the sweet authentic maple syrup taste into the fudge, the very slight candy aspect to this also serves to add a little mouthfeel to the fudge aspect.

This was sweet enough for me without any sweetener added however if you feel this isn't sweet enough for you feel free to add your sweetener of choice


Tested on a Profile 1.5 @80w, Titan V2 @ 129w

A delicious blend of Strawberry Jam and Peanut Butter
Off a shake the Jam is much more forward than the PB, after 4 weeks this becomes much more balanced.

The Peanut Butter is made up of TFA PB DX @ 5% a good peanut butter that is a little heavier on the butter, unlike the non dx version this doesn't suffer from so much fading. PUR PB Cookie @2% helps to pop up the peanut butter notes in the TFA making it more balanced bewteen Peanut and Butter and also adds some texture from the cookie part, PUR PB Cookie is a must have in any PB lovers stash.

OOO Marshmallow Vanilla serves to thicken the mouthfeel up and add a subtle vanilla to the mix this also helps to blend the Jams into the PB.

VT Strawberry Jam is one of my favourite Straw jams used here at 2% to get that sweet strawberry Jam taste throughout the PB, to this OOO Strawberry Jam also at 2% thickens this Jam up and adds it's sticky mouthfeel as well as a little sugary texture. VT Butter Base serves to add a little more butter to the whole mix and also sime moisture/grease to stop the mix from tasting too dry on the palate.

I chose not to add any sweetener to this however as always feel free to use your sweetener of choice.

I recently had Suicide Bunny Wanderlust and while it was a decent vape, I was surprised by how simple of a mix it actually seemed, so I set about trying to recreate for myself, this isn't a clone more of a remix however to my palate it is close.

The main component of this mix is CAP Vanilla Cupcake used at 5% this provides a sweet cupcake base with lots of vanilla frosting, to this CAP Sugar Cookie at 2% backs up that cupcake and adds some extra texture and mouthfeel.

Whilst CAP Whipped marshmallow wouldn't have been in the original, it works wonderfully for this mix adding some deeper vanilla and thickening up the mouthfeel of the frosting from the Vanilla Cupcake, to get closer to the original swap this for CAP VC1 @0.75%-1%.

Finally a little cap super sweet brings this up to the sweetness of a commercial liquid, whilst not being high enough to destroy wicks.

For a Variation on this add JF Sweet Strawberry @2% or your prefered strawberry blend for a Strawberry cupcake.

After tasting WF Creme Brulee Cookie and with the new Orange Cream out I had to create this to showcase these two flavours.

VT Creme Brulee is one of, if not my favourite Creme Brulee, so adding this is in was always on the cards, at 1.5% this gives a creamy creme backbone with a wonderful caramelised sugar topping that works perfectly with WF Creme Brulee Cookie, the creme brulee in this flavour gives depth to the VT, the cookie note forms the basis of the cookie part of this recipe, the cookie is further enhanced with the use of CAP Sugar Cookie to enhance those crispy cookie notes amd WF Cookie Dough to give depth and provide the cookie mouthfeel.

WF Orange Cream is a silky blend of cream and a great orange flavour even if slightly artificial, the orange isn't too juicy/wet in this so is perfect to use for creamy mixes without making the whole thing 'soggy'

Vanilla custard 2 added for a boost to the creme part of the VT Creme Brulee and add some additional vanilla to the mix.

FLV Vanilla pudding used to thicken up the whole mix and add a rich deep vanilla

Inspired by the description of a commercial juice.
A tasty blend of Skittles candy and silky cream
Tested on a profile 1.5 @ 0.13ohms at approx 100w

MB Skitta at 5% is good enough to stand out as the only Skittles type flavouring needed, pretty authentic on it's own, WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean @2% just gives the extra sweetness, mouthfeel and candy coating needed to recreate the iconic candies.

Bavarian cream from FW used here at 3.25% to give a delocious lightly stiff cream and to give some light caramel like notes in the bacground, clotted cream fudge from CCW at 1.75% thickens the overall mouthfeel up whilst further enhancing the 'chewiness' of the candies.

Finally TFA VC 2 used to give a thick almost pudding like mouthfeel to the cream layer and to pop up some of the vanillas.


An ice cream mix with a tropical topping
Tested on a profile 1.5 with 0.13 Ohm Mesh at approx 100w

when I found out that hawaiian punch was originally created as an ice cream topping/Syrup I had to see if this would work in an Ice Cream profile.

WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean added in at 0.5% just to turn the Hawaiian punch into more of a syrup along with Wild Berry Gummy Candy, at 0.75% this thickens it up a little and also adds some wild berries deep in to the background to add depth.

Hawaiian punch at 2% adds in the Hawaiian Punch topping, taken higher than this it starts to take away from the ice cream, 2% gives the perfect balance to this as a topping

FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream used at 4% to ensure that this excellent Vanilla ice cream punches through the other flavours, this is then thickend up with WF French Vanilla thick at 0.75%.

the only possible sub in this recipe would be for the ice cream. first choice would be WF VIC cloesly followed by LB VIC, however I expect this would also work with TFA VBIC.

This is a Raspberry Jelly (Jello)
Tested on a Profile 1.5 RDA 0.13 Mesh at approx 100w

27 Bears and Gummy Worm candy bring the gummy texture along with WF Raspberry Jelly Bean.

As these are more of a Gummy than the Jelly Texture I was going for VTA Red Soft candy softens the Gummy up bringing this into a Jelly along with the VT Raspberry Jam
The Raspberry is a blend of candy sweet Raspberries from all of the flavours except for Gummy Worm Candy

Tested on a profile 1.5 @0.13ohms approx 100w.

I wanted to showcase the WF Pitaya (Dragonfruit) and thought it would go wonderfully in a cream, used at 3% here to ensure it was present throughout the whole vape and not get lost in the creams.

French Vanilla (Thick) used to thicken up the whole mouthfeel whilst boosting those vanilla notes and adding some extra cream at 1% it does this wonderfully without being overly aggressive.

Bavarian cream used to add a pleasant stiff cream in the background and add to the Vanilla Cream extra to give a pleasant vanilla cream

Vanilla custard is used here as one of the main notes to really give a creamy mouthfeel, with the other creams used this stops it from becoming custard like but does give a wonderful thick and full tasting cream


*****Now Available as a one shot from Chefs Flavours.*****

This is from a request on a FB Group, they wanted a Coconut Milkshake with Caramel and Wafer. After vaping through 400ml since batch mixing a few different versions I thought I better release it as I have enjoyed it so much.
This is a dairy based milkshake just like I used to have as a child, a generous amount of Ice Crean blended into a pint of whole fat milk.

The milkshake base appears throughout with the caramel leaving a sticky and sweet mouthfeel with pleasant coconut accents and the wafer appearing right at the end of the vape.

The Milkshake base consists of LB Ice Cream for the ice cream part, a good ice cream on it's own but does nornally need a boost with another if using as an Ice Cream as this was to thicken and add more dairy to a milkshake this is fine on it's own here. After trying different %'s they were either too much ice cream or not enough to thicken 3.5% is the magic number just enough dairy boost and thickening without going into ice cream.
FA Milk at 1.5% gives us that creamy yet unmistakable full fat whole milk taste, higher than this makes it too thin and lower doesn't give the right consistency.

WF Coconut custard used here for the wonderful soft and silky coconut (no suntan lotion) as well as the thickening from the Custard part, this adds to the dairy and gives you a pleasing thick milkshake

FA Caramel was my first choice as a sweet and slightly sticky caramel 0.75% is enough without making it sickly however it was missing depth this is where WF Caramel Butter comes in.
WF Caramel butter combined with the FA gives this a lightly buttery sticky and syrupy caramel exactly like you'd get from a a fresh caramel.

WF Crispy wafer gives you the actual ice cream wafer slightly dark with a pleasing wafer taste and texture, taken up to 2.5% as any lower and it just disappears into the mix the texture is then boosted with JF Biscuit at 0.75% to ensure that this doesn't fade out.

Finally dessicated coconut is used to boost the coconut notes, this was chosen as it is a dry shredded coconut, this ensures that it doesn't sink into the mix too much like a creamy coconut

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