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The cookie dough is actually Chefs Choice but it's not listed on this site.
Very sweet, very delicious. 2% vanilla overpowers the cookie which makes it more like a smore. So reduce vanilla to 1% if you want more of a cookie recipe.
Was meant to be a cookie recipe but it really doesn't taste much like a cookie. More like a smore with cookie instead of biscuit base. Tasty though.

This was my solution to solve two dissapointing single flavors:

Boston cream pie on its own was rather horrid. Very strong alcohol tinge. Not sure if V1 was better or it needs to be air steeped a lot, or it just sucks on its own.
I also found sugar cookie to be dissapointing on its own.

VC and caramel was very nice, so i combined all three and got this. The result is what I imagine boston cream pie should've tasted like. I enjoy it as is but can see it being nice with some added chocolate or cake batter. I'd also like to try it with more BCP because I think the flavour would be nice if it wasn't so alcoholy.

Very nice and self-explanatory. Steep this one with the lid off for the final day otherwise it's got a strong alcohol tinge.

This is my first version of this. I had vanilla custard in the coil before using this so, a 5/5/4 ratio might be more accurate for the flavour I was getting. I'd like it a bit stronger tbh so would recommend an extra 1% of each flavor if you want something with a thicker taste.

I steeped for 7 days but I reckon it'll work at less than that. Needs aired out though to get rid of alcohol taste. Maybe try a day or two with the lid off and it should be good to go.

Need to try with less cake batter

I find this to be tasty without sweetener but it's definitely improved with some. Should only use 0.5% CAP Super Sweet if you need extra sweetness. Percentages might be a bit off with this one - let's just say the scales were a bit iffy. Started off as a 50/50 but Ras was way too strong. Dragonfruit is potent so if you don't like the strong taste of it, maybe drop the percentage of it by 2-4 and take Raspberry down accordingly. Very easy for Ras v2 to overpower.

Not sure about the steeping time yet. This one was fine after 5 days though and worked as a shake n vape.

A simple recipe that worked out well. Playing it safe pays off sometimes. It's not as sweet or caramel heavy as I thought it would be. I knew from the smell of CAP VC it'd be strong. I only meant to put like 2-3% caramel in and went a bit overboard but, it was a happy mistake.

Tastes more like custard that's been mixed with a small amount of caramel, than it does crème caramel or flan. Unsurprising really but, ignore the picture. Think this would go well with some cake mixed in and maybe a bit of chocolate.

I steeped for 22 days before vaping but have no idea if this was necessary.

Definitely a WIP but I've been enjoying it. Doesn't require much super sweet at all. Definitely got a kind of burnt caramel vibe going with a nice churro tone, the 'burnt' part of the caramel weakens with steeping and the addition of sweetener. Gonna try this with some vanilla's, custards and cinnamon to spice it up a bit.. maybe some chocolate.

No idea if you can shake n vape. I steeped it for about 4-5 days before trying it. Might be worth an extra 0.5% of caramel and/or supersweet in there if you like it sweet (I do).

This was the first mix I ever did and it worked out amazing. The problem is I can't be certain of these percentages because I did it as a 50/50 mix to start but the green apple was too strong and it wasn't sweet enough. I added more guava and diluted it but it needed some super sweet and I made it months ago so working off memory a bit here as I still have plenty left and am currently bottleless so unable to make a small batch for testing. Steeping time is mainly for getting the sweetener mixed in. Can definitely shake n vape.

It might be worth trying this in reverse 5% GA and 4% SG but from what I remember the guava and sweetness gets muted if there's too much Green Apple. If you do bump up the GA I'd advise adding some more super sweet... Give it a try and mess with the percentages a bit if it's not to your liking at first!

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