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This was made for mixers club originally but i think it deserves to be public because its just so smooth.
The rum is present without being too in your face and the apples are balanced well with it. FLV pumpkin spice because @wolfwheeler was right.

This was originally made for mixers club Duets but it go too far off the mark and became its own thing. I was messing with the FM Green apple a lot recently and Thought "why not dip it in caramel and throw that shit in some cream" so yeah that's what I was aiming for.
FA Fuji and FM Green apple make a nice apple together and MB Shape up pear just makes it perfect.
WF Caramel butter was added in testing because its great and FM caramel is high because it needs to be.
CNV Van Pudding is just great and is fully supported by the WF Vanilla cream extra and makes a nice rich cream.
And I threw in the whipped cream because its great.
Tested on a Hadaly 30GX3/38G .44 ohms at 51.5W


Strawberry cream. Everyone has one, here's one of my takes.

Tested with a citadel 30x3/38G 316LSS .42ohm at 37.5 watts


2 week steep time (big worth it)
I took inspiration from Wolfs Cheesecake base and decided to build on it with Custard premium and then use CNV LCW and VT Lemon Meringue tart to work overtime on both the crust and the lemon profile. FE lemon was used because this is a bit of a steeper and FW sweetener because honestly its habit at this point and i wanted the cheesecake to be a tad sweeter.

Tested on a hadaly 30GX3/38G 316L SS .42 ohms

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Its great. The blueberry is blended well into a nice buttery flakey crust and the creams really round out that blueberry profile making a nice filling to that strudel like thing. Added into my ADV rotation for sure.
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Its so good! The mango and lime meld into this great mango forward fruit thats followed by the lime in the perfect way. The fizzy sherbet makes it feel like a carbonated drink and helps the lime a tad. Great mouth feel and superb work on making fizzy work on both the lime and carbonation. For real mix this up! 9/10 from me.
User: Sanctum Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Tasty stuff, the ws-23 really sells this as a cold pop and the fruits blend into this nice almost kiwi sprite type thing.
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