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This is a remix of Pennywise by clown 🤡 Eliquids. A strawberry, watermelon, BubbleGum ! Go mix it up and leave some feedback !! Thanks ! 🤡


This is a remix of Chubby Bubbles Bubble Raz Bubble gum. I believe this here is pretty close. Go check it out and mix it up and leave your feedback. If you don't like sweet juice just don't add the super sweet or lower the percentage, I really don't give a shit what you do with the sweetener..

Here we have a Berry cheesecake ! CAP New York Cheesecake and TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust make up the cheesecake flavor. CAP Sweet Cream Helps add a little creaminess to the cheesecake and helps make the berries stick to that cheesecake ! FLV Berry Blend and FLV Boysenberry help create the perfect Berries for the cheesecake ! CAP Super sweet just helps add a little sweetness and helps boost those berries ! Go mix it up leave your feedback !!!! Thanks SK !!!!!

This here is a straight forward, authentic, and simple profile ! RF (SC) Apple smells just like a candy apple flavor, so it was the prefect choice here! TFA bubble gum is a great straight up pink bubble gum flavor, it makes up the inside of the green apple sucker. CAP Super Sweet helps make that Apple pop and sweetens the mix perfectly ! Shout out to AKA Krucial (Barrett) as we were hanging out one evening and checking out some of my new flavorings that I hadn't really played with yet, and I let him smell RF Apple and right away he said to me that smells like a perfect candy apple, and that it would make a great Blowpop. So I took that and ran with it. Here's we're I arrived at.. Go mix it up and leave your feedback!!!!!! Thanks !!! SK!!!!!!

A Banana nut muffin !! Not a lot of description required here ! TFA Banana Nut Bread was the perfect choice here for that banana nut part of the mufffin and the FLV Cupcake Batter just helps add a little depth and helps the bread flavor ! Mix this one up people, leave your feedback, and rate it , Thanks !!!!!! SK..


So this here was one of my favorites ! I never thought this one would be so easy to remix either! I never really got into buying a lot of commercial E-juice, I did but I didn't if you know what I mean, I bought A lot of my local Vape shops in house juice and a few commercial juices ! Then got right into DIY ! I was introduced by my good hometown friend / mixing buddy now! Barrett AKA (Krucial) , we had been talking about making our on juice for a while and then he started buying flavorings and making it and let me try some, then the rest is history ! Now here I am ! This was one of my go to juices when I felt like spending twenty dollars for a bottle of juice ! Now I can make it myself for maybe two bucks !!!!!!! It's a pretty simple profile, but it was delicious! Trix cereal ! When I smelled FLV Tricks cereal I knew right away I had found the tricks cereal that they were using, its very different than the other tricks cereals and the smell just gave it away ! This is the best tricks cereal imo ! I also knew that they weren't using much flavoring because there cereal line is 90vg , I knew then that I could remix one of my favorite juices !! I mixed this one at first with just FLV Tricks and FLV sweetness and I thought it's pretty close but missing just a little something, then I added the FLV Milk, and I knew then it was spot on !! It's pretty simple and self explanatory! Silly rabbit this juice is not for kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mix it up rate it and leave your feedback thanks SK !!!!!!! #RemixMonth

A watermelon Bubble Gum Remix ! Even if you have never had this Eliquid, but you like watermelon bubble gum, well mix this one up !! I do believe that this ones better than the orginal, it's pretty close to the orginal, but I think this one is a little more flavorful !!! Mix it up, and leave your feedback !! Thanks SK !!!!!!! #Remix

A Blue Raspeberry Bubble Gum Remix ! Mix this one up leave your feedback !! Thanks SK!!!!! #Remix


So this one here wasn't one of my favorites but, I was sent this by a online Vape shop and I decided to remix it for remix month, actually I would say just make a better version of it, because all I really get is strawberry, I get a little bit of cream but not much ! It's pretty much all strawberry for me ! It's a very poorly made Eliquid !!!! There's no strawberry shortcake there for me !! This is pretty close, even a little better in my opinion, and I do believe if you enjoy Milky Cones Vapory Strawberry Shortcake Eliquid that you will enjoy this one !! So here's my remix ! Go mix it up, rate it, and leave some feedback !!!!!!!!! #RemixMonth


Once I seen the Burger King Fruit Loops milkshake I knew that I wanted to go after that profile ! This here is a pretty simple profile ! But it's delicious !! FW Fruity Rings create the froot loops flavor and is the perfect choice for this mix ! TFA Vanilla bean Ice cream and TFA Vanilla swirl create the milkshake. TFA Toasted Marshmallow helps add a little Malted Flavor to the entire mix and TFA Whipped Cream adds a nice light creamy whipped cream on top of the shake !! Mix it up, leave feedback !!!!! Thanks !!!!! SK

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Great three flavor recipe !!
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