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My take on a vanilla icecream and sugar cookie sandwich (or a blonde Klondike bar).
I played with various biscuit and cookie concentrates and various percentages a bit, but came back to CAP SC as the star.

The cookie sandwich here is a pretty simple mix of both CAP Sugar Cookie and INW Biscuit. The CAP SC gives a sweet and also slightly grainy feel to the cookie in this mix, while the INW helps with a little more depth and a darker cookie backnote.

The ice cream here is a mix of CAP VBIC and TFA Bavarian Cream, which are used in conjunction with the vanilla's below to really give a good punchy vanilla icecream. The addition of CAP SL Whipped Marshmallow helps to add a little sweetness, and lift the creams up a bit to prevent them being too "heavy"

CAP French Vanilla and INW Shisha Vanilla give a strong and distinct layer to this profile, which is what I was going for. The CAP FV is a superstar in my opinion when it comes to vanilla flavours, but it is distinct from other widely used vanilla concentrates. The Shisha does need a little time to mellow out, even at only 0.75%, so a good 2 week steep to help the vanilla's blend with the creams will give a much more satisfying vape.

As always, I mix this at 70% VG.

Bone apple teeth.


This is my take on the classic marshmallow style mock-vovo biscuit, for the DIY Downunder May Challenge #DIYDOWNUNDERMAYCHALLENGE.

Here the mix of sugar cookie and biscotto work together to form a strong biscuit base at 3.5% and 2% respectively.

The marshmallow layer is achieved through the use of FA marshmallow and sweet cream to thicken it up.

The jam layer is subtle, but the use of strawberry ripe and INW raspberry konkentrat (Malina) achieve the hit of jam on the exhale.

No vovo is complete without a sprinkling of desiccate coconut, and here, FA coco (coconut) at 0.5% gives a nice lingering coconut flavour.

The resulting vape is one that comes in strong with biscuit, followed by marshmallow, with the lingering of raspberry jam and desiccated coconut on the exhale.

A tropical candy mix.
Several fruits backed with jelly candy and taffy notes that create a sweet treat to vape.

I've been stuck on this one as have just been through the South Pacific islands, and wanted something to lounge around the beach vaping that wasn't a bakery or custard/cream.

A great summer vape.

A delectable chocolate milkshake with a light shot of rum. A great after dinner pleasure, or before dinner, or heck, any time of day really. I started this after loving an Aussie brand called Botany Bay Bottling Co and their mix "Black Cow". This is a homage to that juice.

The chocolate I settled on here is TFA Double Chocolate - I played with mixes of INW and TFA Milk Chocolate, however none of them gave the result I was looking for. Here, at 6%, the DCC holds its own as the main profile for the mix.

The Rum component is achieved with use of the Butter Rum, and enhanced with the Butter Cream. The rum at 2.2% imparts a solid, but still layered alcohol effect that plays extremely well with the chocolate.
The Butter Cream also affects the thickness of the milk and cream components.

I achieved the milkshake portion of the mix through the blend of Sweet Cream, VBIC and Butter Cream. The Dairy Milk at 0.5% adds the slight tartness of a real milkshake, that lends itself nicely to the sweeter dairy components.

I hope you enjoy this recipe like I do :)

My take on a cool, mango lassi.
A mango lassi is an Indian Dairy Smoothie, commonly made in summer to combat the heat.

Here I used the INW and CAP mango mix to achieve a combination of ripe and slightly under-ripe mango, which gives a great base to the fruit portion of the mix. The combination at 2+3% gives sweetness, as well as an almost tart green mango bite, that pairs extremely well with the yogurt.

The smoothie portion of the mix is achieved with the Creamy Yogurt at 6%. The CAP creamy is my favourite yogurt, just tart enough, but also hella creamy. The Sweet Cream at 3% helps the yogurt develop thickness, as well as raising the sweetness of the mix a tad. The Almond at only 0.3 adds more depth to the creams, as well as a slightly sweet layer and flavour.
The Koolada at 0.5% imparts just enough effect to emulate the after effect of sipping on a smoothie.

The cardamom is essential here, and helps tie everything together. It is not floral at 0.25%, but gives enough of a spice note that it compliments the mango and almond extremely well.

Ive smashed through 100mL of this in the past week as a change to my usual sweeter mixes, and am digging it. It is not an overly sweet recipe (sweeteners would only detract from the true flavour of the Lassi IMO), but a great change from strawberry and bakery recipes......

A result of playing around with the FW Ripple, and the Pistachio, which are in themselves two extremely underrated flavours!

A nice bit of layering going on here, with the sweet pistachio and hazelnut on the inhale, with the lingering sweetness of the ripple on the exhale.
Basically a nice caramel ice-cream doused in nuts. Yum.

Some credit to Wayne Walker, as this was a result of my making the Pistachio RY4 recipe, and realising that no matter what, tobacco flavours don't sit well with me, but that some of the flavours therein are great in combination.


A beautiful apple cactus flavour. Nothing much to say, other than if you like apple, then this fuji recipe is amazing.


I am super proud of this recipe.
Took me a while to get this one to this level, and well, I think its perfect.
This is like taking a bite right out of the middle of a fresh jam filled cinnamon doughnut.

The main profile is the strawberry, and here the high percentages of Ripe and Sweet work really well together at 5 and 6%.
To form the thick jammy filling, the Jelly Candy and Cream Cheese Icing add to the strawberry. The Raspberry adds a "tang" at only 0.5% to give that authentic bakery jam flavour.
Note - its INW Raspberry Konkentrat (Malina) used here, but the database did have it as an option.

The doughnut is achieved solely with the Cinnamon Danish Swirl (with a touch of Joy, but in honesty you could leave it out) which works with the there components to give a warm cinnamon doughnut on the inhale, that lingers with a strong strawberry jam on the exhale.

Two weeks steep time, but you will see it develop even further up to four weeks.

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