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A delicious, thick, citrus marmalade, fit for royalty...

This recipe was inspired by the wonder of citrus and the fresh new dimension it brings to the over saurated and monotonous use of ‘common’ fruits...
This is a thick, citrus marmalade made with the vibrant rinds of a melange of the best citrus flavours around:

FW Blood Orange is the undisputed King (or Queen in this instance) of citrus. It is the lovechild of ruby red grapefruit and a fresh navel orange and brings that authentic, real orange burst of flavour. The bitter exhale balances this perfectly to secure its rightfull seat at the Queens’ high tea.

FA Grapefruit adds the crisp, bitter and eerily realistic grapefruit flavour, reminiscent of a true, fresh grapefruit. There is very little sweetness present and sits beautifully here to provide that ‘rindy’ feel to the marmalade.

FE Lemon is beast of a lemon and certainly lives up to its praise. This bright, fresh lemon flavour adds the tartness and balances the bitterness from the above citrus fruits. This adds a touch of sweetness, and cuts the bitter notes with a clean, fresh burst of lemon.

FA Tanger Mandarin is the final player here and adds that voluptuous, fresh mandarin flavour to pull the entire party together. The authenticness of a true mandarin is perfectly encapsulated here and brings an overall citrus feel to the mix inludimg sweet, sour and a smidgen of bitterness.

Sweetener is necessary to create the jaminess and flesh the citrus quartet out, just so.

This one is good off the shake and best after 3 to 5 days.


A delicious, chilled, fresh orange: no more, no less...

This is a further adaptation based on my Icee Lycheee base employing a ripe orange to provide a refreshing and 'clean' citrus vape.

INW Shisha Orange is a phenomenal orange... It is a full, juicy, fresh orange with ZERO artificial notes. This is straight up orange juice without the acidic notes or annoyingly sweetness present in most orange concentrates. There is a fabulous zesty back note which emphasizes the authenticity perfectly.
Best of all, this baby does not fade - ever!

The cream provides a bit of body and mouthfeel to avoid the 'linearness' often present in simple fruit vapes.

A dash of WS23 provides just the right amount ice to make this one a winner!!

3 days rest and she's ready to go!!!

A sultry, dense and creamy custard delicately infused with fresh plums.

INW Smoked plum does a wonderful job in creating a realistic, ripe plum with well balanced sweet and tart notes.
The tartness offsets the sweetness perfectly and is pimped up with just a smidgen of smokiness to take this boring old plum to (to coin a phrase) infinity and beyond!
The beautifully thick, almost viscose, mouthfeel present in the plum lends itself perfectly to a thick custard base.
Warning, do not stray above the 0.5%... This stuff is more potent than Kryptonite and should not be taken lightly... I have taken it to 1.5% as a single flavour but anything over that mutes the delicate plum and turns this stuff putrid.

The INW Sesame adds a little intrigue and is a perfect partner for any stone fruit. Feel free to omit the sesame it if you do not have it - BUT, I highly reccommmend it.

I can write an dissertation on the INW Creme Brulee and Custard combo but I will restrain myself. Is is my go-to combo and it just works beautifully to create a stunning thick and luscious custard base with that delicious Brulee finish...

Give this at least 5 days to come together...


** DFS Holy Vanilla is DFS Vanilla Ice Cream Coffee**

A creamy and light vanilla ice cream adorned by a delicate splash of fresh coffee.

This is a magical, simple little number which will make you fall in love with simplicity and effectives of solid flavours.

DFS vanilla ice cream coffee is a superb flavour and been in my stash as a replacement for regular VBIC for a while now. This incredibly smooth and rich ice cream has beautiful, rich vanilla notes to which combined with a dash of coffee, is absolutely heavenly! The coffee sits pretty in the background and contains skunky notes whatsoever. The coffee is not trying to be the hero, it rather lauds the hero while being the unsung hero.

Although the DFS Vanilla Ice Cream is a solid contender, I wanted to take this baby to the next level by boosting the creaminess with a touch of HS Ice Cream. Combined, this is a formidable duo who will kick big name brands in the gonads - and then some...

The sugar cookie adds just a bit of extra dimension in the background without being noticeable, the mystery ingredient if you wish.

Give this 5 days or so for this to become your new ADV!!!

A refreshing, chilled Apple trinity which makes you come back for even more, and more...!

People have asked me for a follow up to Icee Lychee which I gladly present as an Apple version:

Apple Triad
FA Fuji is the obvious BOSS in this recipe and lays the foundation for this Apple trio but needs a little help to flesh it out:
FA Apple stark gives a mild, realistic apple-juice flavor without being too sweet nor tart and bolsters the Fuji nicely.
Cap Double Apple provides the juicy, sweet and crisp red apple and completes our threesome

I felt the Apple on its own can be a bit linear and it needed a little something to keep the taste buds yearning for more... The obvious choice would be a spot of pear or even quince but they did not quite do the job. I opted for FA Peach White which is a delicate and complex fresh peach with just a tad of tartness to round out the recipe.

The FA Cream provides the necessary body to avoid a "flat" feeling in the mouth, synonymous with many (single) fruit vapes

WS23 cools everything down without detracting from the star of show. Feel free to start the WS23 off at 0.25% and adjust up if required.
Sub WS23 with Koolada at your preferred % if preferred.

Give this one 2 days and she is perfect!


A quirky, indescribable jelly candy that will keep you guessing...

This is a jelly candy celebrating the unique flavour that is Li Hing Mui. WTF is Li Hing Mui I hear you ask?

Well, wiki tells us "Li Hing Mui is salty dried plum. In most parts of China it is called Huamei. It has a strong, distinctive flavor, and is often said to be an acquired taste, as it has a combination of sweet, sour, and salty taste. It has also been described as tart, and even tangy."

DFS Li Hing Mui can be described as the love child of plum, pomegranate and cranberry with a full, sweet and sour body. The taste is almost impossible to describe - some pick up Red Bull type flavours , some Gatorade type notes and others have absolutely no way to describe this intriguing flavour. The closest profile would be something like FW Jungle Juice, but not quite...

What it is, is delicious though - it is unlike anything you have ever tasted and once you taste it, you will be hooked!!
This juice turns a magnificent pink colour when mixed and makes it stand out from your stash - almost screaming to be noticed!

I added a touch of FLV Watermelon to provide a bit of familiarity and boost the juiciness just a tad. FLV can be subbed with PUR or FA Red touch at the same %.

The 27 Fish and Jelly candy provides the jelly body (duh!) and sweetness needed to restrain the punchy flavors provided by our main protagonist. This combination provides just the right amount of gummyness and works beautifully in unison.

The Vanilla swirl was added thanks to the idea by Wayne and adds that additional chew/fluff and slight vanilla flavour, which combined, takes this to the next level!!

If you are feeling adventurous and tired of strawberry, apple and freaking mango - give this one a go - you will thank me later...

Give this one 3 days to fully settle but it is good after an overnight sleep.


A velvety vanilla custard blended with rich caramel and touch of tobacco.

This RY4 custard takes a departure from ‘other’ attempts and let the ingredients do the work. I kept this as simple as I could without complicating the mix with unnessary ‘clutter’. Deceptively simple, mouthwateringly rewarding!

I went for my tried and tested INW custard base which acts as the foundation upon which I balance the star of the show...

Holy Holy Grail RY4 is the undisputed supreme master and beautifully imparts it’s inherent creamy caramel and vanilla with the embracing custard base. The tobacco slowly develops and fully rears its head after about 2 weeks, resulting in oral bliss.

The vanilla notes, present in the custard and Holy Holy Grail, is given a subtle boost by the Holy Vanilla and heightens the sweetness just a tad. Holy Vanilla has slight smoky and earthy notes, which plays beautifully with the Holy Grail and compliments it, seemingly naturally.

Give this baby the 2 weeks it deserves but have a taste after a week if you wish.

** I adjusted the INW Creme Brulee to 1% following further testing and feedback. The Creme Brulee was originally at 3% which overpowered the delicate RY4 notes and made the Holy Holy Grail play second fiddle...

A voluptuous custard complimented by a creamy dollop of creamy butternut and a hint of rich cinnamon.

As you know, I am a bit of a custard/brûlée fanboy and my quest to find different and unique pairings (using my go-to brûlée) has led me to my most recent marvel! I introduce Butternut Custard!

Butternut has a mild squash/pumpkin flavour with sweet and nutty nuances without being too "pumpkiny". It can be enjoyed sweet or savoury and in this version, I explore its inherent creamy and sweet characteristics to provide body and creaminess to the custard.

The INW Creme Brûlée and Custard combo is my go to and just works - without fail - and, I believe, the best brûlée out there.

LA Vanilla Butternut celebrates the beauty of butternut by providing a well balanced and realistic butternut favour, enhanced by subtle vanilla undertones.
INW Shisha Vanilla provides that little extra vanilla boost to take the Butternut from great to stupendous!

1 drop of Rich Cinnamon per 30ml is plenty to provide the cinnamon , which a a natural pairing for butternut.

This starts popping from day 3 and is best after 5 days. The cinnamon takes some time to settle, so don't rush it...


A stunning creamy vanilla coffee kissed with a hint of caramel and a touch of biscuit.

The hunt for a smooth, slightly sweet, caramel coffee has been, as any DIY’er will know, one of the most difficult feats to pull off. Enter Cafe Napoleon... this baby has none of the skunky coffee off notes and delivers, as per the DFS a ‘sweet and satisfying caramel infused coffee” - and they weren’t twisting the truth... This is not an in-your-face shot of espresso but rather a homage to coffee, highlighting its delicate flavours.

The Cafe Napoleon lays the foundation here and is deservedly given a loving embrace by Holy Holy Grail which adds a delectable, but subtle, RY4 note which instantly propelles it from great to freakin fantastic!

Vanilla, in my opinion, is essential for a morning pick-me-up and gives this baby the legendary Holy Vanilla treatment...yuminess!

The biscuit adds a touch of texture without detracting from the protagonist and sits very well here at 1%.

The custard enrobes the ensemble of flavours and ads a velvety smoothness and mouth feel to thrust this baby into atmospheric proportions!

A week will be enough for all the flavours to rise to the occasion but 2 will give you a morning glory, and then some...


***I adjusted the % on the Cantaloupe and Honeydew to balance the off notes, inherently present in TPA Honeydew at higher %'s.

A magnificent melon milk celebrating the awesomeness that is Cantaloupe and Honeydew.

The recipe is based on the winning base from Melon Milk by shakenvape007 and the melon combo from Canary Coulis by Charlie Noble.

The milk base is a deceptively simple masterpiece and lays the foundation upon which the fruits can shine.

The LB Honeydew is not the best honeydew around but it acts here as the neutralizer - it adds a green, unripened honeydew element, which helps to counteract the inherent sweetness from the FW Cantaloupe and TPA Honeydew - sort of my acidic balance.

This one does not need a very long rest and will be decent after an overnight sleep, but ideal after 5 days or so.

User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
The best cookies & cream BY FAR! I also subbed Holy Vanilla with INW Shisha Vanilla and it is absolute heaven. Great job!!!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Oh mother of baby jeeezus this is good! Thick, creamy, indulgent - I can die now... I recently discovered INW custard and Creme Brulee and can confidently say that it kicks all other custards in the balls...and then some! Well done!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This is a masterpiece Andre and has been in my rotation for may months!! Well done mate!!!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
What a winner!!! I just rediscovered a bottle after an 8 week steep and it is absolutely stunning! Nice job!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
One of the best, full & complex custards around!!! This multilayered masterpiece manages to encapsulate all the goodness a custard has to offer in a well crafted mix. I made it without the sweetener and it is spot on!!!! Well done!!!!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This is a banger man, no doubt. The choice of banana is spot on and is the first banana vape I actually enjoy. A solid 3 week steep and this has melded into a beautiful desert. Well done man, well done.
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This a fantastic, sweet, light tobacco vape with the perfect amount of caramel sweetness and custardy creaminess. I am a bit of a Holy Holy grail fanboy and just love the use of it here. I made another version where I subbed the FA Custard Premium with INW Custard as I do not particularly like FA Premium. A winner right here!!!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This simple 3 ingredient masterpiece is a winner on all fronts. Vaping on a 8 week steeped mix and its pure bliss. My love for simple custards have been restored. Bravo brother, bravo.
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
OMG, this is superb! Most will be hard pressed to distinguish between the OG and this bad boy side by side. The JF RY4 is just perfect here and kicks TPA in the gonads, hard! Good job, this is a winner, and then some!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Wow, just wow... This shite is amazing!
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