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A scrumptious, rich chocolate tart layered with fresh, juicy slices of pear.

Lava Cake does a magnificent job in emulating a decent chocolate tart, albeit not the most sophisticated torte known to man. That's where FA Cookie and JF Biscuit comes in... Combined with FA Marshmallow, they coax the life out of the Lava Cake and make it shine, and then some!
A bit of added texture and this baby transforms into a something its creators, I imagine, intended. I tested Lava Cake at 3% and 4% but found that, at highher levels, it overpowered the delicate pear notes. 2.5% works a treat but if you want the increase the chocolate, feel free to up it by a % or 2.

The pear layer is compliments of my trusty pear duo, which, when combined, delivers and unbelievably realistic, fresh pear flavor.
I upped the ratios of the pear to punch through the chocolate base and show themselves in all their glory... The pear sits beautifully atop the rich chocolate tart and balances the sweet and cocoa notes with its inherent, slightly astringent, notes.

Give this baby a good week to settle and enjoy!

A decadent orange cheesecake spritzed with a wedge of fresh orange.

This is an adaptation of the Coop's Kiwi "Cheesecake" by @coop34 as posted by @ID10-T.

I have enjoyed Coop's Kiwi "Cheesecake" for a very long time and wanted to combine the "cheesecake" base with something else. As I am not a strawberry fan, I tried a couple of fruit variants and finally settled on Orange. I used the original base and simply subbed with FW Blood Orange. Although this basic sub turned out well, I tweaked it slightly to my liking, improving the overall vape experience vastly.

FW Blood Orange is the undisputed king of oranges ant takes it rightful place as the star of the show here. HOWEVER it needed a little help to punch through the "cheesecake". In walks INW Shisha Orange... Just a smidgen is all that it takes to lift the orange profile, yet maintaining that unmissable, deep, Blood Orange flavor.

The faux cheesecake is enhanced by a dash of cream and a smidgen of vanilla, which helps to fit the profile better. This simple adaptation works very well and lifts the original just so without detracting from its roots.

This does not need a very long steep and is good to go after 3 days.


An eclectic blend of RED heroes creating a mezmerising taste sensation.

INW Rhubarb is what it says on the label... This is an eerily authentic rhubarb in a bottle and encapsulates the distinctive sour & fruity rhubarb taste perfectly. It's sharpness and slight sweet notes lends itself perfectly as a pairing with strawberry.

RF strawberry brings an authentic, fresh strawberry, burst to blend beautifully with TFA Strawberry. Combined, they create a magical union of RED.
I tried various combinations of strawberry but settled on a real strawberry taste rather than than the popular and unrealistic strawberry notes.

As raspberry can overpower a recipe in an instant, I opted for Sweet raspberry to bring the sweet, slightly tangy raspberry feel, boosted by the authenticity of FA Berryl. The wateriness inherently present in Sweet strawberry lends itself perfectly here as it tames some of the stonger flavours, especially the Rhubarb. I tried both FA Raspberry in INW Raspberry and felt that Berryl was less aggressive and sat much better here to create the final RED layer.

FA Cream fresh adds a slight creaminess and binds our RED trio, whilst providing a subtle mouthfeel to make the mix more harmonious.

Give this baby 5 days or so for the Rhubarb to settle and allow the REDness to shine!!

A thick and creamy light mango milk saluting the splendour of mango...

The Mango
FA Costarica Special balances the sweetness of the solid mango base by bringing a slight acidic vibrancy to the ripe mango mix, resulting in a realistic, not overly sweet, mango blend. The authenticity of a perfectly ripe mango is perfectly encapsulated by this daring threesome.

The Milk
I employed my tried and trusted cream base here which adds additional texture and mouth feel and sits beautifully to provide a decadently creamy base for the mango to shine upon.

I find mangoes come into their own after a good 2 weeks, so don't rush this one - it just gets better and better...

A scrumptious sugary doughnut stuffed with thick & creamy custard, drenched with sticky icing...

This recipe was inspired by St. Louie Butter Cake and all honors go to @MrBurgundy for his awe inspiring base for this reincarnation.

FA Zeppola and yellow cake combined creates an impressive doughnut base for this indulgent treat. The yellow cake adds some needed body to make this a fantastically fresh tasting, crispy fried doughnut.

The creamy custard filling is provided with compliments of my trusty custard combo of INW Cuastrd and Creme Brulee. These soulmates are the most perfect custard companions and their pairing here celebrates their combined brilliance....

The vanilla layer is boosted with a touch of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, which I discovered recently to be a contender to dethrone the other bourbon vanillas around... A faboulsy dark and rich vanilla flavour without adding any sweetness to the mix.

The icing is proved by a marvelous combo of LA CCI and FLV Frosting which, when combined, makes for an orgasmic, lip smacking, lick-your-fingers, sweet and sticky enrobement.

The powdered sugar works it way through the doughnut base and sits beautifully atop the icing as a sort of tactile base enhancer. It’s pure magic...

Give this baby 2 weeks to come together.

Prepare yourself for oral bliss...

An elegant Bellini infused with fresh mango, pineapple juice and coconut, kissed with a sprig of mint and a squeeze of fresh lime.

The inspiration came from a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly (why bother?) at my local grocer. The challenge was on to recreate this intriguing combination and this is the result...

TPA Champagne does a good job in providing the base of our Bellini but it lacks the authenticity needed for that that deep, refined, sparkling wine vibe. INW Grape boosts the grapiness of the Champagne and lays the foundation for the drink.

The fruit infusion comes with the compliments of the best mango and pineapple around... FLV Mano is revered for its pure mango goodness and combined with CAP Golden pineapple, provide a fantastical fruit melange.

FA Coco does a superb job in proving that real, creamy coconut milk type flavour without imparting any candy-like notes and sits beautifully I this mix at 1.5%.

The Cap Cool mint provides that delicate ‘real’ mint flavour which, combined with Lime Tahiti CP, provide the finishing touches to our Bellini.

Give this baby 5 days to fully come together before sipping gently on her...

A mouth-watering thick and creamy flan, infused with voluptuous fresh figs and a drizzle of honey...

I adapted my go-to brulee base to better translate into a flan by dropping the INW Creme Brulee a smidgen and boosting the Custard. The result is a deliciously creamy flan, topped with caramel.

FA Fresh fig is by far the best FRESH fig flavor and is exactly what is says on the label - a freshly picked, ripe, fresh fig. This, slightly sweet, figgy goodness is given a little indulgent kiss by a drizzle of honey. The honey accents the fig and elevates its natural deliciousness to make you want more...

As FA Honey is more potent than kryptonite, I recommend ONE DROP per 30ml. Any more and it will overpower the mix.

Give this baby 5 days to settle...

EDIT I added 1% Liquid Amber to enhance the fig.


An unashamedly fantastic chilled grape vape...

This is a continuation of my Icee range and compliments the rest of my chilled fruity range magnificently. Grape vapes are often taken for granted as they seem to be a ‘common’ fruit... BUT, when used correctly, it pays homage to the magnificence that is the humble grape.

Inw grape celebrates the grape, in its full glory, with a master stroke. Inawera has a nack for creating the most authentic fruit flavours and this is evident in INW Grape. It is a well balanced authentic grape with no profile dominating (sweet or acidity) which creates the most incredible, busts in your mouth, true grape flavour. This beauty does not contain the skin nor pips, which can often bring an unwanted bitter element.

The Fuji and Cactus provides a little juicyness and prevents linearity, often present in simple fruit vapes.
The cream adds a touch of mouthfeel to provide a bit of body and adds a little intrigue.
WS23 (or cooling agent of your choice) can be omitted or altered, depending on your taste profile.

Give this one 3 days to settle and she’s ready to go!

A celebration of the wonderful spectrum of citrus.

This simple mix combines the best citrus flavors around to give you a vibrant, refreshing, citrus smack!

INW Shisha Orange is, as I said before, a phenomenal orange... It is a full, juicy, fresh orange with no artificial notes. This is straight up orange juice without the acidic notes or annoyingly sweetness present in most orange concentrates. There is a fabulous zesty back note which emphasizes its authenticity perfectly.

Sweet tangerine provides a familiar, but not distinguishable, sweet citrus taste and blends wonderfully well with the orange to give us a full, well rounded citrus feel and more importantly, the sweetness element.

Cap lemon lime brings that refreshing, sharp (but not too sharp) lemon flavor followed up with a sweet lime punch all in one.
I could have gone for other, more pronounced lemon or lime flavors, but this baby just works so well in here that no other lemon is required.

INW Grapefruit is undeniably grapefruit and brings the final citrus element in the way of bitterness. This beauty is very realistic and encapsulates a fresh, white, grapefruit perfectly, skin and all.

Feel free to 0.5% WS23 or Koolada to make this a chilled version.

This baby needs 2 days or so for all the fruits to blend.

A vitalizing blend of fresh pear and vibrant lychee, accented with a touch of coconut.

This combo remains one of my all time favorites but I could not find a recipe which celebrated these magical flavours well enough, hence the creation of Pychee (Pear/Lychee).

FA lychee brings the authentic, fresh, lychee flavour to the mix and lays the foundation for the lychee layer. Lychee's unique tropical flavour (described by some as a mix between watermelon, pear and grape) is unmistakable and magical! Cap Sweet Lychee boosts the FA Lychee with a sweet, canned lychee vibe and rounds the lychee profile off perfectly.

The pear layer is courtesy of my favoutite pear combo consisting of FA & INW.
FA Pear brings the fresh, juicy pear element whereas INW Pear provides the grittiness, crunch and texture of a pukka pear.

FLV Persimmon is described by many as a peach/plum hybrid. I pick up up wonderful, deep, pear/quince nuances which intensifies the pear profile and adds that little intrigue to the mix...

The Persimmon can be substituted for TPA Dragonfruit at the same %. The dragonfruit variation is excellent, I just prefer the persimmon version.

FLV sweet coconut fulfills 3 roles here: it provides a touch of creaminess, a spot of sweetness and imparts that magical taste of fresh coconut ensuring adequate depth in the mix.

Feel free to add your cooling agent of choice - WS23 at 0.5% is just enough IMHO.

Give this one a good night's sleep, 3 preferable for the floral notes to dissipate.

User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Oh mother of baby jeeezus this is good! Thick, creamy, indulgent - I can die now... I recently discovered INW custard and Creme Brulee and can confidently say that it kicks all other custards in the balls...and then some! Well done!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
The best cookies & cream BY FAR! I also subbed Holy Vanilla with INW Shisha Vanilla and it is absolute heaven. Great job!!!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
What a winner!!! I just rediscovered a bottle after an 8 week steep and it is absolutely stunning! Nice job!
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