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A redux of Bactus for the #DEVELOPED2BANGER challenge.

A fanciful combination of banana and cactus, what else?

Banana and cactus? Is this guy even serious? Well, one word: yessiree! When I first started with this mad combination, I was intrigued by the absurdness of the concept but it turned out, to coin a phrase, absolutely fabulous!

The sweet, runty banana notes are kept in place and stunningly enhanced by the contrasting cactus, resulting in a one of a kind flavour combonation...

INW Cactus is such an intriguing flavour that it just fits here as if it was meant to be paired with banana all this time! The inherent, albeit slight, hints of pear and citrus is the perfect companion to blend with the banana base. INW has noted that Cactus pairs well with banana and a few recipes are about, so this is not a total hairball idea...

This is good off the shake.


A creamy blend of ripe dragon fruit & fresh raspberries.

Inspired by the incredible Mother of Dragon's Milk by @ID10T, this incorporates the stunning combo of dragonfruit & raspberry.

TPA Dragonfruit still reigns supreme, period. This unmistakable & unique fruit is the cornerstone of the mix and provides an alluring tropical base.
The raspberry combo has been my go-to for years and works wonderfully here. Authentic, slightly tart semi-sweet raspberry goodness balances the mix with ease.
The cream combo is the best in the business and needs little interpretation other than it is just stupendous!

Give this bay around 7 days to come together and enjoy!

Vanilla Apple Caramel Smoothie

An aptly named combo for these times - so good it should be shot straight into 'em veins!

Vanilla Ice Cream by LB is my go-to VIC as I am a pepper taster...This creamy beauty adds volumes of vanilla and cream to bolster the delectable smoothie base.
Apple Filling by provides the most authentic cinnamon-spiced apple around.
Caramel by FA is (still) the undisputed champion of Caramels = thick & creamy caramel goodness...
Smoothie base by FLV amalgamates the flavours and provides a touch of lemony goodness to make the apple pop ever so slightly.

Give this baby 3 days to settle and get ready to get VACS'ed!


Vibrant berry & elferflower bliss...

A deceptively simple berry mix packed with flavour.

FA Forest Fruit Mix is the undisputed champion in the mixed berry space, period, Bilberry, raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, and a lick of blackberry blended perfectly to provide a crisp, authentic and vibrant burst of unrivaled berry goodness.

FLV Elderflower adds vibrancy & depth to the forest fruit whilst adding an alluring floral note.

FA Cream Fresh is used to provide body & meld the fruit and not as a cream layer. This simple addition smooths any harsh/astringent notes.

FA Coconut provides an intricate creaminess whilst imparting a delicate natural coconut edge. Don't fear, the coconut note is barely noticeable but essential.

Options: WS23 at 0.25% provides a delicious twist...

Good off the sake, better after 3 days.

My entry for the #Developed Wonder Flavours assignment. A decadent berries & cream jelly slice atop a crispy biscuit base.

Strawberry Gummy Candy is a deliciously sweet jammy type strawberry, and is the glue which holds this jelly slice together - literally! The berry layer is handsomely bolstered by the rich & deep berry blend compliments of Bumbleberry: A masterful blend of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. This baby has given other mixed berry concentrates a lesson in layering... This is one of very few blend type concentrates where various berry flavors are distinctly identifiable.

The biscuit base is compliments of Oats & Cream Cookie and Almond Cookie and provides a sumptuous & flavorsome bed. This is a granola-type biscuit base is the perfect combo and will certainly become a my go-to!

Vanilla cream extra is BY FAR the best vanilla cream to be released in the last couple of years. Rich, creamy, smooth - perfect in every way!!!'

Give this baby 5 days for all the elements to meld and enjoy!

The Mai Tai is one of the most famous Tiki drinks in the world. Composed of rum, orange curaçao, fresh lime juice and orgeat (almond syrup), it’s dominated cocktail menu's for decades. Pineapple juice was a later improvisation, never part of the original base. According to legend, the name Mai Tai came from the first person to ever try the cocktail who shouted “Mai Tai!” which means “the best—out of this world” in Tahitian.

I made a conscious depiction, from the onset, to stick to "classic" flavours to pay homage to this classic cocktail. I admit that some of the new kids on the block (MB, VT, etc) can serve as a suitable analogue to some of these flavours but I wanted to keep it as authentic & traditional as possible.

Pineapple duo - a classic, combo of the godfathers of pineapple in INW & Cap Golden. This combo just works so well together and lays a rock solid foundation. Authentic, fresh & ripe pineapple = no more, no less...

Shisha Orange is a full, juicy, fresh orange with no artificial notes. This is a straight up orange without the excessive acidic notes (one extreme) or cloying sweetness (other extreme) present in many orange concentrates. There is a fabulous zesty back note which emphasizes the authenticity perfectly. Did I mention that it does not fade - ever!

Lime Tahity is the obvious choice, given its name!... There's not much more I can say about this phenom other than that it is a refreshing, slightly tart, fresh & authentic lime juice.

FA Almond replicates the orgeat, and in reality struggles a bit to push through the relatively strong fruit notes. It announces itself more prominently after a couple of days and sits proudly in the background. The addition of a touch of sweetener boosts the nuttiness slightly.

FA Jamaica rounds off our captivating cocktail and by adding the traditional rum forward taste profile. Feel free to drop the rum to 0.5 for a less rum prominent experience.

Sweeten to taste & enjoy!

A bold passion fruit & vanilla martini.

Based on the (im)famous Pornstar Martini created by Douglas Ankrah of the famous Lab Bar in London with some local (South African) roots. The cocktail was apparently inspired by a drink Ankrah tried at a “louche gentlemen’s club” called Mavericks while visiting Cape Town in South Africa in 2002.
Ankrah wanted to create a drink that was “bold, sexy and playful”. “The drink is very evocative and tantalizing. He called it Pornstar because he thought it was something that a pornstar would drink!

Passion Fruit
FA Passion remains the king of passion fruit despite various johnny-come-lately's. It is simply pure, unadulterated passion fruit bliss.
VT Yellow Passion bolsters FA but adding a touch of body & oomph to the passion fruit layer without distraction.

Like FA Passion, INW Shisha Vanilla reigns supreme in this highly contested flavour category. I have NEVER pushed it this high but needed it to punch through the astringency of the passion fruit. At 2.5% it delivers a delightful vanilla layer, complimenting the passion fruit beautifully.

Citrus soda is used sparklingly to replicate the delicate martini vibe.

Sweeten & cool to taste.

My entry for the #CCMixingChallenge South Africa

A delectable sherbet centered blackcurrant lollipop to keep you licking & licking...

FA Blackcurrant is uber realistic and nails a fresh, juicy blackcurrant masterfully. The earthy notes make this beauty stand out form the also-rans.
CAP Sweet Currant brings some sweetness and vibrancy while keeping to the authentic "greenness" of the fruit.
Candy Roll is a magnificent "clean' candy used to anchor the fruit & provide the the sweet goodness of a conventional lollipop.
A slight sherbet layer compliments of Fizzy Sherbet completes our delightful licker....

Fresh banana & butterscotch topped with a dollop of fresh cream & chocolate shavings.

This is a deceptively simple recipe which packs a wallop of flavor! A simple combo of classic flavors recreates the childhood treat of banana with butterscotch and cream.

Flv Banana is a creamy, natural, ripe banana which permeates through the vape without trying to be the boss. The banana will eagerly accept the lashings of goodness about to be bestowed on it as it knows it needs a little help to shine.

The butterscotch & cream combo is a fabulously rich and decadent topping which provides a luxurious & classic flavor combo.

FLV Acai is the secret ingredient here & plays a couple of roles. This mysterious berry is the fruit of the Acai palm tree and its flavor profile is a cross between blackberry, raspberry and chocolate. The inherent tartness and realistic, rich, berry flavour enhances the relatively linear banana, balancing the sweetness.
The chocolate shavings comes from the acai berry’s natural cocoa characteristics & provides a rich, natural chocolate note

Gibe this baby 5 days or so to fully develop & enjoy!


The Floradora is a classic cocktail that you might not know, but you should know because it is a truly fabulous (and rather sexy) gin drink. It is semi-sweet, tall, refreshing, and beautifully pink. One might even call the Floradora the "original girly drink."

The cocktail was named after the first Broadway musical hit comedy of the same name in the early 1900s. The name was originally ​spelled "Florodora" following the show name and the cocktail was a hit among New York's high society up through the 1950s.

Originally, the drink was made with raspberry syrup, but now uses framboise liqueur (raspberry-flavored) almost exclusively. There are a number of raspberry liqueurs available with Chambord (black raspberry) being the most common poured into today's Floradora cocktails.

FA Gin is an uber realistic gin which perfectly encapsulates that familiar and distinct juniper flavor. This is the main flavor note of the cocktail and pulls through beautifully without overpowering.

The raspberry combo has been my go-to for years and just works so well here. Authentic, slightly tart and semi sweet raspberry goodness.

TPA Ginger ale can be a bitch but used low, it provides just the right amount of a ginger ale vibe without annihilating the rest of the ingredients.

A wedge of lemon and handful of ice tops of our cocktail perfectly.

User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
The best cookies & cream BY FAR! I also subbed Holy Vanilla with INW Shisha Vanilla and it is absolute heaven. Great job!!!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Oh mother of baby jeeezus this is good! Thick, creamy, indulgent - I can die now... I recently discovered INW custard and Creme Brulee and can confidently say that it kicks all other custards in the balls...and then some! Well done!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This is a masterpiece Andre and has been in my rotation for may months!! Well done mate!!!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
What a winner!!! I just rediscovered a bottle after an 8 week steep and it is absolutely stunning! Nice job!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
One of the best, full & complex custards around!!! This multilayered masterpiece manages to encapsulate all the goodness a custard has to offer in a well crafted mix. I made it without the sweetener and it is spot on!!!! Well done!!!!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This is a banger man, no doubt. The choice of banana is spot on and is the first banana vape I actually enjoy. A solid 3 week steep and this has melded into a beautiful desert. Well done man, well done.
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This a fantastic, sweet, light tobacco vape with the perfect amount of caramel sweetness and custardy creaminess. I am a bit of a Holy Holy grail fanboy and just love the use of it here. I made another version where I subbed the FA Custard Premium with INW Custard as I do not particularly like FA Premium. A winner right here!!!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This simple 3 ingredient masterpiece is a winner on all fronts. Vaping on a 8 week steeped mix and its pure bliss. My love for simple custards have been restored. Bravo brother, bravo.
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
OMG, this is superb! Most will be hard pressed to distinguish between the OG and this bad boy side by side. The JF RY4 is just perfect here and kicks TPA in the gonads, hard! Good job, this is a winner, and then some!
User: RudeRudi Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Wow, just wow... This shite is amazing!
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