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Smooth fall/pumpkin blend. Made this recipe for my friends who cant seem to get enough of it.

Berry pastry with subtle nutty notes. Ok as a shake and vape (i typically bath the liquid bottle in hot water before vaping) Best after a weeks steep. Constructive criticism welcome. Easy on coils.

User: RoadWarriorWon Score: 4 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Its crazy i come up with (almost) the same recipe. 5% fa cola 1.5% inw shisha vanilla and .5% cap super sweet. I dont have the other 2 flavorings to try but ill def order the ws-23. Ive been looking for something to give an ice cold effect without changing the flavor. For the fizz try 1-1.5% cap lemon. The cola overpowers any lemon notes and the added citrus gives it a slight fizz effect. Cool to see other mixers coming up with similar liquids in a sea of flavor concentrates!
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