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Have you ever had those Mentos Now peppermints? It tastes damn near exactly like those.

I really like the INW mints, Mix Mint was the best fit in this recipe for the potent mint flavor that you get in peppermints. The anise is what really gives it that little push into the authentic peppermint flavor though, you can omit it and the juice will be really close but not quite there. I tried increasing the anise by 0.1% as well but found that it made the juice less enjoyable though I couldn't actually notice a significant change in flavor. Pretty standard after that: marshmallow for body, cactus for juicy, menthol and WS-23 for that ice cold.


I've never actually had a POG juice (beverage or vape) so I relied on some friends to guide me. After a few iterations, this seems to be pretty settled as the final recipe. My friends say the balance is good and that it's pretty similar to Naked 100's. I'm certainly enjoying it.

CAP Sweet Tangerine is so spot on for powdered orange drink just adding the freshness of FW Blood Orange (the best orange) made for a solid orange juice base. FA Passionfruit seems to be the best from reviews, I went with CAP Sweet Guava over FLV Pink Guava because it tastes more ripe and doesn't have the earthy note of the FLV. Then I just needed TPA Dragonfruit to blend it all together and INW Cactus for some extra juiciness.


Really wanted a shake-n-vape creamy menthol on this one. Ripped off Cheesecake Graham Crust from Skiddlz's God Milk but went with Cream Fresh and Marshmallow in place of the Bavarian Cream so that steeping would be less necessary. I really like the smooth mint flavor of the Natural Mint so I chose that over others.
Great 5 minutes after shaking and great 3 days later, haven't really let it sit longer than that. It's a light, creamy, cold mint that's an easy ADV for me.


A childhood classic! A fall favorite! Infamously sticky and famously delicious! This is my take on the nostalgic caramel apple lollipop that I'm sure we all remember from our days of tearing it up on the playground, with just the lightest touch of cinnamon mixed in.

JF Fuji - Yummy green apple, used at a high percentage for a strong forward flavor
FA Caramel - Sticky caramel candy flavor
FLV Butterscotch - Sweetens and thickens the caramel, making it a bit creamier
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl - Adds a nice pinch of cinnamon and the pastry notes push the caramel further to the chewy side
TFA Strawberry Ripe - Adds a lot of fruity sweetness without distracting from the flavor profile
FA Lemon Sicily - Brightens the apple, calms the cinnamon way down, binds the caramel and apple together. This is totally the ingredient that makes the whole thing work.

Really needs a 3 day steep to come together.

User: Rhinox04 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
One of the most authentic recipes I've ever tried, this shit is spot-fucking-on! Delicious, warm, fresh banana bread with healthy sprinkling of nuts. Definitely gets better with age, it's amazing at a week but fucking orgasmic at a month.
User: Rhinox04 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Yo, this shit is weird. You already know that if you've read the other reviews, though. Grape takes the foreground with a juicy cactus forward fruitiness following. The koolada perfectly cools it down. Reminds me of vaping Hawk Sauce back in the day but so so so so much better!
User: Rhinox04 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This is literally the only strawberries and cream juice I've ever liked. It is absolute perfection. I went through 120ml in a week and was desperate for more.
User: Rhinox04 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Super bright and refreshing. The flavors are vibrant and wonderful and juicy. The only downside here is nothing Manson could have improved upon. The throat hit on this, and as far as I can tell anything with lime, is pretty harsh. I can only vape this for about a day before it becomes way too much. This is 100% worth mixing and, if you don't have a bitch-ass throat, it'll make it into your daily rotation easily.
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