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And here we have another passenger boarding the ID10-T strap train, this time Wild style. Love all these straps there's so many to choose from its a god dayum Strap-On paradise! I think this Wild Strap-On is just the thing to complete the party, although many more will be added, this ones is essential to always being in the mix. I take no credit for the 75% of the mix that is ID10-T's STRawberry APple watermelON ( Also, I like top notes which generally fade away the quickest so I like it best as a shake and vape but a 1 or 2 day steep helps the flavors bind together and really makes it into that honeydew-cantaloupe-strawberry-watermelon-apple mix.VARIATIONS Personally I like to add in 1% TFA Honeydew cuz I like me some honeydew (I prefer TFA's over CAP's). And Mango SC or FLV at 1% makes this magical, credit for the Strap-On-Mango goes to Apexified. Can up the Wild melon to 2% to make it more of a melon mix but it does cover up the strap on pretty well.


So this Is one of those flavors where you just go hmmm this sounds good with this and this and lets try these percentages and it turns out really good. Any other revision just isn't as good. I Always mix Peach with White Peach i just really like the nice strong peach that it delivers. The two watermelons are pretty straight forward i added some of TFA's to get a bit more sweetness in the mix and have the watermelon show a bit through the peach. Lychee is a great addition here it adds a nice juicyness and has that almost sweet taste on the end of your tongue after a hit. Im sure you could add in many other flavors to make this better it could be used as a base. And i havent tried any other PG percentage other than the 8.5 the flavors come in.

User: Reldof Score: 4 Entered: over 4 years ago
Ever thought of putting TPA Champagne in?
User: Reldof Score: None Entered: over 4 years ago
Anyone ever try MB Natural Green Tea? i can't get FE where i buy from and MB seems the best choice
User: Reldof Score: 4 Entered: over 4 years ago
Good shake n vape, wish there was more fruity notes. Oh and 9% fruit circles GOD DAYUM will update rating when it steeps.
User: Reldof Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
Very tasty! this shit is bomb. recommend getting Shape up pear by Molin Berry and add ad 3% it really boosts this shit to the next level!
User: Reldof Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
Ok, why haven't this been mixed and reviewed more? ID10-T said this was his favorite strap on so I had to try it. Its a really nice strap on you get a pretty solid strap on flavor with a tart, raspberry and strawberry milk addition. Overall really nice and could be a lot better with another flavor addition IMO (gonna try FW Shirley Temple). Personally I like my strap on better but this one's the third best one after Suckle my Manly Strap On.
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