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This is a v3 recipe not fully tested saw this profile while scrolling through Facebook its a apple cheesecake taco

This is a theory crafted recipe not fully tested saw this profile while scrolling through Facebook its a apple cheesecake taco

This is a recipe for Wayne walker on the diy or die Facebook page. This is untested and my thoughts of a startvto his profile of a banana coffee chocolate w/ cashew smoothie. If I had smoothie base I may add that aswell but its already on its way to becoming ferryfied so I will leave it out. Problems I can see with this recipe is the coffee is a strong flavor along with the chocolates the banana and almond will possibly get barried from them. The almond was used as a greasy nut that may help separate all the flavors to help you get each note. The ap is to help the chocolates and nuttiness. Another thought is you may be able to add some more banana with vta banana custard.

*edit so on my hadaly with a fused clapton 2x26g n80 fused w/ 38g n80 this is actually a pretty tasty vape the coffee and banana work well with each other I don't get much chocolate or almond but I was pleasantly surprised.

Delicious cooked apple darker apple with a light hint of a bright apple just to mix it up 1 drop of rich cinnamon in a 30ml bottle just to get that cinnamon dusting. Pear is in the mix to add a bit more juiciness and texture. Crust isn't to strong for me may be my illness but I plan to try barch 4 soon and get more crust.

I am using the deep fried pastry dough and biscuit for the main note of the puff along with the eggy note from the Vanilla custard and the butter for my cream I wanted a flavor to spice it up and help set it apart I was torn between lemon and banana, since I just got banana puree in the mail I decided to try that with the cream from flv and again pulling notes from the vanilla custard but this time I was looking for the vanilla. As a shake and vape I am mostly getting the vanilla custard and banana puree. I am thinking in 5-7 days the bisquit and deep fried pastry dough will pop out and the banana will soften. I made this recipe by searching online for a recipe to bake some cream puffs and came up with this I have never had a cream puff in real life so in true #mixinvixens fashion I took a shot at it.


I chose to use blackberry by tpa for the baked blackberry note I also used blueberry from fw for the baked note I think the blueberry really helps the blackberry in this recipe. The crust is made up of the cap sugar cookie, fw graham cracker, inw biscuit I get a delicious gooey cobbler/ crumble crust. This is one of my favorites that I have made five me a review please and let me know what you think. If you do any subs or additions please leave a comment.


This is inspired by vapetasias lemon custard. This is also my first shared mix. Strong lemon inhale with creamy custard notes not an over powered custard.

User: RedWagonVapes Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is a wonderful mix absolutely delicious. I made a 30ml bottle and let it sit for a few weeks after opening it up I made another 2 60mls and a 30ml for a coworker to try who is still trying to find a juice to help her fully quit smoking cinnamon vapes are up her alley aswell as mine.
User: RedWagonVapes Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
I love this recipe. I mixed it and let it sit for 2 weeks. The lemonade cookie has a bit of a weird lemon flavor so next time I mix this Im going to add 1% fa lemon Sicily.
User: RedWagonVapes Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
I made this with the Devon cream. This flavor profile is not something I would normally look to vape but between Id10t and fresh03 continuously swearing how good this was I was curious. So I placed an order for the chocolate Deutsch, and creme de menthes. After receiving the flavors I mixed this and steeped for a week. I get a very taste Andes mint cookie. Great jod shyndo.
User: RedWagonVapes Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Hands down best lemon meringue tart recipe the creme brulee and ry4 really make the recipe stand out among the rest
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