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User: RayonaudiSloth Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I had never had a stroopwafel, but I found the name enticing and the flavor notes made my mouth water. To boot, I knew that INW Waffle is an amazing flavor, albeit a strong and difficult one to tame. So, I immediately ordered the ingredients I was lacking, and mixed some of this up. I have since mixed over 300ml. The longer this steeps, the better it gets - and I ALWAYS want steeped Dutchie on hand! Everything is just perfect. Fresh, it is cinnamon-forward (to me), but quite good if you enjoy cinnamon. As it ages, the cinnamon recedes greatly into the background, providing a nice sensation behind the gooey cookie waffley goodness. At 7 days it is great, and at 14 it is a phenomenon. I say - mix no less than 100ml for your first batch. You'll be sorry if you do! Greatest DIY recipe I've ever come across. My new ADV.
User: RayonaudiSloth Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
This is a trip. My first time using koolada and my first thought upon vaping it was "to hell with that koolada - this would be fantastic if not for that," but after vaping it for a while, I'm not so sure. There is something about it that just hits the spot. Next time I may mix without the koolada, but may not - who knows? Not I, said the fly - all I say is this juice is a trip. And as a lover of psychedelia, that's a good thing...
User: RayonaudiSloth Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I've been drinking coffee since I was 12 - it is one of my favorite things in this life and I've been chasing it in a vape since I started vaping 2.5 years ago. I found Nicoticket's Wakonda early on, which was the perfect blend of coffee and tobacco. Ever since I went to DIY, I've been looking for a good coffee, but unfortunately everything I have tried was either completely awful at worst or at best did not taste like coffee. I've tried many coffee flavorings and several recipes. The problem in part is that I've hated all the flavorings, even FA's offerings. However, after trying Dutchie, RuntDastardly's phenomenal stroopwafel juice, I knew I had to try this recipe. So I mixed it up, and set it aside for a month (ok--3 days shy of a month--I got antzy). Turns out that 1) MF's coffee flavoring is fantastic and 2) RuntDastardly never fails to concoct an absolutely breathtaking recipe, even when tackling the RatFuck of all flavor profiles, Coffee. She nailed it - this tastes like a bold, slightly creamy (just enough to take the edge off), dark cup of coffee. And I think it is masterful. This is easily an ADV for me and I highly advise that any coffee lovers give this a shot, even if you are as fatigued on the coffee-chase as I was. Mix, steep, sip - nirvana reached. I also commend the use of Tiramisu in this recipe, as Tiramisu usually has an off-putting note that makes me bletch, but it is literally the perfect amount here - perfectly balanced in such a way that (I believe) places a certain "roastiness" in the midst of the authentic and flavorful coffee. And the best part is, I think it is going to be the perfect base to add some caramel, butterscotch, perhaps maple syrup, and whatever other dessert-like fixings I may savvy. I did try a version with 1% WF Roasted Pecans and Cream added in and it was phenomenal (enhanced the sweetness and added a bit of a nutty note) and I look forward to experimenting more. But next step for Sloth? Mix up about 100+ml of this recipe verbatim, then about 100ml worth of various desserty twists. Because of RuntDastardly I now have 2 fabulous ADVs that blow everything else I've vaped out of the water. Many thanks, my friend, for yet another masterpiece.
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