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Strawberry & Cream? Everybody has one, here is mine.

(the berry) CAP Sweet Strawberry + FA Juicy Strawberry are a perfect duet for a nice fresh Red Strawberry Note.

(the cream) I want the fluffiest cream note. TPA Whipped Cream does that so well, CAP Bavarian Cream both the texture and dairy profile with just the slightest sour note.

(the bakery) I really like a bakery note in my Strawberry & Cream mix. Not too much but I want to know it’s there. WF Fluffy White Cake is a really fluffy bakery note. It gives a nice foundation for both the cream and the berry note to kind of lay on top of without overpowering the recipe and making it a cake.

I sweeten with .5% CAP Super Sweet.

FLV Maple Bar + WF Fluffy White Cake provide a fluffy base for the pancakes adding a touch of sweet maple for the syrup note combined with INW Biscuit & WF Shortbread Cookies to add a crispy “griddled” texture and some rich buttery mouth feel. FW Blueberry + FA Bilberry make a nice Blueberry Compote. Finally a nice TPA Whipped Cream topping pulls it all together.

I sweeten with .5% CAP Super Sweet.

Real Simple Grasshopper Profile Here.

Creamy Chocolate Mint Cocktail.

It’d probly be good with FLV White Chocolate instead of the mousse if that’s your thing.

You could also spike it with some liquor flavors for xtra sass.

I sweeten with .5% Cap SS

This profile is a sweet mango & papaya smoothie, the orange brightens up the funky notes and the FLV sweet coconut adds a nice amount amount of body without weighing the mix down with cream.

3/26 Added FE Banana for more body/mouth feel

I sweeten with .5% Cap SS

Yami MilkGat Clone.

This mix is a creamy S’mores Tobacco.

I sweeten with .5% Cap SS

If Poppy’s hair was ice cream and you could vape it... it would taste like this.

I sweeten with .5% CAP super sweet

Creamy Lime Custard with Graham Cookie Crust and Fluffy Whipped Topping just like Grandma used to make.

(the custard) A rich combination of TFA’s Vanilla Custard 2 and INW Yes, We Cheesecake with FW Cookie Butter to boost those dark cookie notes.

(the lime) I went with VT Persian Lime, it tastes like just the juicy of the lime, you don’t get much bitterness or many sour notes from it so it’s perfect for adding the lime note to the custard without overpowering the delicate creaminess or smooth buttery texture. I backed it with FA Lime Tahity - Distilled for a little zest.

(the whip) TFA Whipped Cream adds a decent amount of body to the vape and a nice fluffy texture that shows up just at the finish.

I sweeten with .5% CAP super sweet

This mix is Watergate salad just like grandma used to make. The profile up front is a creamy Pistacio pudding, with a bite of pineapple in the center and a warm nutty aftertaste.

(The pudding) FLV vanilla pudding + FA cream, no surprises here. I’ve added WF Pistacio cream and TPA pistacio to make it a pistacio pudding.

(The pineapple) CAP golden pineapple tastes just like canned pineapple, I added .25% TPA pineapple because the CAP tends to get lost after a steep.

(The rest) WF roasted pecan and cream is so good, it adds to the creamy texture of the vape and just the right amount of nutty pecan flavor so you know it’s there at the finish. The OOO Marshmallow vanilla speaks for itself.

I sweeten with .5% CAP super sweet.

User: RUG_ly Score: 5 Entered: 14 days ago
This mix is super good. I subbed in FA Indian mango at 1 for the FLV mango and I subbed in TPA Papaya at 3 for the cantaloupe.
User: RUG_ly Score: 5 Entered: 12 days ago
Real good. I didnt have the LA Cream Cheese so I used Gelato Vaniglia by FA.
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