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Years back when I ordered a liquid barn starter kit I mixed this and was pleasantly surprised. This was my first experience where KISS really showed it's merit.

Some inspiration for this recipe is from Maintenance Man by a Phoenix on ELR.


My attempt at a corn bread pudding type recipe. I wasn't going for a clone but something that gave that sweet corn and cream taste. 3% of OOO Corn Bread used for obvious reasons, it has a sweet wet corn bread smell to it. I couldn't find any AP to support the corn note so I went with 2% CAP Cereal 27 which worked out well with its sweet and flakey type taste/texture. I know the OG Corn Bread Pudding lists a maple note, again not a flavor I had so I improvised with JF Dulce De Leche which has a carmelized sugar not to it I felt would work well. LB Vanilla Ice Cream is just great but its use here is to add buttery creaminess and the vanilla note. To boost the creaminess and thick texture I went with INW Yes, We Cheesecake and INW Custard. This is great right off the shake but a few days of steeping will help out the creams.

Dropping my own strawberry recipe as I’ve been long overdue on.

I wanted something that did not have a fading strawberry over time and by Jove I think I’ve accomplished just that.

A sweet and creamy strawberry cheesecake with a crisp crust.

Liquid barn strawberry cheesecake is an amazing concentrate all on its own. Honestly just 10% of it on it’s own gets you pretty much all the way there in a great strawberry cheesecake. I wanted to build off of it and give it more depth.

My strawberry combo is jf sweet strawberry and real flavors sc strawberry which give the right balance between a syrup/candy strawberry and a ripe whole strawberry topping.

I used a touch of jf cookie with the goal of keeping the graham crust aspect of the cheesecake from going “soggy”.

Jf cheesecake graham crust, jf Bavarian cream, hs French vanilla and jf marshmallow pull all the thick creamy consistency needed for a cheesecake. Cheesecake graham crust boosts the cheesecake aspect/note of the lb strawberry cheesecake. Jf marshmallow adds sweetness and that fluffy full mouthfeel. Jf Bavarian cream along with the hs French vanilla impart a nice vanilla note that doesn’t drown out the strawberry but helps add an ala mode taste to it.

Sweetener is optional.

I was bored today and decided to dig through my box of flavors and see what I could throw together. I had so many different strawberry and banana flavors that I had ordered during sales and tossed in the flavor box but none were sounding appetizing. Once I found the Delosi huckleberry I knew what to do. Surely I couldn't go wrong with some SA Doughnut AKA Beignet, some custard, french vanilla and a fruit. But based on the notes I had read for SA Doughnuts and RF Deep Fried Twinkie I knew the two had to meet. The SA Doughnut and the RF Deep Fried Twinkie give me that greasy doughy sweet dense doughnut flavor and texture I love so much. The TPA Vanilla Custard (my CAP VC1 is still packed away somewhere) and CAP French Vanilla create the creme filling and the Delosi Huckleberry give it a nice sweet huckleberry note that is just delightful. Surprisingly great as a shake and vape and will only improve with at least 5 days of steeping.

5 members of the Simpson's family. 5 ingredients in sequential percentages.

5% SA Doughnut AKA Beignet - must have for any donut lover. see dazcoles notes on this flavor and why to use it as I don’t need to add any further to his existing notes on it.

4% FA WoW - I don’t know why this one went under the radar. It is likely because of how vague FA likes to be with some of their flavor names and profiles. At low percentages it is a lighter version of Joy IMO and from what I have been able to find it is supposed to be a jelly donut flavor with there being some debate as to whether its a strawberry or raspberry jelly note. At higher percentages the jelly note starts to emerge and I can’t quite put my finger on the exact fruit note other than a med-dark berry.

3% FA Zeppola - by now we have all heard of this one. If you can’t get a hold of SA Doughnut this has got to be IMO the next best doughnut concentrate. I’d say

3% would be the minimum concentration to use this flavor at. Nice fried dough taste with a hint of cinnamon and powdered sugar.

2% CAP Vanilla Custard - a low percentage of CAP vanilla custard helps to add to the mouthfeel of this recipe and thicken it up. Also used as such a low percentage and also because I’m not using it to have it’s flavor prominent really helps make this recipe more suitable as a shake and vape but really 3-5 days should be this recipe’s sweet spot.

1% FA Forrest Fruit - the 1 part of this recipe I really struggled with. did I want something to sweeten it? Something unexpected to make it less linear? Something to add a frosted or maybe a cream topping? Perhaps a coconut or powdered sugar dusting? I was really torn on that so knowing that the doughnut aspect of this recipe was where I wanted it to be what aspect of the existing ingredients did I want to have more presence. What would make it more enjoyable for my tastes? I finally arrived at FA Forrest Fruit. As all I knew about the fruit note in FA WoW was that it was some sort of dark berry I wanted to bring that note forward. INW black currant was considered as well but the amalgamation of various dark berries in FA Forrest Fruit made it my logical choice.

If you want powdered sugar note go with 1% OoO powdered sugar.

If you want a more jellied type fruit note go with 1% INW Shisha Strawberry.

If you want a coconut dusting go with 1% TPA Coconut Candy.

If you want a maple glazed note 1% FA Maple syrup does nicely. Lastly if you want a nice glaze note and even more depth added to the doughnut 1% FLV Milk and Honey makes a nice substitution.

Summer- To me it means time for the annual camping trip with fire and alcohol and food that can be cooked on a stick. All the best stories and ideas start with alcohol involved. This one would be the later. We had all the makings for a traditional smore on my last camping trip as well as the liquid ingenuity on tap. We also had Reese's peanut butter cups and bananas. Get where I'm going with this now? You would think the combo was thought up by someone under some other flammable influence.
Chocolate-peanut butter-banana smore
3% tfa peanut butter I get creamy generic peanut butter from this when the batch is a good one.
1% cap peanut butter brings the creamy peanut butter closer to the jif or Reese's type I know and love.
.25% flv milk chocolate this gives the Hershey's type milk chocolate syrup note to help give the melted milk chocolate taste of a smore.
2% tfa double chocolate clear while flv milk chocolate is good on its own right it can be a bully and we want some of that chocolate bar-not quite melted all the way taste.
3% fw graham cracker used this more than the usual 1% I tend to use it at to keep the crunchy Graham cracker present in this Uber smore.
2% tfa toasted marshmallow tgives you that perfectly even browned ocd compliant toasted campfire marshmallow taste.
3% tfa banana cream if you haven't tried putting sliced banana on a smore I recommend giving it a try. There isn't a plain ripe banana concentrate (that I've had to date) that doesnt get a "runty" note. This a treat and as such I want it to be candyish in terms of sweetness but creamy too to compliment the marshmallow.
1% .9% saline solution optional but I feel if you have any recipe with chocolate in it you'd be doing yourself a disservice without it.
.5% cap super sweet another optional one but the malic acid that it has and maltol tend to be another must have to help chocolate flavors.

Best after 5 days mainly due to the banana cream and peanut butter but surprisingly shake and vapeable.

I am in the process of moving so the only flavors I had handy to me are the ones that I have ordered since getting everything packed up. Now that I have explained why I used the flavors, allow me to explain what roles they play in this recipe.

I was going for a doughnut with toasted coconut powdered sugar topping and filled with raspberry cream.

I have been eager to try zeppola for several weeks now and it was torture to keep reading all the raving about it and not having got to try it myself. At 4% Zeppola makes the doughnut without a question. Not overly yeasty, sweet and bready with a hint of cinnamon and powdered sugar.
Anyone that knows me also knows that there is no other raspberry to consider than INW raspberry molina and at 1% it is noticeable but not overbearing. The only strawberry I had to compliment the raspberry was tpa organic strawberry which if I recall right is a vg based flavor. I overshot the median recommended percentage of the tpa organic strawberry due to the vg base but not too much as its only supposed to compliment the raspberry.
Zeppola already has a powdered sugar hint to it but I was worried that note would likely be drowned out by the cream choices I went with for the filling. I am new to OOO flavors but it was rumored that their powdered sugar might be used for the powdered sugar note that my favorite "premium" raspberry doughnut juice is (Hit That Juice Razzhole). 1% seemed a safe note as a smell test of it wasn't really a sweet aroma as I expected but definitely had an alcohol note.
OOO toasted coconut is also a new one for me and based on smell alone I knew I should keep the % low as I got the faintest sour note on the sniff test.
I love CAPs vanilla whipped cream as it is completely true to its title, real whipped cream with just the right amount of vanilla. I used it at 2% as its a lighter "fluffier" type flavor and I didn't want the custard notes I chose to make it too heavy in the cream department (if that makes any sense?).
I m also new to WF but all of their flavors have been very well accepted so I got the few that most suited my usual mixes. The caramel butter at 1% and the vanilla ruyan custard at 2% just create this nice sweet caramel type custard with a nice balanced vanilla note and the combo just edges on buttery/greasy.

Right after a shake and vape you get the dryness of the powdered sugar and the raspberry but the dryness that the powdered sugar creates seems to dry out/hide the cream notes and rather than that moist doughiness that you expect from a doughnut its more of a average cake type taste. I actually think it's the combo of the toasted coconut and powdered sugar that are making it "dry" initially.
This is going to require a steep of at least 2 weeks I would say to allow the custard and creams to wet down the powdered sugar note. By no means it is a bad vape at all but I can tell right off the bat that a steep is going to be necessary for this in its current form.

BTW vaping this max vg 3mg nude nicotine salts smooth at 20 watts and 480*F with fused ss clapton (28g cores 38g wrap 3mm coil 7 wrap) on the hadaly at .9ohm.

sub 4% cap ny cheesecake or 4% tpa cheesecake graham crust if you don’t have fw
sub 1% tpa graham cracker clear if you do not have fw
double chocolate clear and double dutch chocolate create a milk chocolate/brownie type taste that won’t overpower the cheesecake base. I have found that this combo of fw cheesecake and fw graham cracker create my favorite cheesecake base closely followed by cap ny cheesecake. Due to the chocolates this one can be a bit of a coil bunker but not too bad. tpa sweetener is I feel a necessity when using chocolates to keep them from going more towards the cocoa/bitter taste.

sub 4% cap ny cheesecake or 4% tpa cheesecake graham crust if you don’t have fw
sub 1% tpa graham cracker clear if you do not have fw
I am a inw raspberry molina junkie. in my opinion there is not a better single raspberry. it is sweet and authentic of a very ripe raspberry. as with most ink flavors (especially fruits) they are authentic to the point that some may even get the greens/leafy hint as if the fruit was eaten directly from the plant. the raspberry runner up for me is definitely tpa raspberry sweet, its like the raspberry sibling of tpa strawberry ripe. I find that it helps keep the raspberry balanced from being either too authentic or too artificial with its tart and sweet properties.
once again fa custard used for its slight lemon note that helps keep fruit flavors prominent even after a steep especially helpful in heavier cream type recipes. fw lemon meringue pie also helps to add to the texture and sweetness while assisting the raspberry brightness. if you do not yet have cap vanilla whipped cream just get it. it has replaced fa whipped cream not only because I think it tastes better but also because it is very readily available. i like whipped cream on any and all desserts and cap whipped cream gives me that dollop of sweet fluffy dairy goodness.

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